I am impressed

"... the one (task-management software) I have used for more than four years is Nozbe. In my view, nothing else comes close."

"The more I use Nozbe, the more I am impressed. It’s not perfect—and it’s not the least expensive — but it is better than anything else I have found on the market. The product is at once simple to use and yet full of numerous, advanced features. It is the only task management system I feel comfortable recommending."

Michael Hyatt

GTD web app that keeps it simple

"...when I saw Nozbe, I smiled. Here's an application that gets the essence of David Allen's approach exactly right in the browser..."

"...If you're a GTD practitioner, comfortable with the idea of moving your stuff into the cloud, and looking for a very lightweight tool that does the basics without a lot of bling, take a look at where Nozbe is headed. See if you don't get a smile on your face too..."

Marc Orchant, ZDNet

A great choice

"Folks using the Getting Things Done system who want a webapp (...) just the way The David intended, Nozbe looks like a great choice."

Gina Trapani, Lifehacker

GTD at its essence

"A new online application, Nozbe, describes itself as 'Simply Get Things Done!' It lives up to its tag line, showing a lot of promise..."

Judi Sohn, GigaOm

Top-11 web app of '07

"Modeled on David Allen’s "Getting Things Done" approach, Nozbe aims to be the ultimate GTD app..."

Dustin Wax, Lifehack