Thursday, November 6, 2014

Labels - organize your projects easily in Nozbe

We use labels in Nozbe to organize projects by tying together the ones that are similar or have something in common. This way projects can be grouped together. What's really useful, every project can be tagged with more than one Label.

Labels allow you not only to separate your private projects from business ones but also to tag the projects with customer names, the names of your family members, countries in which your company operates, etc.

How to add a label to a project

Let's suppose you have a project that you wish to label. Select it on your project list, go to its infobar (click the "i" icon) to see its properties and go to "Change labels" section.


If you are new to labeling and haven't created any yet, use the "New" button to set up your first label:


Once you've added a new label, select it and use the "Confirm" button to add it to the project. It's easy!

Grouping projects with labels

If you have at least one label set up, you can group projects by labels in your project list. Just click on the label icon and choose a label you need. What's the effect? Your project list will now only consist of the projects with that chosen label.


You can go back to a general view anytime by clicking "x" on the yellow stripe you will see at the top of the filtered projects list.

Managing labels

To edit or remove labels, just go to the labels properties of a project in its infobar (click "i" icon). There, you'll see three dots "..." next to your labels. When you click/tap on the dots next to a particular label, you'll be able to edit or delete it.


Assigning labels to several projects at a time

In Nozbe, you can easily add a label to several projects from your list. Just use the project multi-edit mode. Go to your project list and click the "Edit" button at the bottom. The edit mode is now on - there is a little box to tick next to each project and several other options are available. Tick the project you wish to label and click/tap the "Change" button at the bottom. Two new options will appear: "Labels" and "Colors". Click "Labels" and choose desired label or create a new one. Now you just need to "Confirm" your action and you're done.


Keep getting things done with Nozbe!

How many projects do you have in Nozbe? How do you manage them? Let us know how you use labels!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nozbe 2.0.9 - better, faster... nozbe'er :)

You think we slowed down? Not at all! After announcing Nozbe 2.0 we keep up with the hard work. Our three main goals are: improving Nozbe's performance, fixing bugs that our users report and introducing new features to make the app even more practical for you. We take note of all your suggestions and complaints. We have a long list of the feature requests from you that we are going to analyze in depth during our company meeting that is going to take place really soon in Polish Jurassic Highland (we hope not to be disturbed by any dinosaurs).

Nozbe 2.0.9

What's new in Nozbe 2.0.9

  • Performance improvements - long task list now render much faster on iOS and Android devices
  • Remove people from sharing projects with list - used to share project with someone but do not want to see him on sugestions list? You can hide him from the list. To do so, go to "Team" section in your Nozbe app, select that person and go to their infobar.
  • Project templates fixes - if you create a template based on a shared project, newly created projects will be automatically shared with people who are in that original one.
  • Small and not so small bug fixes (the full list can be found on our test blog)

Tell us what you think

Your Nozbe, no matter what device you use it on, will update automatically from 2.0.8 to 2.0.9. If you wish to share your impressions or report any issues, do not hesitate to drop us a line. We will be happy to assist you (and even more happy to thank you for any kind words :))

To be continued

After releasing 2.0.9 we directly move on to preparing 2.0.10. Our plans regarding that version include:

  • Totally overhauled printing feature
  • Some candies for OSX/iOS users (especially Yosemite!)
  • Even more performance improvements
  • Keyboard shortcuts improvements

Friday, October 17, 2014

How to manage your team in Nozbe

When using Nozbe with other people, in a "team" environment, we can divide Nozbe users into 2 groups that we can conventionally name: "owners" and "cooperators". The "owners" are those who own the multi-user account in Nozbe and can add people to their own team. The number of team members depends on the plan the "owner" decided to pay for. The "cooperators" are people who have been invited to the team by an "owner" - they can have their own projects but have fewer prerogatives than "owners" when it comes to team management.

Now, imagine Edward who is a manager in a big company. He has decided to use Nozbe to work more efficiently with his team. He bought Nozbe PRO plan (he became an "owner" :)). He also ordered 14 additional accounts for his subordinates and invited them to his team in Nozbe.

What Edward did in order to create his team in Nozbe

Add people to team

  1. First he entered the "Team" section in Nozbe
  2. There, he chose a green silhouette icon to add a new team member
  3. He entered his subordinates' e-mail addresses to send them Nozbe invitations
  4. He clicked ADD button

And so, Edward as well as his teammates (who obviously accepted the invitations :)) can now create projects and share them with each other, their clients and friends.

