Nozbe for iPhone is coming next week!

Update: Nozbe for the iPhone as been released – it’s called iNozbe – click here for the announcement and a video showing how it works.

The old blog entry follows:

In case you haven’t heard, iPhone is coming today and I can already see the long lines of people in front of each and every Apple Store in the USA trying to get a hold of their new, shiny, revolutionary piece of Apple engineering – iPhone.

OK, maybe iPhone is over-hyped and I’m sure I will not be able to get my iPhone anytime soon, since I live in Europe and Steve Jobs of Apple has not announced yet when the iPhone is coming to Europe.

However for all of you who do live in the States and will buy their iPhone and use Nozbe on a daily basis – Nozbe – your favorite GTD (Getting Things Done) tool is coming to iPhone.

Of course you can use Nozbe over iPhone using both or, but we are preparing a dedicated version for iPhone, iGoogle, Netvibes and Apple Dashboard – which will be something in between… + 10 times faster!

We’ve been quiet for a quite a while about Nozbe updates, but tomorrow I’m announcing a huge update to Nozbe (I can’t reveal too much, but Nozbe will run faster than a roadrunner…) and this update comes as a logical intermediate step before we launch a version of Nozbe for the iPhone…. actually it will be a version for many more “i”s like iPhone, iGoogle, etc…

So hold on for tomorrow’s news and remember that once you’ve finished playing with your iPhone and started to get it ready for work – Nozbe will be ready with an iPhone friendly version.

Till tomorrow and good luck with getting an iPhone over this weekend!

I sure envy you I can’t get mine just yet…

- Michael

P.S. Feel free to sign up for a free Nozbe account to prepare it for your iPhone prime-time.

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Posted on Friday, June 29, 2007