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Nozbe – your favorite web-based application for Getting Things Done has an affiliate program and is paying up to 50% to the affiliates. You can see the commission breakdown on the Nozbe sign up page and Nozbe Affiliates Page.

Nozbe affiliates are starting to promote Nozbe all over the Internet and they are cashing regular commissions for their work and bringing new happy users to Nozbe. Today I’d like to show you one of our affiliates and one of the best blogs about David Allen’s Getting Things Done:

Frank Meeuwsen’s Blog: What’s The Next Action?

This is one of the best blogs about GTD and as you can see from the screenshot, Frank’s promoting Nozbe (lower right corner) – he is a Nozbe user and as you know – every Nozbe user is a Nozbe Affiliate.

I recommend you to subscribe to this great blog. Recently Frank’s published two articles about Nozbe:

The second article is a great read of how you can use both Google Calendar and Nozbe to get more done and it has been written by Jeroen Sangers, a guest-poster at Frank’s blog and an owner of a Spanish-speaking GTD blog – El Canasto.

Both Frank and Jeroen are great GTD-and-Productivity Gurus and I’d recommend their blogs to anyone.

Are you also running an interesting web site / blog and you are using and promoting Nozbe?

I’d love to hear about it! Just contact me and I’d be happy to post about it and promote your web site. You see, I’m not only giving my Affiliates regular, month-to-month commissions for their promotion efforts – I’m also giving them free publicity on our Nozbe web blog. I’d love to hear about you!

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Posted on Monday, November 26, 2007