Thursday, March 3

8 steps to non-toxic meetings

We say that meetings are toxic and are the time of your workday “where minutes are taken and hours are wasted.” Does it always have to be like that? Is there something we could do, to retool them and make them more effective?


Solution exists!

"Meetings exist for a reason, annoying as they may be. Decisions are made, problems are solved, bonds are formed, and the needle is moved in meetings. The higher you go in management, the more meetings are your work." - admits Laura Stack in her article for Productive! Magazine. It's true, so lets see, what - according to Laura Stack - may be done to plan and run the meeting that actually solves problems and ends up with a specific decisions and set of tasks delegated to right people.

Monday, February 29

Embracing change step by step - Nozbe Productivity Digest 1/2016

Welcome to the first issue of our new Newsletter, called "Nozbe Productivity Digest", where we'd like to inspire you to improve your productivity and have an even happier life!

Note from Michael, Nozbe CEO

Michael Sliwinski

You see, I'm always thinking about ways to improve myself. But this means change. And change is hard. And it's all about taking it one step at a time. And we never know if that step is even in the right direction until we try. And how many steps will be after that. And what will happen after a few of these steps... ten... hundred... and what if we fail? Or have to turn back?

Tuesday, February 23

Presenting our #NozbeOffice!

Last week, we published the #NozbeOffice gallery made of photos taken by you - Nozbe users. This awesome collection would be incomplete without our offices. Well, we mean #NoOffices :) As you know, at Nozbe we don't have one common workplace. Instead of that, we work from our homes or wherever we feel like working.

#NozbeOffice by Nozbe Team

Today we're presenting you our desks. We are different people with different needs, but together - thanks to Nozbe - we are powerful!

Thursday, February 18

Managing projects with Nozbe 3 new features: Periscope recording

After launching Nozbe 3.0, in one of his Periscope videos, Michael presented a fresh way to manage shared projects.

Michael on Periscope

Michael answered several questions, such as:

  • Why did we add a new project role called "Guest"?
  • What are user's permissions in project?
  • How many Admins can be set up in one project?
  • Why Nozbe Business is a real game-changer?

He also revealed some details of how we work in Nozbe and why we strongly believe nobody is alone these days :)

Monday, February 15

Meet Nozbe users - Jamie Rufe and his F.R.E.S.H Nozbe system

We’ve already introduced several Nozbe power-users, eg. [Jeff Sanders][js] and [Robby Miles][rm]. Today, we would like you to meet Jamie Rufe.

Jamie Rufe

About Jamie

My name is Jamie Rufe and I’m 27 years old. I’m originally from the United States, but I’ve been living in East Asia for the past 5 and a half years – 2 and a half in Shenzhen, China and 3 years in Taiwan. I moved to East Asia once I graduated from university in 2010. I worked in Semiconductor manufacturing from 2010 to the end of 2014. For the past year, I’ve been busy starting my own Chinese language education business. I primarily do one-on-one language coaching, but I’m also currently developing an online course for learning basic spoken Chinese in just a few months.

Jamie and his Nozbe

I discovered Nozbe last year and it’s been a crucial tool in staying productive and keeping track of all the different things I need to do. As an entrepreneur, Nozbe is indispensable.

FRESH system

I base my Nozbe "system" on an approach I learned in a book I read recently called [The Accidental Creative.][acc] This book uses the acronym FRESH as a framework for its productivity/creativity method: Focus, Relationships, Energy, Stimuli, Hours.

Friday, February 12

How to make the Valentine's Day productive?

Valentine's Day. Or Feast of Saint Valentine... It began as a liturgical celebration of a Christian saint named Valentinus. About 300 years ago in England, it evolved into an occasion on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards.


Today, it’s celebrated in many countries all around the world, although, probably, it is not a public holiday in any of them.

Whether you prefer Valentines or Anti-Valentines we have something for you!

And while many of us want to spend Valentine's Day in a traditional way (Americans, for example, will spend $18.9 billion on Valentine’s Day this year!... And they will also spend more than $700 million on Valentine’s gifts … for their pets :-)), in some countries many Anti-Valentines parties will take place. Apparently, some people want to express their annoyance with the way 14 February got commercialized...

One thing is sure: as far as we’re living in a free world we can celebrate it as we want to :)

Tuesday, February 9

The #NozbeOffice gallery

Dozens of your photos appeared in social media after publishing #NozbeOffice post on Nozbe blog. Now, we've got an awesome #NozbeOffice gallery!

#NozbeOffice by Nozbe Team

When we started the celebration of Nozbe's 9th birthday, we were sure that Nozbe Users will participate in our joy and fun. But what happened later, was beyond our wildest dreams!

Now we want to sum up this action. It's impossible to show all pictures, so we decided to pick some of the best of #NozbeOffice sets and put them together in one place.

