Current release: Nozbe 2.0 BETA 8 (Release Candidate)

Remember, it's "beta" for a reason: While we're using this app every day in our team, it still contains bugs and issues. You're using this app at your own risk.

iPhone / iPad / Android beta?

Nozbe 2.0 on iOS is already available on App Store!

Android version - if you had not registered for beta tests and want to try it just apply for membership to our Google group. You will be able to download Android version there and provide feedback.

What's new in Nozbe 2.0:

  • brand new fresh, light and responsive design
  • much better app performance
  • 5th column (Info bar) - one place when you can see all details and options regarding active task list
  • multiple filters - now you can filter your tasks list with many filters at once
  • sort - you can sort your tasks list
  • project description - add description to your projects
  • edit mode - you can edit/complete/delete multiple tasks at once
  • Next Actions list is now called "Priority" list, Contexts are now Categories
  • new team view
  • new architecture of Evernote, BOX and Dropbox integration
  • new gestures to navigate through the app and take actions on your tasks

Known Issues on Beta 8

  • Printing on Windows
  • You Tube video preview
  • Push Notifications on Android

Make sure to read the complete release notes for BETA 8

Why "One Nozbe" and why now? And why a totally new app?

Read our CEO's blog post about it or better yet, watch this video where he explains it all... and gives you a demo of the upcoming Nozbe 2.0 app:


Feedback? Comments?

Totally! Let us know what you think! Post them below this blog post or just send us your feedback using the contact form inside the app. Thank you!