Monday, May 26

How we use Nozbe - Customer Support

Written by Rafal (Nozbe Product Manager)

Today I want to present you how Nozbe helps us provide great Customer Support to you - our users.

Nozbe is our "ticketing" system

Every email from a customer that requires some technical analysis is forwarded to one of our shared Nozbe projects. We have 3 main projects in Nozbe that serve this purpose:

  • Nozbe Support (bugs, problems with apps, etc.),
  • Payments (problems with payments, affiliates, etc.)
  • Feature Requests (how you guys think we should improve Nozbe for you)

Today I will show you how we manage the first group of issues in our main "Nozbe Support" project.

"Nozbe Support" project

Every task in this project is first reviewed by me. I am not a "Programming Ninja" like our developers but as a Product Manager I have some technical skills and in many cases I can come up with a solution or workaround for a reported issue. If no, thanks to rich comments feature in Nozbe, I can add a comment to the task with a feedback from my investigation and delegate task to one of our guys in the Development Team. They will know about this immediately thanks to notifications in Nozbe.

Sometimes we need more details...

...about the issue. To resolve it, I add a comment to the task asking our support team to email the customer for more details, etc. I delegate it to one of reps from our Support Team who created the issue and she asks a customer to provide additional information via mail. When user sends back an answer we use our magic trick that helps us add comments via email to an existing task and this is exactly what happens: an email is forwarded to Nozbe as a comment to the task.

We use Nozbe and we love it!

Yes, there are many ways to handle customer support but... we love Nozbe and we have realized by using Nozbe for managing our entire company, we get the benefits of having everything and everyone on board. Each time we use Nozbe we constantly improve our product and make it better for our users. Next week I will show you other insights of our workflow in Nozbe.

Question: Have you thought about using Nozbe for customer support? What do you think about our setup?

Thursday, May 22

Free book from your Nozbe CEO: "It's all about Passion!"

As a Nozbe user you should know more who's behind the app you're using every day to plan your day and get things done. Today let me invite you to my world and... hopefully inspire you.

I have a gift for you. Let me thank you for being a part of my life!

Two days ago I turned 35. As a gift and a token of gratitude to you, my fantastic Nozbe customer, I decided to publish a book where you can get to know me a little better, see what drives me and hopefully you'll let me inspire you to discover more passions in your life.

It's all about Passion

In this book I'm sharing the story of 7 types of passion I discovered over 7 years of running Nozbe. I hope that it encourages you to continue our journey together towards an even more passionate life.

Get the free book: "It's all about Passion"

The book is completely free. After all, it's a gift from me to you. The book is available in these formats: PDF, Mobi (Kindle) or ePub (iBooks).

Bonus: a 20-minute video interview with me

Together with the book you'll get to see me share more details of my story on video in a previously unpublished interview with me:

7 types of passion

Passion inspires and attracts people. Throughout my professional career, I discovered that there is not just one thing I am crazy about that let's me work, improve, fight the obstacles and succeed. There is a whole range of passions that motivate me and help me go on and get up every day with excitement.

These passions include: right attitude towards money, finding a solution, building a product, improving my industry, growing as a person and leader, helping others and interacting with other passionate people.

Check out the complete Table of Contents of my book

Passionate people contributed to my book - read their stories

David Allen, Michael Hyatt, Steve Pavlina, Brett Terpstra, Laura Stack, Jason Womack, Augusto Pinaud, Michael Bungay Stanier, Stever Robbins, Maciek Budzich... and many more of my friends contributed to this book.

Some sent me short quotes which I included throughout this book. Others shared their own “passionate stories”. Read my book to meet them and get to know their stories, too.

Get the free book: "It's all about Passion"

Thank you for being a part of my passionate journey and for a privilege of being a part of your life.

Tuesday, May 20

Keep it short - how to keep task names clear

Written by Delfina (Nozbe Support - CHO - Chief Happiness Officer)

Working at Nozbe with our fabulous team gives me the opportunity to go through almost every situation you can imagine. I see all kinds of actionable tasks, project names and descriptions.