Wednesday, February 3

Share your best productivity tips and tricks as templates

Did you know that with Nozbe you can save a project as a template for later? Like a packing list, recipe or a longer checklist. Once you’ve saved a template, you can go to “Templates” in your Nozbe account and create a new project from it. But there’s more!

Now you can share your templates - with just one person or with the whole world!

Just go to the settings of your template and choose to “Share your template” and you’ll be given a unique to your template. You can now share it with just a few people, or…

You can get 1 additional month of Nozbe if you publish your template!

Yes, we already have many templates published on our web site but we want you to share your knowledge with our Nozbe community, too!

  1. Create your template - get creative, add tasks with comments - text, images or even YouTube clips!
  2. Publish link to your template on social media (Facebook or Twitter) with a hashtag: #NozbeHOW
  3. Everyone who publishes at least one useful template that has at least 5 steps with comments (and at least one image or video) will be contacted by us and will get an additional month of Nozbe Pro or Business!

Check out the templates by other users and share your template today!

OK, so this week only, you can get up to 4 months of Nozbe added to your account - just upgrade or extend your Nozbe account to Pro or Business and you’ll get 3 months of Nozbe and then share your template and you’ll get 1 more month!

Yes, to celebrate our launch of Nozbe 3.0 and our 9th Birthday we’re giving you the best promotion ever - extend your Nozbe account or upgrade to Nozbe Pro or Business for a year and you will:

  • save 20% compared to the monthly billing (that’s 2 months of savings right there)
  • get 3 months added to your Nozbe plan for free
  • get 1 more month if you decide to share your template with our community on social media using #NozbeHOW hashtag.

Celebrate with us and get 2+3+1 = a total of 6 months of Nozbe!

Monday, February 1

To celebrate 9 years of Nozbe we give you new Nozbe 3.0! (video + promo)

Happy birthday Nozbe! Today marks 9 years of helping more than 300,000 busy professionals and their teams from all over the world get everything done! Nozbe 3.0 is here with better design, business accounts and a completely new logo!


To learn more about Nozbe 3.0, check out our short video:


Now that you’ve watched the video, let me tell you (1) how can you get Nozbe 3.0, (2) what’s new in 3.0, (3) some more details about new Nozbe for Business and finally (4) our newest NOZBE3 special offer. Here goes:

1. Nozbe 3.0 is available today on most of the 9 major platforms we support:

Saturday, January 30

„10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” Audiobook

Another day, another freebie for You!

Hopefully you remember our video course called „10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity.” Many people (not only Nozbe users) successfully used this huge dollop of knowledge to improve their lives. Because of that we prepared an audio version of this course so that you can access it even more easily.

Audiobook "10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity". Download for free!

Today, as we are still celebrating Nozbe's 9th birthday, we'd like to give it to you for free - „10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Audiobook” - download it as MP3 files.

What you can find in this audiobook

The audiobook is divided into 11 parts: an introduction and 10 lessons. Each lesson refers to a different topic related to creating your own productivity system:

  • Lesson 1. How to Put Everything into Your Inbox
  • Lesson 2. How to Manage Your Projects
  • Lesson 3. How to Manage Your Priorities (Next Actions)
  • Lesson 4. How to Be Productive on the Go
  • Lesson 5. How to Communicate Through Tasks
  • Lesson 6. How to Work in Contexts (categorize tasks)
  • Lesson 7. How to Manage Your Reference Material (documents)
  • Lesson 8. How to Review Your Productivity System Regularly
  • Lesson 9. How to Manage Email Efficiently
  • Lesson 10. How to Put Your Perfect Productivity System in Place (today!)

The guidelines included in this audiobook are Michael Sliwinski's (Nozbe CEO and Founder) top tip&tricks that help him stay productive, get a lot done and have a happy life. We are sure that they will help you create your own reliable productivity system, too. You can easily store the audio files on your phone and access them every time you need to refresh some information.

Friday, January 29

Get the free eBook „10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity” (PDF/Mobi/ePub)

Today, just before the weekend and 3 days before Nozbe 3.0 launch, I want to share with you a summary of my productivity experience: the ebook „10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity”.

Free ebook "10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity"

The proven formula in a new form

Learn to manage your goals, projects, commitments, email… and have a happy and fulfilled life. See what techniques and habits help me get everything done!

The course is already available on our Youtube channel but I decided to follow our users' feedback and give you refreshed and polished readable version of this productivity course - totally for free!

Here's what my course participants are saying:

"I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a great product, and these great course videos. Every time you would say "Good luck!" at the end of a video, it would make me smile and I would get more excited that I could actually start to have a productive and organized life, finally!" - Heath Morris

Read it this weekend before the Nozbe 3.0 launch!

Choose the version supported by your device:

What's inside?