New employee on-board

Edward's company has just hired a new marketing specialist, Rob. He will have to cooperate with many people to do his job well. His duties will involve communicating with the IT, finance and product guys as well as Edward and his assistant of course. Thus, Edward needs to add Rob to their team in Nozbe. As this is neither the first nor the last person to join his team, Ed has created a project template some time ago. That was a smart move - all he has to do now is make a project out of the existing template. There, he has some simple tasks that will help him introduce Rob to the team and provide the new employee with materials and information he might need to get started.

This is Edward's project:

Template - new teammate

Edward needs to:

  1. Update template with
  2. Invite to the team (he does the exactly same thing he did when adding his 14 subordinates before)
  3. Invite all the subordinates to this project
  4. Set a date/time for the invitation task "To All" (5.)

What did Edward ask his teammates for?

One of the tasks Edward had in his template-project wasn't delegated to him or to anyone else (there was a question mark not a photo/avatar next to it <6.>). He set a due date for today and so the task jumped to the Priority list of everyone in the project - this way everyone in Ed's team could see it. This is what Edward wrote in a comment to this task:

Hi guys, today we are welcoming a new member - - to our team. will take care of marketing and promotion of our product, so please invite him to all the projects this job requires him to be in.

If there is a lot, remember you can share multiple projects with your colleagues by going to the "Team" section in Nozbe, clicking on a person you want to share several projects with, then clicking on the "i" icon and choosing "Invite user to more projects" option.

Feel free to use this project as you require to install Rob in our team.

When you are done, don't check this task, just leave a comment.


What exactly Edward's teammates need to do now?

To add Rob to several projects at a time Ed's colleagues need to enter the Team section in Nozbe (1.). There, they need to choose a person they want to share their projects with (e.g. Rob)(2.) and click the "i" icon at the top-right corner (3.) to open the infobar with details of the user. In the infobar, they will need to find an "Invite user to more projects" button (4.), click on it and choose the projects they wish from the dropdown list that shows up. Then, a quick confirmation and Rob has access to the certain projects and all the materials and attachments related to them.

Sharing multiple projects

What if someone leaves the team?

It turns out that Rob joined Edward's team because Carl is leaving it - he is retiring. In situations like this, it is recommended to remove a person who will no longer work for the company - mostly for the data-security reasons. What Edward is going to do is ask his team members to remove Carl from all work-related projects they created and shared with the retiring colleague. This time, Edward will simply add a task with no responsibility assigned (question mark instead of the avatar again)(1.) to a common project they all share in Nozbe (2.). He will set a date and time so that the task will show up in the Priority list of all his subordinates.

Remove Carl Task

This is a comment that Edward should write (3.):

Dear All, as of today Carl is no longer on this team so please remove him from all work-related projects that you have created.

In order to remove someone from your project, enter this project, click on the "i" icon to open the infobar, then go to "People in project" section and click. A list of people will appear. Choose the person you wish to remove, click on "..." icon and the click on "remove from the project" button.

When you are done, don't check this task, just leave a comment.


To make sure everyone removes Carl from their projects he places a checklist (4.) with the names of all the people from his team and asks them to tick once their are done. Good idea - nice use of a checklist option :)

A quick guide to removing people from your projects


  1. Go to a project you've created and which you share with a person you wish to remove
  2. Click on the "i" icon to open the infobar
  3. Go to "People in project section and click on one of the avatars
  4. Find the person you want to remove in the dropdown menu
  5. Click on the "..." icon
  6. Click on "Remove from project" button

Final goodbye to Carl

Once Carl leaves the company, Rob should remove him from the team and from the projects he shared with him. Nozbe makes it easy - whenever the "owner" removes someone from the team, our app asks whether to remove him from the shared project too.

If you are an "owner", please take a look how to remove someone (eg. Carl) from your account.

Remove from team

Go to "Team" section and choose your "Carl" :) Then, click "i" at the top-right corner (1.) to see that user's details. Click the "Remove from team" button (2.). If you wish, tick the box (3.) to confirm removing Carl from all the projects you created and shared with your colleague. A final "Confirm" (4.) and you are done.

- post written by Magda, Nozbe's COO

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Uses of Nozbe - Students

Nozbe users come from all professions and backgrounds: from teachers and students, house-wifes through managers and entrepreneurs. So far, we have presented you with solutions for doctors, real-estate agents and lawyers. This article is intended for students.


The background

We all are or were students at some point in our lives. Life of a student can be exciting, demanding and challenging. Depending on area of study, the mixture of the three can vary. I wish I had Nozbe during my studies. I was a double major, with two part-time positions plus steady involvement in student council and theater... But those were the times of pen and paper and your own memory.