I'll try to draw your attention to important matter in productivity which is: reaching a perfection in terms of short, clear and understandable task names.

The background

We live a hectic life where concrete, precise and short information is worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it sounds. Starting with our over-long emails (a very good article on this is to be found in Productive! Magazine no.8 by Leo Babauta “Your emails are too long”) through everyday writing to as simple things as names of actions. I would compare creating tasks to writing a book. If you give it a title that is too long what can the consequences be like?

Keep short Nozbe task names

How not to write

Being productive in some ways is having everything optimized and kept as clear as possible. Having that in mind, sometimes we come across task names like this example:

'Tom please go to the coat rack, pick the dog leash, leash the dog, open the door and take the dog out, please make sure it has enough time for running and doing its things because it needs at least 30 minutes of running, plus for his toilet.'

First off, this is not a task, but a checklist... or better yet - even a small project. Second thing - Tom will not be happy about receiving a task like this. He might get confused.

The key to perfect task naming

The valuable thing we all learn here at Nozbe is to provide short and precise information as possible.

Don’t you think task like 'walk the dog' delegated to Tom says it all? I believe if you pass it to him he will already know how things go after another as where the dog leash is. Else, why would you delegate the task to him in the 1st place? If there is any information you do need to provide Tom with think that it may be better to post it in comment. Easy to find and quick to reach.

Just take a look at this detailed and yet everyday occurance: when Tom takes a look at his chores and sees 'walk the dog' I bet he would feel pretty OK about it and proceed to doing it. I think Tom would appreciate it much more then this absurdly long task name which I originally quoted :-) Simply, don't place any additional information that can be given in comments in the task's name - you will notice the change very quickly!

Task name's situations from Nozbe

The first thing I see in the morning is my Next Action list which contains maybe around 30-50 tasks with short, snappy names like “walk the dog”; “view/comment on forum”; “support”; “refunds”; “write to Mr. X about a post” and so on… If I didn't have lists like that I would not even get half of them done because just reading long names would take lots of my time and what about the time I really need to perform those things?

Most of these task names are routine and I don’t even need notes for them. Some have notes added as comments by my colleagues informing me who e.g. needs a refund, what is Mr. X email address and all other needed info. But now you can agree with me that I really don't need to see it as soon as I see the task. I will need it once I get down into doing it. All the 'filling' does not need to distract my attention until I'm actually ready to do the action.


As I see it, most successful are these tasks that have short and intriguing names. Names that are pure essence of what needs to be done. Any further information can be described with as much gruesome details as you like in the task's comments. If you dump the details on someone right up front, you will make your team members feel simply overwhelmed and confused.

Question: How do you deal with tasks in your team? Feel free to post your methods below and inspire others :-)

Tuesday, May 6

Nozbe 1.9.3 release with bug fixes and improvements

Written by Piotr (Nozbe Chief Marketing Officer)

Just after Nozbe 1.9.2 release we went very proactive and started working on improvements right away. As usual, our Programming Ninjas worked very fast and we're glad today to bring you a new update which is Nozbe version 1.9.3.

Although this update includes only minor bug fixes and improvements, we hope it'll match your expectations and make your work more effective. These updates apply all of our apps, both the mobile app as well as the desktop apps.

Nozbe version 1.9.3

If you have the previous version of Nozbe (1.9.2) your app should automatically update. In the case of Mac and iPhone/iPad apps - the updates will be downloaded from their App Stores. Here are the changes:

As it goes for desktop Nozbe (web app, Mac, Windows, iPad and Android tablet apps):

  • We've fixed an issue with Calendar because it displayed wrong days of week in June 2014. You won't miss the correct date for your previous tasks and projects anymore.
  • What we've also noticed was that there were icons in print view mode missing. It has now been fixed.