This course is laid out to 10 simple steps. Each lesson lasts a little over 5 minutes - so it's really short and to the point.

You'll find more details inside the ebook and on a dedicated course site:

Become a productivity ninja!

If you're ready, I encourage you to go to step one right away. You can get back to each lesson whenever you like. My goal is to inspire you and help you achieve your potential by sharing everything that's worked for me over the years. Let's get it all done!

Written by Michael, Nozbe CEO

Thursday, January 28

The Podcast 31 - behind the scenes of the upcoming Nozbe 3.0

Last June me (Michael, Nozbe founder) and Radziu (Nozbe VP Apple Technologies) launched a podcast called, The Podcast as an experiment. This week we've aired 31st episode and we stick to the weekly schedule. If you're not listening to it, here's what you're missing:

  • How we work on Nozbe
  • How we do meetings and manage the Nozbe team of 24 without a shared physical office space
  • Insider corner - what's new at Nozbe, what's coming, what we are up to
  • Space corner and Tesla corner - why we love what Elon Musk is doing - the future
  • Apple corner - we talk about gadgets from our favorite fruit company
  • Books corner - the books we read and recommend
  • Fitness corner - how we work out and lose weight
  • And a lot more...

And in the last episode we talked a lot about the upcoming Nozbe 3.0 and our 9th anniversary:

The Podcast #31 - Topic selection problem

The Podcast 31

And apart from this week's show, make sure to check out our past shows:

Hope you've enjoyed at least one episode of "The Podcast" - please let us know how you like it and what you'd want us to talk about in the comments below.

You can listen on The Podcast web site or subscribe via iTunes or RSS.

Enjoy the show and learn more about Nozbe 3.0 before anyone else!

Wednesday, January 27

Nozbe Business - How to take your team to the next level of productivity

Nozbe's birthday celebrations continue. We hope you like all the gifts we've prepared for you so far :-)

Nozbe will help you grow your business!

Today, we would like to talk a little bit about the productivity of your team. See, what we can do together to help your business grow.

Nozbe Business

Nozbe matures - from personal productivity to effective cooperation in teams

9 years ago, back in 2007, Nozbe started as a GTD-based personal productivity tool designed to meet mostly our CEO's needs ;)

Over the years, listening to your feedback, we added the project sharing feature. Then, multi-personal accounts were introduced. The team collaboration flow and communicating through tasks soon became one of our priorities and strengths.

Today, we are taking Nozbe to a whole new level by creating special Business accounts dedicated to companies and teams willing to boost their productivity!

Nozbe 3.0 Business Plans - see how you can maximize your team's efficiency

We believe that essential factors affecting team productivity are:

  • the right use of technology,
  • instant access to the workplace information,
  • effective and well-managed communication,
  • planning and setting "S.M.A.R.T." goals,
  • analyzing progress and reviewing objectives…

…and Nozbe works great in each of these fields.

Tuesday, January 26

Nozbe 3.0 preview

The big day is coming. We are putting finishing touches to Nozbe 3.0 and cannot wait to share it with our great Nozbe users. We hope this will be the best gift for you to celebrate our 9th birthday :) And your feedback will be the best gift for us!

Blogpost main graphic

Today, we wanted to share some highlights from Nozbe 3.0:

New logo

It was back in August 2015 when our designer Hubert prepared a blogpost on our internal blog with a project of a new Nozbe logo. When Michael saw it he got a bit mad... because he realised how much he liked the new logo and that the change was necessary ;) I mean seriously! The new logo is so beautiful that Hubert was crying with tears of joy while drawing it. True story! ;)

New task details column

The new logo is the icing on the cake of a new design. With Nozbe 2.5 and 2.6 we introduced some major changes to the app design. We brought a new font, new colors, new icons, refreshed side panels and task list appearance. The last part of the app that needed a redesign was the task details column. That is kind of a place when the magic happens. In this view, you comment tasks, delegate them and complete them. You simply get everything done over there. First attempts to tweak the task details design were made in April 2015 but we could not agree on how it should look like. After months of discussions and tons of sketches we finally got to the solution which, although not so revolutionary, really improves the user experience.

Monday, January 25

#NozbeOffice - show a place where your work is done

#NozbeOffice - that's how we work!

Some time ago, we announced what's going to happen this week. The launch of Nozbe 3.0 will be the final part of celebrating 9 years of the best productivity app on the market!

By the time 3.0 is released, we want you to participate :)

Working in an office, coffee house, park or at home - it doesn't matter because "work is not a place to go, it’s a thing that you do." Join the productive community of Nozbe users! It's easy:

  • Take a photo of how you work with Nozbe or of a place where you work
  • Share it on social media with #NozbeOffice hashtag
  • Follow others on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to get inspired!

To encourage you, we've used our own cameras to show how we work:

#NozbeOffice by Nozbe team