Basic focus areas

From the time perspective, I would divide students and therefore their use of Nozbe essentially by the year of study. Although I'm sure some high-school students are here, I would rather concentrate on the college students.

Possible application

For college students getting grasp of all of their studying, reading and writing can be quite challenging even without extracurricular activities such as the ones I had during my years at the university.

Projects and labels

If I were to use Nozbe now; as I wish I had back then and how I plan to use it again (as I've recently enrolled as undergrad at a university); I think I would start by thinking of my ultimate goal aka. associate, baccalaureate or master degree.

That would serve as my main label or category for projects. And I know for a fact that some projects can start as early as the 1st year and continue until you have actually received your degree.

Other labels would be my areas of studies, be it your major or just a group of subjects e.g. like 'Econ' would be my label for all the economics related course. Some might be eager to inquire "then what will serve as my projects?".

A simple answer is: your classes.

For instance, in my current schedule I have 6 subjects: History of Legal system in Poland, General history of legislature, Principles of the Roman Law, Economics, Legal Logic, Legalese English. Those are my projects right there. I want to finish each of them with positive outcome in form of a good grade, right?


Within each project I would of course have number of types of files and tasks. I would not hesitate to use categories to group those across all of them. For instance, though I might need to buy or borrow book for various classes and seminars, essentially my categories would be:

"book-store" and/or "library".

Books would be my tasks added to numerous project (= classes). When at book-store, I would simply click on the category and see all the names of books and authors I need to buy. Same thing goes for the library, although here the tasks would be cyclical depending on for how long I need to use the library copy of a given book so that I remember to return the books on time.

Syllabuses would be another group of materials/tasks that I would need to load and keep in mind for each of the subject. In today's world you simply go on-line and download them all from student portals. In the old times, it would mean scanning away like mad (Category: Syllabus).

Third bunch of tasks would simply be contacts for my professors for each class and the lecture room where the class usually takes place (Category: Logistics).

By far the largest group of tasks that are constantly changing are the assignments. It would be actually most healthy for you to simply write them down directly into Nozbe as they come in, instead of waiting to get out of class, but here much depends on your professors. Some do not allow tablets or smart-phones in their classrooms (Category: Assignements).

And the last aspect of it all... the research. There is virtually no class for which you would not need it. Sometimes all you need to do is run down to a library and get a book, but other times it is vast search over the Internet, libraries and other sources... here also this great little plugin made by Marcus Platt can come in very hand.


Those are of course just some basics of how a student may use Nozbe. Some food for thoughts. There are many possibilities, perhaps one of which you will be kind to share here for benefit of others.

Written by Delfina (Nozbe Support - CHO - Chief Happiness Officer)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nozbe 2.0 is here

We’re excited to announce the release of Nozbe 2.0 - this is still Nozbe but redesigned from scratch, improved, mobile-first... all new. It’s been an incredibly busy time here at Nozbe and we have done everything to make Nozbe 2.0 working smoothly and let you boost your productivity. Your satisfaction and efficiency are always on our "Priority tasks" list.

Nozbe 2.0

New features

It's the 4th major version of Nozbe since our first launch back in 2007 but it's the most important one, that's why we call it 2.0. We've been working on it for more than a year now. Here's how it turned out:

  • New, modern, clean interface - now all the Nozbe apps work in the same way with coherent navigation across all devices - you'll have no problem switching from our web application, native Mac or Windows app to our tablet or mobile apps.
  • It's fast. It's really fast - we've optimized our Nozbe apps for speed. We can safely update our slogan to "Simply Get Everything Done. Fast."
  • Multi-edit mode - easily edit several tasks at once, several projects at once... one of our most requested features is there.
  • More filters, more sorting - easily see which actions to take when and where. Narrow down your tasks lists to the most important stuff.
  • iOS8 goodness, later on Mac, Windows and Android - especially for iOS8 we've built a "Today widget" as well as adding tasks from any app with a share extension. We'll bring this goodness to the rest of the platforms in the following months.
  • A sign of more things to come... - this is just the beginning. We've left many new features out for now, to be able to show you the version 2.0 as soon as possible. This new suite of apps is a beginning of a new era at Nozbe.

Watch Nozbe 2.0 in action

Watch Michael Sliwinski, Nozbe founder and CEO, presenting how to use the new Nozbe efficiently. Spare less than 15 minutes and become Nozbe 2.0 pro-user:

Read, steady, go!

