Nozbe 4: The future of better teamwork


We want to help small teams do great things

Nozbe 4 lets teams communicate better and get projects done faster. It’s a completely new app designed to help small businesses and teams focus on performing efficiently and delivering their best work - from the makers of Nozbe, a productivity tool used by more than 500,000 people around the world.

Nozbe4 App

Why Nozbe 4?

Hello fellow entrepreneur or team manager,

You’re running a small business or a small team in a larger organization.

You want your team to get stuff done.

But it’s hard. You’re constrained by the number of people you have on your team and also by the lack of resources at your disposal. Most of all, you’re overwhelmed by all the things that need to happen in order for your team to succeed.

You want your talented crew to do their best work, but even with only 5, 10, or 20 people, it’s difficult to coordinate all their efforts. Things are forgotten, documents go missing, you lose track of who needs help, who’s doing what, and who’s responsible for which part of the process…

You want everyone on your team to feel that at the end each day they’ve done something meaningful and not just spent time exchanging messages, emails, or phone calls… And after work, you don’t want to be thinking about work.

We’ve built Nozbe 4 for you and your team.

Nozbe Team

With Nozbe 4, we want the best for your team:

  • Your team will get projects done faster

    • Less administrative work and more actual results, thanks to simplified project sharing with open projects.
    • Good accountability for tasks among team members with an improved comments section to make sure everyone has access to the latest information in the same place.
    • Clearly visible progress of tasks in projects thanks to project sections, which introduce order without adding complexity.
  • Your team members will learn good productivity habits

    • As productivity experts, we’ve incorporated the most effective habits and routines we’ve learned over the last 12 years right into the system.
    • Everyone will be able to quickly decide what to do next thanks to all-new Inbox that helps team members order their priorities, as well as capture ideas to make sure nothing gets forgotten.
    • Your team will move from zero to done as quickly as possible by effortlessly putting things in the system and assigning any task to any team member.
  • You’ll work more efficiently by moving away from email and chat

    • You’ll avoid confusion and noise that email and chat bring by communicating through comments and ironing out the details of each assignment clearly.
    • Your teammates will have more sense of control over their work, as Nozbe 4 promotes deep work and encourages effective communication without disturbing the flow of work.
    • You’ll be able to get stuff done at any pace from anywhere with the Nozbe 4 mobile apps for iOS and Android. Nozbe 4 is truly a mobile-first modern productivity app for your team.

Nozbe 4 is a result of what we’ve learned from 12 years of running and using Nozbe. It’s not just a new version of Nozbe – it’s a ground-up rewrite of our productivity app incorporating our experience and the latest technology.

We believe Nozbe 4 is the future of team productivity.

Nozbe 4 is in “private beta”

Nozbe4 Timeline

Nozbe 4 is in private beta phase, which means we will gradually be letting more and more teams give it a try.

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What’s the timeline of the Nozbe 4 launch? Why is it in “private beta” phase now?

Starting April 4, 2019, we are in private beta phase, where teams have to ask to be given access to Nozbe 4. This allows us to get better feedback in order to improve the final product. In a few months, we’ll open up the registration form (“open beta”) so that any team will be able to set up an account without having to apply for access. We’re planning to launch Nozbe 4 at the end of 2019 following an extensive beta period.

Do I need to have a team to start using Nozbe 4?

Currently, yes. Nozbe 4 is mainly focused on improving teamwork, so at this stage, we’re only letting teams apply for beta access. Later in the year, we’ll also let individuals give Nozbe 4 a try.

Is Nozbe 4 any good if it’s just a “private beta”?

We believe so. We’ve been using Nozbe 4 internally for a few months with great success, and now we’re inviting other teams to give it a try and see if they benefit from this tool as much as we have. We think any team between 5 to 50 members will benefit from a tool like Nozbe 4 even at this early beta stage, where not everything is polished yet or quite ready for prime time.

Which platforms support Nozbe 4?

Nozbe 4 works in web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge), on iPhone devices (app available through Apple TestFlight), and on Android devices (through the Google Play Store beta program). More platforms will be supported later in the year.

What’s the difference between Nozbe 3 and Nozbe 4?

