apivision.com history

Founded in 2003 by Michael Sliwinski

2007 - present: "Nozbe - Simply Get It All Done!"

Nozbe launched in February 2007. Used by hundreds of thousands of busy professionals and their teams every day. Michael still runs it with a team of great people

You are currently on the Nozbe web site :-)

2008 - present: "Productive! Magazine"

Original idea from Maciek Budzich. Until 2012 a free PDF magazine and in Fall 2013 converted to free iOS (iPhone and iPad) app and Android app.

Visit Productive! Magazine web site.

2009 - present: "Michael's blog"

Michael started blogging on his personal blog in 2009.

Visit Michael's Blog and read more about Michael

Some of apivision.com's past projects

  • HitRSS.com - RSS and blog publishing service (no longer updated)
  • Wyslij.info - Autoresponder and Email marketing service for Polish market (2004-2008) - won Michael 2nd place in "Business Plan 2004 Award" in his hometown of Gdynia
  • BuySculpture.com - Contemporary sculpture online store - still in operation by its owners, Urregui S.L.
  • MiguelGuia.com - the Spanish artist Miguel Guia's web site - Michael is still close friends with Miguel Guia and owns a few of his sculptures.
  • SpanienInfo - Spain's information portal for German business customers.

Official address and company details


Nozbe is a product of the apivision.com company

ul. Rozewska 18, 81-055 Gdynia, Poland (Europe)

EU-VAT ID: PL9580973303

Owner: Michael Sliwinski