Friday, March 13

Nozbe 2.1.4 is out! New Nozbe release with lots of improvements!

We kicked off 2015 with lots of power, expanded our team and focused on polishing the new Nozbe 2.0 (which we launched a few months ago). You'll love what we've got for you:

Nozbe 2.1.4

After the latest auto-update you should be now operating Nozbe 2.1.4. Here are some new goodies we've prepared:

  • You will now find Affiliate Program details in your Settings section in Nozbe
  • We've made Payment Change/Update options also more convenient for you
  • Adding tasks to the list with active filters automatically adds parameters from these filters
  • Improved Capture Photo option in Nozbe Android app
  • and lots of minor fixes and improvements - we managed to add this extra layer of polish thanks to your feedback! Keep it coming! Thank you!

Nozbe 2.1.4 comes as auto-update to existing users, but if for some reason you need to re-download Nozbe, go here for all the Nozbe apps: Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iPad or iPhone

And if you're thinking about getting the all-new Apple Watch this April, please rest assured that Nozbe is coming to the Apple Watch.

Thursday, March 12

Nozbe Magazine #3 - achieve your goals, new video tutorials & Remag

We have just released a new issue of Nozbe Magazine. We've gathered the top blog entries and news from the last couple of months. If you haven't been following our blog regularly, it is worth checking out.

Nozbe Magazine 3

Why would you need our magazine app?

This way, you can stay up to date with what is going on in Nozbe and get practical tips for using our app to be even more productive. Read Nozbe Mag:

In this edition

How Nozbe can help you achieve your goals in 2015

A guest post by one of our Nozbe power users: Michael Hyatt - the author of the "New York Times" bestseller, "Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World." He is also the founder of Platform University and the massively popular course "5 Days to Your Best Year Ever."

Michael shows you - step-by-step - who he sets up his goals in Nozbe to be able to review them regularly and achieve them, of course.

How to get your New Year's goals done - video tutorial

Spend less than 2 minutes and see how to set up your goals as projects in Nozbe:

How to work with your partner to get your goals done in Nozbe

10 simple steps to getting your projects done with others:

How to use categories in Nozbe

Categories prove really handy when managing and processing your tasks. In case you are not sure how to use thi option in Nozbe, we have described it step by step.

Uses of Nozbe – students

Nozbe users come from all professions and backgrounds: from teachers and doctors, house-wifes through managers and entrepreneurs. In the previous issue of Nozbe Magazine we presented some solutions for teachers. This article is intended for students.

Remag - revolution in mobile publishing

Michael - the Nozbe CEO - has launched his second startup: Remag. Why? To revolutionize digital mobile publishing. Learn, what it is all about and why we are kicking it off right now.

Actually, we've been building our Nozbe Magazine using Remag all along and now you can also build your own magazine using the same technology, so check it out!

Tuesday, March 10

Nozbe is coming to the  Watch on your wrist - the most personal project management tool ever :-)

Like most of tech industries, we watched the Apple Event yesterday. And now we know for sure:  Watch is real, it's coming very soon (end of April in first countries - which happen to be the countries where we have most of our customers: USA, UK, Japan...) and yes, we're building an  Watch Nozbe app for you:

Nozbe for  Watch

We can't wait to show it to you. The best part? You won't have to download anything extra to get this new app, it'll come as a part of your Nozbe app for your iPhone. Just like the Apple Watch depends on your iPhone, the watch app will depend on your Nozbe app.

Tasks are getting personal...

We're working on the design now: we're tweaking the iOS widget and trying to fit it to the phone, taking advantage of "glances" and other short-term interactions you'll have with your watch. We're trying to visualize how the watch will make you more productive and then make it happen.

What we like about the  Watch is the fact that it's really a very personal device. Thus, we're going to try to learn which tasks, notifications, comments are important to you and make sense to be displayed on your wrist... and which don't. We're very excited about this!

We will need your help! :-) So get your Apple Watches ready!

We're aiming to be on the  Watch on day one, meaning on April 24, just as you get your first watch from the Apple Store. And we'll be in line with you to get it, too :-)

But this is a new territory and we really want to do it right. So as you begin configuring your new  Watch, make sure to check out Nozbe on your wrist and start using it to get things done. Then, let us know what we can improve, how you use it, what's important to you, what's not, which interactions you miss, which you don't... you get the idea.

This is personal, because we're going to design it with you!

Just like I remember designing Nozbe for the first iPhone together with my customers back in 2007, this time we're designing Nozbe for a completely new device together with our customers. Together with you. We're counting on your help and on your active participation. We're doing this with you and for you. And for all of us. This is going to be fun. I can't wait. The wrist-productivity era has begun! Let's go!

written by Michael Sliwinski, Nozbe founder

Friday, January 30

How to work with your partner to get your goals done in Nozbe

Hope you're on the right track with your goals for 2015! In the last blogpost, we presented a short video about how to get your goals done in Nozbe - did you like it? Have you planned your goals yet? Since my last email we've improved the video to make it easier to follow - make sure to watch it again!

Did you know that as a Nozbe PRO user you can create an additional Nozbe account for your partner absolutely free?

Watch my second short video in which I'll show you:

10 steps to getting your projects done with others:

Learn how to create an additional account for your partner and how to get projects and goals done with them.

Yes, thanks to Nozbe not only will you be able to achieve your goals for this year... but you'll also get a chance to involve your partner, friends and others in making 2015 successful.

Tuesday, January 27

How to get your New Year's Goals done

What if I tell you it's still not too late to make this year your best yet? We're approaching the end of January. According to research, most of us have already forgotten about our New Year's resolutions... but I believe we can still get them done!

Nozbe is here to help! Watch this short 1-minute video:

[10 steps to getting your goals done:][goals]

Learn how to achieve your goals...

There are still 11 months left in 2015 and you can get your goals done! Just stop your wishful thinking and treat your resolutions as real and achievable projects. I want to make sure you don't give up and make 2015 your best year yet.

I know you'll make it happen! Good luck!