Nozbe 4 is not just a newer version of Nozbe 3. It’s a brand new app, rewritten from scratch with a different feature set and built with new technologies. Nozbe 4 is the result of our 12 years of experience running Nozbe productivity software. Nozbe 4 is not compatible with Nozbe 3. The two apps share the same heritage and name, but nothing more.

Is Nozbe 4 only for teams? What about consumers / busy professionals with single accounts?

Don’t worry, Nozbe 4 will be available to consumers, too. However, not just yet. As team productivity is the focus of Nozbe 4, we wanted to start testing Nozbe 4 with teams first in this initial private beta phase. Later in the year we’ll also show you our completely new take on private tasks and projects in Nozbe 4. There will be a Nozbe 4 solo account, but it’s just not ready yet for you to test it. Stay tuned!

What’s currently missing in Nozbe 4?

Nozbe 4 is our new take on team productivity, so we’ve focused primarily on bringing in new features and ideas. However, because of time constraints, Nozbe 4 is currently missing some features that are available to Nozbe 3 users, such as:

  • integration with third party cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
  • integration with email
  • task attachments
  • calendar view and Google Calendar integration

What’s new in Nozbe 4 that’s not available in Nozbe 3?

With Nozbe 4, we’ve completely re-imagined many Nozbe features and added brand new ones to substantially improve team collaboration, such as:

  • Separate workspace for team projects and tasks to distinguish between things that are your own and those that belong to the team
  • Open projects to make collaboration easier
  • Project sections to make projects more organized and flexible, without compromising simplicity
  • Single Tasks — a new place for tasks that don’t fit elsewhere
  • An all-new Inbox for all the things that require your attention
  • Activity view to see what your team is up to
  • Improved comments
  • Private reminders
  • And much more…

Can I move my projects and tasks from Nozbe 3 to Nozbe 4?

No, not yet. If you want to try Nozbe 4 with your team, you’ll have to set up your projects and tasks from scratch. There’s no way to import your data to Nozbe 4 at this moment. We will be assisting with data migration after Nozbe 4 has been officially launched.

When will I have to upgrade from Nozbe 3 to Nozbe 4?

Never! If Nozbe 3 works for you or your team, you can use it indefinitely. We will support Nozbe 3 until the end of the internet, so you don’t have to upgrade. A lot of features have changed in Nozbe 4, but we don’t want to force you to change to a new system. We advise our current customers to keep using Nozbe 3 until Nozbe 4 officially launches later this year and then consider if they want to give it a try or not. There’s no rush. Keep using whatever works for you.

Will Nozbe 3 really be supported forever?

Yes! We’ve built Nozbe as your trusted productivity system, so we want you to be able to use what works for you. We will be supporting Nozbe 3 until the end of the internet. We will be updating it to support the latest devices and operating systems and ensure its security. However, we won’t be developing many new major features for it, as we’ll be focusing our efforts on Nozbe 4.

How much will Nozbe 4 cost?

We will announce pricing in a few months once we’ve opened the beta program to more teams. Pricing will be quite similar to that of Nozbe 3, and we will let current Nozbe 3 customers try Nozbe 4 free of charge for a few months in order to make an informed decision as to whether or not they would like to switch. At this moment, every team that gets access to Nozbe 4 will receive a free 60-day trial. Unlike Nozbe 3, Nozbe 4 will not have a free version.

Why did you decide to build Nozbe 4 completely from scratch? Why now?

Great question. After more than a decade, we decided to reinvent our software and invest in the next decade. And the best moment to do this is when everything is working. Nozbe 3 is selling very well and is helping more than half a million users get stuff done. This is the best time to invest in the future and provide something new that will serve us and our users for many more years to come.

Why from scratch? We didn’t want to be tied to our old ideas and systems. We wanted to offer the world our best ideas built with the best technology. This is what Nozbe 4 is all about.

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By applying, you agree to receive Nozbe 4-related emails, and you accept our Terms and Conditions. Please note this is a Nozbe 4 BETA version that is still undergoing active development and testing. We cannot provide any warranties as to the suitability or usability of our software at this stage.