Getting Things Done in Teams - Share and Delegate with Nozbe

Nozbe is not just a tool for personal productivity – you can get things done with others as well.

When I met Marc Orchant during the San Francisco’s Office 2.0 Conference this September, we talked over the future of the Getting Things Done Tools like Nozbe and about the directions of further development of my Nozbe – Simply Get Things Done web application.

Marc pointed out one of the most important aspects of the future of getting things done tools – to enable people to learn to be productive together:

Getting Things Done together – share projects and delegate tasks

As you know – in Nozbe you can share projects with other Nozbe users already, but this feature has been vastly improved now and you can do it easier than ever and you can delegate a task/action to a person.

Delegate your tasks and get things done together!

When you share a project with someone, upon creating a new task you can choose who’s responsible for this particular task – i.e. who should you delegate this task to. Just have a look at the screenshot below:

As you can see, I can create a "new delegated action" and choose who’s responsible for it:

  • Anyone - there is no strict responsibility – anyone can do it if they have the time
  • YOU - I can delegate this task to myself
  • Michael, Michael Test, etc. (anyone who’s sharing the project with me)

Note: When you look at the list of the tasks you’ve created (and others in your shared projects have added) you can easily distinguish the delegated tasks ("for: Michael", "for: YOU", etc.).

Then there is one more thing:
Delegated task becomes a "Next Action"

Once you’ve delegated an action to someone or to someone, it becomes their next action so that they know they have some stuff to do. They can later decide if they want to keep it as Next Action or want to postpone doing it for later but at the moment of delegating – it’s the "Next Action".

Delegating is really powerful – you can learn to get things done with your team-mates together and most of all, don’t do everything yourself – delegate to find the most competent person for a task to be accomplished.

Sharing improved in Nozbe – easier than ever!

The "sharing" feature of Nozbe has also been improved significantly. Just go to any project and click on the "Share" menu.

Once you’ve clicked on the "Share" menu, you can now write an email address of a person you’d like to share the project with and send them an invitation.

New in Nozbe: If you’re already sharing some other projects with other people, you can even choose them from a drop-down menu instead of writing their email address.

That’s it – just click on the "Invite to share" button and you’ve sent an invitation to share a project with your friend, colleague or fellow co-worker.

To see the list of people who you’re sharing projects with, just click on the "Contacts" link in the right-corner menu inside your Nozbe account.

Try it for yourself and unleash the power of Getting Things Done Together!

Hope you like the new features and I strongly encourage you to try "sharing" and "delegating" with the people you work with – you’ll have more fun and most of all – you’ll all be more productive and you’ll improve your communication and productivity.

Thanks for your feedback and keep it coming – and have a great and a highly productive New Year of 2008!

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Posted on Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ron Bertino
Jan 25, 2012 19:00

@Russell: yes, the other person does need to have a Nozbe account, but in theory they can use a free account (with a 5 project and 5 context limit)

@miri: You need to first share a project with someone else, and once you’ve done that, you can then delegate tasks from that project to any of the team members.

Jan 9, 2011 22:27

Can you share individual tasks in a project with someone without sharing the entire project with them?

Russell Hyzen
Nov 2, 2010 21:41

To share and delegate a project or task does the person you are sharing with or delegating to need to have a Nozbe account as well?