Nozbe syncs with many great apps!

Evernote Sync

Evernote is a great note-taking application for capturing data with native clients for desktops and mobile phones. Now you can view your project related Evernote notes right inside Nozbe! Watch the video

Google Calendar Sync

Nozbe's calendar integrates with Google Calendar so you can view your next actions in Google Calendar and sync with your Mobile devices!

Add tasks via Twitter

Send your direct messages (DM) to Nozbe straight from Twitter. Just set up your Twitter account in Nozbe's Settings and later type: "D nozbe My important task"

Nozbe syncs with cloud storage!

Dropbox sync

Have a Dropbox account? If not, get your free 2GB account today and sync your files with your computer, mobile phone... and Nozbe!

Box sync

Your company is using BOX as your enterprise cloud storage? We also support Box so that you can make the files stored in Box actionable! Watch the video

Apps that sync with Nozbe through our API

Do you want to have access to our API and build great things on top of Nozbe? Contact us today and we'll make sure to get back to you.