To access Nozbe 2.0 you can either log in to our web app or get one of our native apps for the Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPad or iPhone - all apps are already available on our website, the App Stores or Google Play. A Windows Phone app is the next milestone we will be working on.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Nozbe 2.0 new Evernote integration - what is different and why?

With Nozbe 2.0 we redesigned integration with Evernote, Dropbox and Box. Today I wanted to concentrate on the first one as it is the most popular 3rd party service used by our fantastic customers.

New Evernote integration

Limitations of the old integration that we wanted to get rid off

Integration with Evernote in Nozbe 1.9.3 was quite good and we were very pleased with it. It had some limitations though and we thought it was high time to finally overleap them with Nozbe 2.0.

First of all, there was a limited number of Evernote notes that could have be synced with Nozbe and power Evernote users who had more than 10,000 notes were not able to find all of them in Nozbe.

Secondly, the architecture of integration was based on push sync from Evernote. We relied on Evernote to push to us every update on user’s account. Sometimes it lead to delays and so users didn't see new or recently updated notes in Nozbe.

And finally, Evernote notes from Project Attachments section were not visible to all project members (unlike the Nozbe notes). It caused many confusions and questions from our users. All of that was a hindrance to a productive collaboration.

New benefits

So what is new in this integration? Here is the list of improvements:

  • Adding a new Evernote note to Project Attachments section works the same as adding one as a comment to a task. Every project member will now see exactly the same content in Project Attachments
  • While adding new Evernote notes our app will suggest you notes tagged with the same phrase as a project name in Nozbe
  • Moreover you can add multiple notes at once
  • You always have an instant access to your new Evernote notes - you will no longer wait to sync Evernote with Nozbe
  • You can search through all (no more 10,000 notes limit) of your Evernote notes. And Nozbe will search not only the titles of notes but also the contents!

How to use it - a short instruction

Attaching Evernote to project

  1. You can filter your notes by name
  2. The list of your recent (max. 100) Evernote notes
  3. First part of the (2) list is a list of suggested notes - here you will find the notes tagged with the same name as your Nozbe project
  4. Second part of the (2) list - the rest of your recent notes

OK, you may ask what if note that I want to add is not among my 100 recent notes in Evernote? You can search for it:

Attaching Evernote to project

Just start typing in (1) field and after entering at least 3 characters (2) link will appear. Click/Tap on it to search for “Gra” in your Evernote account.

Attaching Evernote to project

A new sub-list - found notes - has been attached to the list of notes. It consist of the results of the “Gra” query and includes all the notes with this phrase in title or in body of the note. It is native Evernote search.

You can choose more than one note to attach at once. After you select them, please, click the “save” button that will appear at the top.

Attaching Evernote to project

  1. Save button
  2. List of selected notes
  3. You can add additional comment to your notes

Your feedback

This new integration is a result of hours of brainstorming, fighting for every button, field, etc. It was also incredible effort for our Programming Ninjas to make it work. Of course the fight is not over and we've already been brainstorming some ideas to improve it in the future releases. We would be really pleased to hear your opinion. So do not hesitate and post it in the comments section below or send it to our support.

Written by Rafal (Nozbe Product Manager)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Cheerful complaints by our fantastic customers :-)

When I can't decide which model/type of a product to buy in a store, I often list the specifications I want to a salesman and ask: "Which product matching these specs would you buy for yourself?"

When an electrician comes to fix something at my place, I ask him (or just pray silently if the guy doesn't look too friendly) that he does the job as if he was fixing the cables in his own child's room.

We follow that rule in Nozbe. Michael, the CEO, and the rest of our team work as if we were doing something for ourselves and our beloved :)

It doesn't mean we are striving to be perfectionists. Perfectionism rarely pays off. We get involved, we try to make the choices that will bring people more satisfaction and simply put our hearts and souls into work we do. Apparently, this approach has a positive impact on the users. For whatever reason they write to us they always express their appreciation and enthusiasm. See yourself:

Thank you for programming the beta! I'm sure you all know this already but the design really does look absolutely lovely, and the functionality is really smooth and intuitive, and very well suited to making batch changes, which is a wonderful change. I already found Nozbe to be very usable and super easy to integrate into my day-to-day, but it's even easier now with the smooth design.

What's really fantastic is that every time someone reports a problem or an issue that bothers them, they also express their positive thoughts and impressions.

