Thursday, September 18

Interesting uses of Nozbe - Medicine

With increasing number of users, the structure of their inquiries changes and evolves. Recently, I noticed a new group of beginning users. They come from three main groups: education, medicine and law.

The most frequent of their questions is "HOW" - how do I apply Nozbe in my daily routine?

Thus an idea to write a short series of blogs with hints, ideas that are to provide a base for your own inventions.

I would like to present how Nozbe can be used in medical practice to start off with. I am waiting for your constructive feedback and hope that it will encourage you to share your own methods with others.

nozbe in medicine

Specifics of medical work

There is a doctor and he has his patients. Seems simple. Yet, for each patient coming with a problem there is a series of actions/things to get a diagnosis and medication ready. Each diagnosis might require bunch of analysis done... And there might be more than one needed as a person may have more than one problem.

How to deal with that?

Option 1. Let patient name be your label and all matters you need done for him - your projects (since most will be more than 1 step/action). This will allow you to keep track of it all. Once you have all the data, filtering will make it easy to look through materials and get the diagnosis and drugs list ready. If you have the same things that need to be done for variety of patience... Use context for them.

Option 2. If option 1. is not clear enough, perhaps the second one will be more idea-breeding. It is likely that you need certain things done for several people. For instance the same analyses. You can group them into projects and use contexts to tag things that need to be done for given patient across different projects. Then, filtering by context, you can see the results and pull out a conclusion to be added in the main project "diagnose for Mr.A."

Of course, choice of option and ideas you may draft based on this will vary. It all depends on your work style and requirements. I would not recommend option 2. if I were a person working on a team, with others looking at this (privacy of patient data might be in question here), but if you are alone standing physician it may just be the perfect solution for you.

Wrapping things up

I hope this gives you all some ideas and will aid you in becoming even more productive. Do stay creative about your use of Nozbe and please feel welcome to share it in the comments under this post.

Hope to hear your feedback and I trust that the 2nd post will also come in handy... This time for real estate agents.

Author: Delfina (Nozbe Support - CHO - Chief Happiness Officer)

Thursday, September 11

Get free Nozbe Magazine to learn all about Nozbe 2.0 launch

Get Nozbe Magazine on your iPhone or iPad or Android phone or tablet


There are so many new things going on in Nozbe that we feel as if we were starting up a new company. Tech department is working on the software's code as well as a brand new Nozbe website. I'm modifying a bit the company's business model by introducing interesting options for our customers (that's you! more info soon...). Members of the support and translations team have their hands full as well.

Last but not least - we thought it would be great to have our own magazine. Why? To stay in touch and deepen the ties with you - an amazing Nozbe community (especially with those of its members who don't read Nozbe blog regularly). After all, we already have Productive! Magazine so why not have a dedicated Nozbe magazine? Here's what's inside:

Nozbe Magazine - Issue No.1

  • From the Editor: New Nozbe, new magazine
  • Interview with Michael Sliwinski: Nozbe 2.0 beta release
  • How we use Nozbe: Customer Support
  • Mobility, Collaboration and Inspiration: The new focus for the upcoming year
  • Nozbe 2.0: inspiration and history
  • The little reference guide to Nozbe
  • Nozbe Sticker: Make your Macbook Air/Pro more productive
  • Nozbe Evernote, Dropbox and other integrations & security

Nozbe Magazine is available on iOS (iPhone and iPad) as well as Android platform.

Thursday, September 11

Nozbe 2.0 Beta 6 with a new "swipe" gestures and iOS8 specific features - shipped to the AppStore!

As Nozbe 2.0 release is just around the corner, today, we proudly announce the last - 6th - beta version. It comes with some new great features and bugfixes of course.

Beta 6

What's new in Beta 6

  • New gesture - swipe left the task in order to edit the "Time needed" parameter or... whatever else you find the most useful. In the settings section you can choose which task’s parameter the "swipe left" gesture will edit
  • Box integration - simply add links to your BOX files (just like you've been doing it with your Dropbox files so far)
  • iOS8 specific features
    • Today widget - lets you see the Today view of Notification Center with Nozbe tasks included
    • Share extension - enables you to create a Nozbe task from any iOS app!
  • Edit mode improvements - you can add one comment to many tasks at once
  • Performance improvements and much much more!

Download Beta 6

Here you can find all the details, download Nozbe 2.0 Beta 6 for Windows, OS X and Linux and sign up for Android version.

