Nozbe Video Tutorials - get things done with Nozbe!

Nozbe beta launched…. first users singed up, first posts on our forum... I’m happy to see things are happening.

As you very well know – Nozbe is different – it’s a task and project manager with a twist… GTD (Getting Things Done) twist. It’s got powerful Next Actions and Contexts…

So how to use Nozbe most efficiently? I hope these tutorials will help you with that.

Tutorial 1 – Projects, Actions, Notes

This is introduction to Nozbe – I’m explaining the basics:

Tutorial 2 – Next Actions and Contexts

More advanced stuff – this is where Nozbe really shines – quickly process your actions using Next Actions and Contexts lists.

Hope you’ll enjoy these two videos and as always, you’re more than welcome to sign up for Nozbe and let me know what you think and also post your comments/feedback on our Nozbe Forum.

Posted on Friday, February 9, 2007