Guys, really like the new interface and the speed is awesome. On the Android version, will the "boot up" logo become hi-res? Mike

Nozbe is cool! I am waiting for the release day! S. (one of the most active = critical :) betatesters)

By the way, I know we usually only report problems and bugs, but I am loving this new version of Nozbe. You guys have done incredible work here! Michael Hyatt

Learn more about Nozbe by getting the free Nozbe Magazine

If you don't read this blog very often but you wish to get to know more about the idea behind Nozbe, the stuff that we do and practical ways of using our app, read Nozbe Magazine. It's simple. You download the app for your iOS or Android device and get a doze of Nozbe-related articles every one or two months.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Uses of Nozbe - Law

Nozbe is used by a lot of people. They come from all professions, from teachers, house-wifes through managers and entrepreneurs. Some time ago we have presented you with solutions that might work really well for doctors and for real estate agents. This article is intended for the lawyers.


The background

I hope to, not pose, but provide you with ideas of how you can use Nozbe to serve you well in such extensive and demanding environment. I have been raised among lawyers and am currently studying law in Warsaw, Poland at Kozminski University. I know it requires high level of organization and, though rewarding, can be extremely stressful and repetitive. Organization is here of utter most importance along with psychological resilience. Unfortunately, I won't be able to aid you in that second area.

Basic areas of concern

Legal applications of Nozbe will vary depending on the group you belong to. A prosecutor will have different modus operandi to judge or solicitor. Thus there is a wide scope of possible interpretation. I will try to outline here some ideas in hope that they will come in handy and that they will serve you all as a spring board for own imagination.

Extensive use of labels and templates is much recommended as it was case of previous posts from this series. Depending on the legal "branch" you are in, you are pretty much bound to do some things certain way. There are procedures to be followed, documents to be filed or obtained.

Possible application

Defense lawyer, solicitor, legal adviser... Perhaps this is too broad a group to be put together, but I believe them to have much in common. They all have clients.... And a client can either be your label/tag or your project. Most often label... But if the matter is small you might be able to lock it up in just one project.

Should you wish the client to have access to the project, or have some other parties involved.... I would advise on labeling instead.

So, I would get projects A, B, C with label Mr. Smith (if that is our client). In project A I would create a list of things that I need the client to supply me with and share it with him. For instance:

  1. Scans of all the documents for given case that the client can provide you with
  2. Testimonies, names of witnesses and any evidence which the client knows of
  3. Your documents and information for the client on the matter, possible ways of approaching it and possible outcomes thereof

You can simply think of it as mutual references project.

Project B on the other hand would be my private, e.g. information that I would not wish to make the client privy to, but that are significant to getting the matter sorted out. In a sense, this would be a project where legal trade secrets would end up in.

Project C - great place to co-work with someone who does not need to be involved directly with Mr. Smith, but whose involvement I need to get all the documents/information and evidence collected.

Prosecutor's job is a bit different. You often do not deal with clients per se, but you do with whole much more of evidence, personnel that helps you collect it and get it prepared. In such case, I think using case number would be the best label you could have. I might be wrong here but essentially you would need two types of projects here: private-only for you - your thoughts and keeping track of your progress; group - shared with those whose help you need to get the guilt proven and the guilty one behind the bars.

Last, but not least is the Judge. Here again court case number is in my opinion the best label, though in simple matters it can be your project name. For most parts you work on case alone and it is related to much reading prior to hearings. I do admit to have had the least contact with representatives of this profession so I might be way off in my view of their work.

Each of the projects can also be saved as a template for later use with another client/case. Also extensive application of check-lists might be of aid, if you would rather have fewer projects.


This is just a proposal. Something to give you a hint and to get your mind working on. There are many possibilities, perhaps one of which you will be kind to share here for benefit of others.

I do trust this will all give you some ideas. In legal environment, privacy is extremely important, thus Nozbe's "obsession" with keeping your unshared projects accessible only to you is a great advantage.

Written by Delfina (Nozbe Support - CHO - Chief Happiness Officer)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nozbe 2.0 tutorial - invest 15 minutes and learn to be productive with new Nozbe

One of the few things that we wanted to do before the public release of OneNozbe for all the platforms was this tutorial. We are aware that for some of you moving from Nozbe 1.9.3 to 2.0 might be a big (but fantastic! :)) step. With all the new functions and interface it can be hard to work as smoothly and "automatically" as before. That's why it is here - watch the tutorial and be on the ball!