As usual, we really count on your thorough feedback! We are very grateful for every e-mail, comment or tweet about Nozbe 2.0. It helps us make new Nozbe better. We would like to thank our betatesters for all you have done for us so far! You are great!

What needs to be done before the final release

Our engineers are now going to put finishing touches to Nozbe 2.0 - they will focus on fixing the rest of bugs, especially those in the desktop apps, and prepare the features of Nozbe for Android devices. They will also add some missing options like more filtering categories, deleting labels etc.

This beta is so good, we shipped it to the AppStore!

That's right, we wanted to make it for the iOS8 release so we shipped Nozbe 2.0 to the Apple's App Store. We also recorded short videos (App Preview videos) to show off our new milestone release.

Here's Nozbe on the iPhone:


Here's Nozbe on the iPad:


What do you think? And how do you like the new Notification Center widget? (at the end of each movie...)

Thursday, September 4

Nozbe 2.0 works are in full swing, almost there!

We haven't slowed down after getting Nozbe beta 5 with new Evernote and Dropbox integration to you. And it is not only the Tech Department where tons of work are being done.

Nozbe team is preparing a brand new website and a new magazine devoted exclusively to Nozbe-related issues. Michael, the CEO, is modifying a bit the company's business model. Members of the support and translations team have their hands full as well. We are all really busy and excited at the same time. We are creating a totally refreshed product - a new quality that will take your productivity to a whole new level.

Beta 5 update

Yes, of course... We know that the most interesting stuff is going on in Nozbe Tech Dept and so here are the news.

New gestures for mobile phones and tablets

Yes, new gesture - swipe left the task in order to edit the "Time needed" parameter or... whatever else you find the most useful. How is that possible? In the settings section you can choose which task’s parameter the "swipe left" gesture will edit.

What the engineers are working on at the moment?

BOX integration. You will be able to easily add links to your BOX files - just like you have been using the Dropbox files so far.

iOS8 specific features. New iOS has introduced some great possibilities to integrate the app with the system. We are working to use them and make Nozbe iOS app even better. We're also aiming to be among the apps that launch together with iOS8

Edit mode improvements and bugfixes. This might be a good news especially for those of you who wish to add one comment to numerous tasks at once :)

Performance improvements.

Much more small bugfixes and upgrades.

The big day

We are going to complete Nozbe 2.0. really soon. OK. You are right. This probably never be true as we are never absolutely satisfied with our product and keep improving it over and over again. But the official release day is coming. This month we are going to stop calling Nozbe 2.0 beta "beta". It will be a release version and all the new Nozbe customers will have no choice but use it and enjoy it like we do :)

As usually we say a big thank you to betatesters who invest their time to help us build a super-effective productivity tool.

If you haven't, check out our beta 5 version of Nozbe on our beta site

Wednesday, August 27

Nozbe 2.0 Beta 5 with new Evernote and Dropbox integration

It's been now more than 2 weeks since we published last beta version of our upcoming Nozbe 2.0 app. Despite holiday season we have been working very hard to deliver the latest iteration of our apps to you - our amazing testers. Today we give you Nozbe 2.0 Beta 5 full with some cool new features and fixes:


What's new

This one is a big leap forward. Take a look:

  • Evernote integration - Quickly add Evernote notes to your projects and tasks. Nozbe will suggest you the most recent notes and the ones tagged with the name of the project. Another improvement here is that you will be able to search notes via Evernote API directly in Nozbe.

  • Dropbox integration - Now you can see all your Dropbox folders and file structure directly in Nozbe.

  • Nozbe notes with markdown support - Don't want use Evernote for notes? No problem! Add Nozbe notes to your project and create tasks with them.

  • Print (only desktop) - Want to print your tasks? Go to infobar and use Print option :)

  • Drag and Drop is fully back! (only desktop - web, Mac, Windows and Linux) - With first beta we introduced special edit mode where we also put drag and drop feature. It makes sense for touch interfaces to provide better experience. However, on classic desktop interface with mouse you should be able to drag and drop items just like in old Nozbe. With Nozbe 2.0 Beta 5 you can do it :)

  • much more improvements and fixes - For full release notes please go to our test blog.

Download Beta 5

Here you can find all the details, download Nozbe 2.0 Beta 5 for Windows, OS X and Linux and sign up for Android version.

As usual, we really count on your fantastic feedback! We are very grateful for every email, comment, tweet, etc. about Nozbe 2.0. It really helps us make the product better. So once again big THANK YOU for you - Nozbe 2.0 Beta Testers!