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Monday, August 7

Did you miss our last webinar: Ask Michael Anything?

Our favourite part of each webinar is the Q&A session so our last webinar was dedicated entirely to answering questions! Tens of participants took their chance to AMA - Ask Michael Anything! And he replied to as many as he could! :-)

Watch the recording and see how you can improve your productivity with Michael's tips.


Thursday, August 3

Listen, learn and get inspired

... by The Podcast - a weekly conversation between Michael, (our CEO) and Radek, (Nozbe VP Apple.) Usually they talk about books, business, productivity, technology. Sometimes they discuss diet, sports and other topics. Some of their insights and tips could be mind-shifting for you. See what you missed in July:

The Podcast - July 2017

Tuesday, August 1

How to tackle a never-ending to-do list - 10 proven methods

Recently we heard this from a Nozbe user:

Hi. With Nozbe I became much more productive. So productive, that I have the feeling that what I have to do never ends. I do so many things that before I would have left out and when something is done, there's always many things to be done again. So it never stops. Would be great to have a blog post to discuss this topic, have your point of view and tips to continue to have a work-life balance when you have such a powerful productivity tool in your hands :-).

And so, here are 10 ways to deal with a never-ending to-do list. Follow these tips and enjoy some more free time.

Never ending to do list

Friday, July 28

13 tips for planning the perfect vacation

Here are some practical tips that will help you plan your holiday.

In addition to reading this article, we also recommend using this template by Will.


Tuesday, July 25

What I've wasted my time on today. And you?

It's Tuesday evening. I called it a day and grabbed a book since I could finally go to bed. Although the book is super interesting I can't focus on it at all. I keep thinking about how unproductive I've been today...

And voilá! Here's a list of things I tend to waste my time on. I wrote it down in order to try to eliminate some silly cases of negligence and counter-productive habits. I hope you’ll make your list too, and try to work on crossing a few or them out.

My time-wasters

Thursday, July 20

Practical templates - get things done this summer

Use the following step-by-step guides to boost your productivity. Read, modify and apply them to work less but smarter.

July -

How to start using Kanban

Tuesday, July 18

Part 5 of our monthly FAQ blog post series - Joining a team

Welcome back to our FAQ series in which we answer popular questions that our users ask us in their emails. This month we're discussing joining a team.

Joining team

Monday, July 17

The best contest: and the winners are...

Ladies and gentlemen we are thrilled to announce the contest winners.


The contest began on June 19. You could submit your templates until June 30. We asked you to prove your creativity and you did! We received loads of practical project templates via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. There were templates in Chinese, Russian, Korean and Dutch to name a few. You had cool ideas in all kinds of areas: Home & Family, Work & Business, etc.

And here it is:

The list of winners

Thursday, July 13

Join us on August 3 and Ask Michael Anything!

Our favourite part of each webinar is the Q&A session so our next webinar will be dedicated entirely to answering your questions! Take your chance to AMA - Ask Michael Anything!

Ask Michael Anything

Tuesday, July 11

Haven't you missed something that might be important?

The Podcast is a weekly conversation between Michael, (our CEO) and Radek, (Nozbe VP Apple.) They talk about books, business, productivity, technology, and more. Some of their insights and tips could be mind-shifting for you. See what they discussed in June:

The Podcast - June 2017

Thursday, July 6

A perfect Wunderlist alternative

If you’re looking for an alternative to Wunderlist, Nozbe is the perfect choice.

After receiving many inquiries from people interested in transferring their data from the Microsoft app to Nozbe, our developers built an easy-to-use import system. It lets you move all your lists, tasks and other data from Wunderlist to Nozbe in a few simple steps.

Wunderlist Nozbe importer

How does it work?

Tuesday, July 4

How to boost your team productivity using kanban - a step-by-step guide

This is another inspiring guest post we got from Robby Miles - our Ambassador, productivity guru and a really good man :-) Read on if you want to boost your team's efficiency by applying a kanban method.

What is kanban?

Kanban is a project management system pioneered by Toyota motor company and its "just in time" production system. Its visual nature makes it easy for teams to communicate and quickly see what is going on as a project moves forward.

Kanban structure

Traditionally kanban systems are broken into different project phases.

For example:

Wednesday, June 28

Did you miss our last webinar?

If so - we have a surprise for you!

And if you took part in the live session but would like to watch it again - we’ve got something for you, too!

Here is the recording of the webinar that Michael ran on June 22. The CEO of Nozbe presented the 3 steps to achieve each and every goal and explained how to do that using Nozbe. He also showed how to plan your holidays applying our brand new templates.

Watch the June webinar

Monday, June 26

Ask Michael S02E12: public templates

Reinventing the wheel is such a waste of energy. And you just need one thing to prevent this, something that you already have: templates.

Ask Michael 2 ep. 12 cover

There are lots of reasons why you might create public templates. You may have the most altruistic feelings towards the rest of the world and want to be helpful. You may want to offer something useful to your friends or a group of people you identify with, like car enthusiasts. You may also support your audience as a blogger or an authority.

However, there’s nothing wrong if you want to use templates with your affiliate link and earn extra commission in the Nozbe Affiliate Referral program.

It's even better if you publish your template to enter our contest for creators!

Watch now to learn how to make your template public:


Have you already used a public template? Leave a comment below!

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Related resources:

“Ask Michael - the Productivity Guy” is a weekly series of short videos with Michael. We gathered dozens of questions from users, then we chose the best of them. Now Michael is answering them every Monday.

Friday, June 23

8 ways to make the most out of your vacation

A vacation is a great time to do the things you normally (perhaps wrongly) wouldn’t dare to spend your time on. With no 9-to-5 job you get some extra space - both physically and mentally. Unless you’re going on an extreme journey in the Himalayas or something, try to use this time to reset your "hard drive,” charge the batteries and reflect on how to live better, work smarter and be happier :-)

Productive vacation

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