Private lesson with Michael Sliwinski, Nozbe founder and CEO :)

What we suggest is that you download a Nozbe 2.0 beta version for the platform you use, watch the tutorial and try out each operation according to Michael's guidelines. Stop and replay the parts with the new features. The tutorial lasts just 14 minutes and 30 seconds, but the whole lesson will perhaps take you 30 minutes or so but then - when new Nozbe finally hits the market - you are all set to get things done faster and more efficient than ever before.

What will you find out in the tutorial?

This short video covers the crucial aspects of Nozbe productivity system. Watch Michael:

  • Presenting the new navigation in Nozbe
  • Working with his Nozbe Inbox
  • Adding and editing projects and tasks
  • Outlining all the parameters you can use to facilitate your workflow
  • Explaining the "Priority Tasks" idea
  • Showing how to cooperate with your team in Nozbe
  • Using labels and categories to get organized
  • Explaining the usage of Nozbe Calendar

Michael also speaks of integration with other apps and new sorting and filtering options.

Spare some time and become Nozbe 2.0 pro-user :)

Other languages

We are now working hard to record the tutorial in all Nozbe languages: German, Japanese, Polish and Spanish. Next week not only the English-speaking Nozbe users will rock in Nozbe 2.0 :)

We are constantly improving the app

Although it might seem we are just procrastinating :) be sure, we are still working to enhance the way OneNozbe works. Our programming ninjas' current missions:

  • New keyboard shortcuts testing - we have implemented some new keyboard shortcuts. Now we are testing it and make necessary fixes and improvements
  • Drag&Drop improvements
  • More activities logs in the app - you will be able to see activities of your whole team as well as for each person individually
  • Printing mechanism - due to problems on Windows platform we had to re-engineer the whole feature and we hope to finish it within the next week
  • Adding new comment improvements - you won't lose your unsaved comments anymore :)
  • Performance improvements for iPad
  • Much more small bugfixes and upgrades

As usually we say a big thank you to betatesters who invest their time to help us build a super-effective productivity tool.

If you haven't, do check out our beta 8th version of Nozbe on our dedicated website

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nozbe 2.0 Beta 8 and version 2.0.5 with more iOS 8 specific improvements and new gestures for iPad!

As we still struggle with some last issues on Windows and Android platforms, we want to show you our probably last Beta 8 of Nozbe 2.0 for Android, Windows and Linux. We have also updated our apps for iOS and OS X - you will receive it via autoupdate today!

Beta 8

What's new in Beta 8

There is no killer feature in Beta 8 of Nozbe 2.0. However, it consists a lot of important bug-fixes and some visual improvements. For example the bug when task comes back to Inbox after changing its project should be gone now :)

What’s new in 2.0.5 for iOS

  • Show project list with a gesture - During beta we were still experimenting with interface on iPad in portrait mode, and we finally cracked it. Swipe from left edge between left menu and task list gesture was missing. Now you can smoothly switch between project list and task list on iPad in portrait mode!

Attention lucky iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users - an update for your bigger screens is already waiting for review in the App Store. It also has some more cool features:

  • Background sync - Now Nozbe on iOS syncs in background so when you open the App you don’t have to wait every time for your task list to be updated.
  • Add to Inbox shortcut in Today widget - You can now open your Inbox with autofocus on adding new task from your Today view on iOS8

Download Beta 8

Here you can find all the details, download Nozbe 2.0 Beta 8 for Windows, OS X and Linux and sign up for Android version.

As usual, we really count on your thorough feedback! We are very grateful for every e-mail, comment or tweet about Nozbe 2.0. It helps us make new Nozbe better. We would like to thank our betatesters for all you have done for us so far! You are great!

What needs to be done before the final release

Our engineers are now going to put finishing touches to Nozbe 2.0. They are fighting with issues like printing on Windows and You Tube video previews. We are also testing some new cool keyboard shortcuts! We'll be also adding the iOS8 goodness like widgets and more to the Yosemite version of our Mac app, so stay tuned about that :-)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Uses of Nozbe - Real Estate

Nozbe is used by a lot of people. They come from all professions, from teachers, house-wifes through lawyers and entrepreneurs. Last week we presented some solutions that might work really well for doctors. This article is intended for the real estate agents.

The background

I hope to, not pose, but provide you with ideas of how you can use Nozbe to serve you well in such extensive and demanding environment. Before Micheal invited me to work with him on Nozbe, I also worked in this field.

I know it requires high level of organization and, though rewarding, can be extremely stressful and even repetitive.

Basic areas of concern

Real estate activities can be roughly divided into two areas: purchase and sale. Both of which are done by you, the agent, on request (at times behalf) of a client. Difference between one and the other, apart from obvious question of where the funds come from, are little.

