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Tuesday, September 5

How to be more productive... thanks to coffee

How do you become more productive and better organized? You will find some answers in this blog for sure. Now I want to focus on something else: how to take the first step and get started. For most of you the answer might be simple and right in front of you, on your desk. And it tastes like nothing else – coffee! If you are the kind of person who can’t imagine work without a cup of coffee, this post is for you. Caffeine can work even better than you think and it may increase your efficiency. Let me show you how.

Caffeine and efficiency

Monday, September 4

Ask Michael S03E01: Remote company

Welcome back to the “Ask Michael” Show! This time, Michael discusses what it’s like to run a fully remote company.

Ask Michael 3 ep. 1 cover

After an active summer, we're bringing back your favorite productivity series on YouTube :)

Thursday, August 24

News! Timepot integrates with Nozbe

Productive people know that time is the most precious resource they have. And that good organization skills and effective scheduling are the keys to success.

Tuesday, August 22

Handy project templates - learn to swim and get to know the apps for working remotely

Use the following step-by-step guides to boost your productivity. Adjust, apply and share them to make life easier.

August -

Thursday, August 17

Part 6 of our monthly FAQ blog post series - How do I email tasks to Nozbe?

Welcome back to our FAQ series in which we tackle popular questions that our users ask us in their emails and messages. This month we're discussing another powerful feature - sending your tasks to Nozbe via email.

Emailing tasks to Nozbe

Tuesday, August 15

Join our Launch Team and help us promote a productive lifestyle

We are looking for people willing to work with us on the impending release and promotion of our “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” book!

Editorial team

Launch Team recruitment

We are working on creating, publishing and promoting the “10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” book. Our main goal is to prepare a valuable package consisting of educational and motivational materials that will help readers adopt productivity-increasing changes and habits. Would you help us?

The book will feature content from the video course plus lots of extras and bonuses that will make it easier to take those titular “10 steps”.

We need your help!

You don’t have to know the course or be a Nozbe user – our only requirement is a passion for productivity and your willingness to add your part to this effort :)

For more details about what we offer and how you can help us, please go to the Launch Team website!

We're waiting for your applications till Friday, August 25. Join us!

Monday, August 14

Upcoming Nozbe 3.6 and iOS 11 - a sneak peek at Siri and Drag&Drop

In this short video (3 minutes only!) I decided to give you a sneak peek at the future of Nozbe: see how in the current production version - Nozbe 3.5.2 you can already use Drag and Drop on an Apple device like iPad or iPhone on a beta version of iOS11... and in the new upcoming version 3.6 you’ll be able to use Siri to add tasks with voice!


Nozbe 3.6 is coming in September...

...and not only do we want to get advantage of some of the goodies offered to us by Apple on iOS11... but we’re also working hard on new improvements to Nozbe on all other platforms, including some major improvements for Android OS with Google Assistant support and more... so stay tuned and if you’re brave enough - get our beta version of Nozbe 3.6. Thanks!

Written by Michael Sliwinski - the founder of Nozbe

Thursday, August 10

7 ways to be a better colleague

This is a guest post by Nozbe Ambassador Mike St. Pierre. Mike's blog explores the intersection of purpose and productivity.

We have all had difficult colleagues. You know, those peers that cause you to roll your eyes and complain when they are not around. Difficult colleagues make work harder and create even more headaches for the person who has to manage her/him.

better colleague

Monday, August 7

Did you miss our last webinar: Ask Michael Anything?

Our favourite part of each webinar is the Q&A session so our last webinar was dedicated entirely to answering questions! Tens of participants took their chance to AMA - Ask Michael Anything! And he replied to as many as he could! :-)

Watch the recording and see how you can improve your productivity with Michael's tips.


Thursday, August 3

Listen, learn and get inspired

... by The Podcast - a weekly conversation between Michael, (our CEO) and Radek, (Nozbe VP Apple.) Usually they talk about books, business, productivity, technology. Sometimes they discuss diet, sports and other topics. Some of their insights and tips could be mind-shifting for you. See what you missed in July:

The Podcast - July 2017

Tuesday, August 1

How to tackle a never-ending to-do list - 10 proven methods

Recently we heard this from a Nozbe user:

Hi. With Nozbe I became much more productive. So productive, that I have the feeling that what I have to do never ends. I do so many things that before I would have left out and when something is done, there's always many things to be done again. So it never stops. Would be great to have a blog post to discuss this topic, have your point of view and tips to continue to have a work-life balance when you have such a powerful productivity tool in your hands :-).

And so, here are 10 ways to deal with a never-ending to-do list. Follow these tips and enjoy some more free time.

Never ending to do list

Friday, July 28

13 tips for planning the perfect vacation

Here are some practical tips that will help you plan your holiday.

In addition to reading this article, we also recommend using this template by Will.


Tuesday, July 25

What I've wasted my time on today. And you?

It's Tuesday evening. I called it a day and grabbed a book since I could finally go to bed. Although the book is super interesting I can't focus on it at all. I keep thinking about how unproductive I've been today...

And voilá! Here's a list of things I tend to waste my time on. I wrote it down in order to try to eliminate some silly cases of negligence and counter-productive habits. I hope you’ll make your list too, and try to work on crossing a few or them out.

My time-wasters

Thursday, July 20

Practical templates - get things done this summer

Use the following step-by-step guides to boost your productivity. Read, modify and apply them to work less but smarter.

July -

How to start using Kanban

Tuesday, July 18

Part 5 of our monthly FAQ blog post series - Joining a team

Welcome back to our FAQ series in which we answer popular questions that our users ask us in their emails. This month we're discussing joining a team.

Joining team

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