Nozbe for mobile (mobile web app, iPhone and Android):

  • Nozbe on iPhone couldn't hear your voice as well as it was supposed to - we've made a fix and now are adding tasks via voice control is back and operational.

Both versions:

  • lots of small fixes and improvements all around to make sure your Nozbe feels even better now :-)

We strongly hope that these fixes and improvements will make your Nozbe experience even better! Feel free to post your feedback below and thanks for being such a great Nozbe user!

Wednesday, April 30

Productive! Magazine No. 19 with Chris Brogan - read free and get inspired

We recently released 19. edition of Productive! Magazine. As you know, we do it regularly and our purpose is to share knowledge, practical advice and inspirations with our readers to keep you all going and help you get things done.

In this issue you'll find an interview I did with Chris Brogan, best selling author and Publisher/CEO of Owner Magazine, where we talk about freaks taking over the world, Chris' love for business, not for tools and his professional plans:

"I am right on the verge of changing this a little bit. And this change I am about to make is dangerous. I don't say that to add excitement to our interview. :-)"

In the release, you can also enjoy seven practical articles on addiction to being right, dealing with procrastination, and productivity in a one-person business. Don't miss that!

Productive! 19

Read the new edition as you like.

Productive! Magazine is a free, monthly doze of optimism, inspiration and useful productivity tips. Thanks to our best Nozbe users, we can deliver you all this knowledge every month, make your life more effective and help you in achieving your goals. As we pay great attention to mobility here at Nozbe, you can take advantage of all these in your preferred way

you can:

Inside the latest issue

We prepared an interview and a set of informative and practical articles for you written by the best productivity and time management coaches and bloggers. Their articles are backed by years of experience and work with clients from all over the world.

Take a quick look into fragments of articles we prepared for you:

  • exclusive interview with Chris Brogan:

"The stranger I became—the weirder I became—the more money I made. The more true I was to who I really was, the more I started making money."

  • check what you can find for yourseld in article about the addiction to being right by Judith Glaser:

"You’re in a tense team meeting trying to defend your position on a big project and start to feel yourself losing ground. Your voice gets louder. You talk over one of your colleagues and correct his point of view. He pushes back, so you go into overdrive to convince everyone you’re right."

  • don't miss Laura Stack on maximizing productivity in your one-person business:

"As a solopreneur, you’ll want to focus on those tasks or activities that you know translate into profits and that only you are capable of doing."

  • Procrastination: friend or foe? by Gonçalo Gil Mata:

"It's a system working in your favor! It's not an enemy. It's protecting you, based on some inner belief, from whatever bad things you think might result in case you move forward right now."

  • about a personal time mastery by Jocelyn Coverdale:

"Whenever you catch yourself thinking "I don't have time to..." the truth is you do. In fact, you have all the time left in your life, and that's not going to change, but your thinking can."

  • take it slowly and don't forget to read The art of slowing down by Grace Marshall:

"In the world of productivity we often talk about getting things done faster, smarter, easier. But what about slower?"

  • and last but not least, how to find a mentor to help you go further, faster by Michael Hyatt:

"I suggest you broaden your definition of mentoring, so you don’t get stuck waiting for something that might not happen."

Now that's a wide knowledge and inspiration database :-)

¿Hablas español?

We want to share our optimism, energy and inspire our readers all over the world. There is Productive! Magazine in Spanish full of articles written by Spanish productivity experts and a fantastic interview with Jeroen Sangers - personal productivity and time management trainer, consultant and speaker.

Mówisz po polsku?

Read the latest edition of Productive! Magazine Polska. We've got 7 practical and motivating great articles made by productivity coaches and bloggers waiting for you as well as the interview with the author of the best and most inspiring financial blog in Poland - Michał Szafrański.

Spread the word, please

Please feel free to let me know how do you like this issue of our monthly Productive! Magazine and share it with your friends and colleagues - it might help them get more productive and optimistic about their work!

Thank you!

Yours productively, Michael Sliwinski

P.S. Nozbe is the proud sponsor (and founder) of the Productive! Magazine.