Thus I would suggest extensive use of labels and templates. Whether you are selling house of Mr.G or looking to purchase a warehouse for Mrs.B. you still need to check the documentation of the properties, you still need your client to provide you with detailed information on what they are selling or looking for.

Possible application

You could ask now "so what do you suggest I do?" Well, here it comes.

I would start with deciding on either calling my project by name of a client (but that is only beneficial if you will be working on it alone) or using labels. If for any reason you wish the client to have access to the project, or have some other parties involved.... I would then go for labeling instead.

So, I would get projects A, B, C with label Mr. Smith (if that is my client). In project A I would create a list of things that I need the client to supply me with and share it with him. For instance:

  1. Requirements as to the property (in case of purchase) or copies of documents such as expert from land and mortgage register (in case of sale).
  2. Documentation on mortgage and description of current state along with photos (or description of expected state) and so on.

Project B on the other hand would be my private e.g. for collecting offers regarding given client, later to be passed to project A for instance.

Project C - great place to co-work with someone who does not need to be involved directly with Mr. Smith, but whose involvement I need to get all the documents verified.

Each of those projects can also be saved as a template for later use with another client. Also extensive application of check-lists might be of aid, if you would rather have fewer projects.


This is just a proposal. Something to give you a hint and to get your mind working on. There are many possibilities, perhaps one of you will be kind to share his interpretation for benefit of others.

Please do not shy away from posting your ideas under this post. What works for me... does not have to mean automatic success for you.

Written by Delfina (Nozbe Support - CHO - Chief Happiness Officer)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Nozbe 2.0 on iOS8 with amazing features (bonus: release candidates on the Mac, Windows, Linux and Android)

Yes! Yes! Yes! Nozbe 2.0 is already availalbe on the Apple AppStore with some amazing features - just have a look:


The above video also shows some of the most exciting Nozbe 2.0 features on all the platforms:

  • similar navigation on mobile phones and tablets
  • great enhancements to comments and tasks
  • multi-edit mode
  • and powerful gestures

Even if you're not on the iOS platform, make sure to watch this video.

iOS8 Widget

Now you can get things done even if you're device is locked:

You'll be able to get things done on the move, easily!

iOS8 Share Extension

Add a task to Nozbe from any iOS app with the "share" button:

We're supporting lots of objects that you can add like this to Nozbe - you can even use "#" to add parameters to a task (#project_name #time_needed) - it's really powerful.

Nozbe Release Candidate for the Mac, Windows, Linux and Android.

The Mac application is already available on the Mac App Store but the Windows, Linux and Android apps still need a little work before we can ship them for all the customers.

Beta 7

What's new in Beta 7 (Release Candidate)

  • Links to projects on the Priority list [Desktop] - Go to specific task’s project directly from Priority list
  • Autofocus on desktop when needed - Do you have many projects and struggle with moving tasks between them? Now with autofocus it's much easier. Just click on a project parameter in task details and start typing to filter desired project. There are more places in the app with autofocus :)
  • New filters - Filter your priority list by labels, etc.
  • Editing labels - You can now edit labels names and remove them
  • New categories icons - We added some new icons. You can combine them with categories colors :)
  • Quite a fiew bug fixes and improvements!

Download your apps and let us know:

Here you can find all the details, download Nozbe 2.0 Beta 7 for Windows, OS X and Linux and sign up for Android version.

What needs to be done before the final release

Our engineers are now going to put finishing touches to Nozbe 2.0 - they will focus on fixing the rest of bugs, especially those in the Windows and Android apps. We also want to develop new keyboard shortcuts. Do not hesitate to send us you feedback and comments :)

... and rate our app on the AppStore, please :-)

If you like the new Nozbe 2.0, please send your love by rating our app on the App Store and Mac App Store, thank you!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Interesting uses of Nozbe - Medicine

With increasing number of users, the structure of their inquiries changes and evolves. Recently, I noticed a new group of beginning users. They come from three main groups: education, medicine and law.

The most frequent of their questions is "HOW" - how do I apply Nozbe in my daily routine?

Thus an idea to write a short series of blogs with hints, ideas that are to provide a base for your own inventions.

I would like to present how Nozbe can be used in medical practice to start off with. I am waiting for your constructive feedback and hope that it will encourage you to share your own methods with others.

nozbe in medicine

Specifics of medical work

There is a doctor and he has his patients. Seems simple. Yet, for each patient coming with a problem there is a series of actions/things to get a diagnosis and medication ready. Each diagnosis might require bunch of analysis done... And there might be more than one needed as a person may have more than one problem.

