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Nozbe for Windows Phone Coming Soon

Windows Phone app

Our next milestone. As we're working on Nozbe 2.0 for most of the platforms we support, we'll bring 2.0 to Windows Phone soon.

3rd party apps

Our community is working hard getting great apps for Nozbe using our official Nozbe API. Here are some of the best apps out there:

Productive! Magazine

Productive! Magazine

Although not a strictly Nozbe app but it's a magazine where Nozbe's founder, Michael Sliwinski is the editor-in-chief. Get regular inspiration to get more done by reading productivity articles.

Productive! Magazine (FREE)


Zapier Templates with Nozbe

Zapier Gives You Internet Superpowers. You can have the power to integrate Nozbe with hundreds of other web services to automate tasks. With Zapier templates you can add Nozbe tasks to Evernote, Google Tasks and more!

Zapier (free)



Quick way of adding tasks to Nozbe Inbox. Universal app for the iPhone, iPad and Android.

NozBox ($0.99)



Quick way of managing Nozbe and adding tasks to the app. iPhone app.

QuickNozbe ($0.99)

To Do List for Nozbe

To Do List for Nozbe

Built by fine folks from Macoscope. This used to be our official iPhone app. Beautiful iPhone experience.

To Do List for Nozbe ($ 4.99)

To Do List for Nozbe HD

To Do List for Nozbe HD

Also built by the Macoscope guys. Specially tailored for the bigger screen of the iPad. True productivity on the move!

To Do List for Nozbe HD ($ 14.99)

Quick Capture for GTD

Quick Capture for GTD

iPhone app - quickly capture thoughts and put them to Nozbe and Evernote.

Quick Capture for GTD (FREE)


gSyncit for Outlook

gSyncit is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows synchronization between Outlook and Nozbe... and many other cool services like Google's apps and Evernote. If you're an Outlook user, check it out!

gSyncit ($19.99)



Yet another tool that lets you quickly put tasks and thoughts to Nozbe.

FastNozbe ($0.99)



A tool that lets you quickly put tasks and thoughts to Nozbe.

NozbeInbox ($1.99)

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