How to deal with that?

Option 1. Let patient name be your label and all matters you need done for him - your projects (since most will be more than 1 step/action). This will allow you to keep track of it all. Once you have all the data, filtering will make it easy to look through materials and get the diagnosis and drugs list ready. If you have the same things that need to be done for variety of patients... Use context for them.

Option 2. If option 1. is not clear enough, perhaps the second one will be more idea-breeding. It is likely that you need certain things done for several people. For instance the same analyses. You can group them into projects and use contexts to tag things that need to be done for given patient across different projects. Then, filtering by context, you can see the results and pull out a conclusion to be added in the main project "diagnose for Mr.A."

Of course, choice of option and ideas you may draft based on this will vary. It all depends on your work style and requirements. I would not recommend option 2. if I were a person working on a team, with others looking at this (privacy of patient data might be in question here), but if you are alone standing physician it may just be the perfect solution for you.

Wrapping things up

I hope this gives you all some ideas and will aid you in becoming even more productive. Do stay creative about your use of Nozbe and please feel welcome to share it in the comments under this post.

Hope to hear your feedback and I trust that the 2nd post will also come in handy... This time for real estate agents.

Author: Delfina (Nozbe Support - CHO - Chief Happiness Officer)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Get free Nozbe Magazine to learn all about Nozbe 2.0 launch

Get Nozbe Magazine on your iPhone or iPad or Android phone or tablet


There are so many new things going on in Nozbe that we feel as if we were starting up a new company. Tech department is working on the software's code as well as a brand new Nozbe website. I'm modifying a bit the company's business model by introducing interesting options for our customers (that's you! more info soon...). Members of the support and translations team have their hands full as well.

Last but not least - we thought it would be great to have our own magazine. Why? To stay in touch and deepen the ties with you - an amazing Nozbe community (especially with those of its members who don't read Nozbe blog regularly). After all, we already have Productive! Magazine so why not have a dedicated Nozbe magazine? Here's what's inside:

Nozbe Magazine - Issue No.1

  • From the Editor: New Nozbe, new magazine
  • Interview with Michael Sliwinski: Nozbe 2.0 beta release
  • How we use Nozbe: Customer Support
  • Mobility, Collaboration and Inspiration: The new focus for the upcoming year
  • Nozbe 2.0: inspiration and history
  • The little reference guide to Nozbe
  • Nozbe Sticker: Make your Macbook Air/Pro more productive
  • Nozbe Evernote, Dropbox and other integrations & security

Nozbe Magazine is available on iOS (iPhone and iPad) as well as Android platform.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nozbe 2.0 Beta 6 with a new "swipe" gestures and iOS8 specific features - shipped to the AppStore!

As Nozbe 2.0 release is just around the corner, today, we proudly announce the last - 6th - beta version. It comes with some new great features and bugfixes of course.

Beta 6

What's new in Beta 6

  • New gesture - swipe left the task in order to edit the "Time needed" parameter or... whatever else you find the most useful. In the settings section you can choose which task’s parameter the "swipe left" gesture will edit
  • Box integration - simply add links to your BOX files (just like you've been doing it with your Dropbox files so far)
  • iOS8 specific features
    • Today widget - lets you see the Today view of Notification Center with Nozbe tasks included
    • Share extension - enables you to create a Nozbe task from any iOS app!
  • Edit mode improvements - you can add one comment to many tasks at once
  • Performance improvements and much much more!

Download Beta 6

Here you can find all the details, download Nozbe 2.0 Beta 6 for Windows, OS X and Linux and sign up for Android version.

As usual, we really count on your thorough feedback! We are very grateful for every e-mail, comment or tweet about Nozbe 2.0. It helps us make new Nozbe better. We would like to thank our betatesters for all you have done for us so far! You are great!

What needs to be done before the final release

Our engineers are now going to put finishing touches to Nozbe 2.0 - they will focus on fixing the rest of bugs, especially those in the desktop apps, and prepare the features of Nozbe for Android devices. They will also add some missing options like more filtering categories, deleting labels etc.

This beta is so good, we shipped it to the AppStore!

That's right, we wanted to make it for the iOS8 release so we shipped Nozbe 2.0 to the Apple's App Store. We also recorded short videos (App Preview videos) to show off our new milestone release.

Here's Nozbe on the iPhone:


Here's Nozbe on the iPad:


What do you think? And how do you like the new Notification Center widget? (at the end of each movie...)