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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to share your Nozbe Templates with the world?

Next month, we want to revolutionize the world of productivity and we need your help!

Preview of - public Nozbe project templates

Today, on our Nozbe test blog we published the Release Candidate of Nozbe 2.6 which lets you share your project templates with the world! And we want to invite you to create your best how-to lists and share them with others.

Why I'm so excited about this? Watch my short video explaining!


You are using Nozbe. You are a very productive person. Why don't you share your best checklists, your top recipes for success (or food :-)) and your best ideas with other people?

Examples of templates I've prepared for you just this week:

How to create your own public templates?

*Before you start, please remember that templates are still in "beta" and there are some known issues and bugs, so please continue only if you have experience with pre-release software:

1) Get Nozbe 2.6 "beta" for Mac or Windows from our test blog - this is "beta" software, use at your own risk!

2) Log in and go to your templates. If you don't have a template to share, create a project and save it as a template.

3) Choose a template to share. Edit it if needed. Tweak it. And just share it using a button in the info-panel of your template.

That's it. You can now copy this template link and either share it with just one person... or post it on social media or send to friends via email.

Why are templates so revolutionary?

  • A template is like a fully-fledged Nozbe project - mark tasks as done, browse and add comments, modify tasks, add new ones or reorder them. In other words: we're brining the productivity power of Nozbe to everyone!

  • Everyone's invited! - anyone can use a template as their project. They don't need a Nozbe account to open it in their mobile or desktop browser. And they can share it further!

  • Easy sign-up and import! - while people don't need a Nozbe account to use the template, they can easily add it to their new or existing Nozbe account.

(Affiliate tip: When people sign up for a Nozbe account from a template created by you, you'll get an affiliate commission when they later become a Nozbe PRO customer!)

Learn more about project templates and start creating yours! pre-launch video

Post your templates on Twitter or Facebook with #NozbeHow hashtag - we'll include the best ones in our upcoming template directory :-) The authors of the best ones will have their Nozbe PRO accounts extended by 1-6 months!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Nozbe 2.5 with new design, Android quick add, 3D Touch shortcuts for iOS and WatchOS 2 app

November is the big month for us. We can finally show you first part of all the big things we were working on for the last couple of months. We could not be more thrilled to present you (our great community of Nozbe users) the newest Nozbe 2.5. We put enormous effort into it.


Refreshed design

Some of you may know about our Design Fight meetings every Wednesday. Nozbe 2.5 with refreshed design is the first fruit of these fights and it contains:

  • new icons
  • new font - San Francisco for iOS, Mac and Roboto for other platforms
  • new colors

We’d really love to hear the feedback from you how and what do you like in new design and what you don’t like ;) Our beta testers have already shared their observations with us. We already know that project list requires some more tweaks to be more readable. More details about the process of redesign will be covered on this blog. Our designer Hubert will prepare it for you when the full redesign is completed.

Now let’s focus on some other cool new features Nozbe 2.5 brings:

Android quick add

Android quick add

Nozbe 2.5 for Android now features Quick add notification which allows for quick task adding from any screen on your device without even opening Nozbe app itself. All you have to do is pull down notification bar, tap on the always visible "Add task to Nozbe" notification and enter task name. Oh, and you can also specify any project, category or delegation using hashtag notation. To turn on this feature now, go to the Settings -> Notifications page and check "Quick add".

Nozbe Complication on your Apple Watch


If you have an Apple Watch, you’ll love this new feature: you can now put a Nozbe Complication on your watchface, right next to your date, temperature, or activity rings. Why would you want Nozbe always on your wrist? For subtle feedback and a sense of how you’re doing in your day.

There are two parts to the Nozbe Complication:

  • Priority count — the number of tasks you currently have on your plate
  • Progress ring — your overall activity today. The more tasks you finish, delegate or take off your plate, the higher your progress. To reach 100%, complete all of your priority tasks.

Redesigned Glance and speed

More Apple Watch news:


We redesigned the Glance to fit the new design of Nozbe better and show a bigger progress ring. We also changed what the ring conveys to match the new Complication.

Before, the ring only showed you how many priority tasks you completed. We found that this wasn’t very useful, as for many of us, the priority count stays roughly constant throughout the day — as we finish tasks, more come in. The new progress rings consider all tasks you’ve completed as well as tasks where you finished your part of work and then delegated them to someone else. We talked more about this in our podcast.

We also updated our app to watchOS 2, which gives it a big performance boost and makes it work even if you’re not in range of your iPhone.

3D Touch, iPad Pro, and Spotlight

3dtouch shortcuts

We have four new quick shortcuts for iPhone 6s users. Just press the Nozbe icon firmly and slide your finger to add a task to Inbox, open your Priority list, Calendar, or Comments.

If you’re waiting for the iPad Pro release, fear not! Nozbe 2.5 is compatible with the its huge new screen. (Michael, our CEO is already using 2.5 on his iPad Pro)

And a fun power feature for iOS 9: you can swipe down on your home screen and use the system Spotlight search to find and quickly open projects, categories and tasks in Nozbe. Note that currently Spotlight can only search places you’ve already viewed on a device.

Please note that Nozbe 2.5 for iOS is not yet available on the App Store. We are having some problems with submitting the app for review and working with Apple to resolve it as soon as possible.

More improvements and fixes

As always we added some small tweaks you were asking for to boost your productivity. One of them is that now Nozbe always opens in the same view you had closed it last time. For full Release Notes please go to our test blog.

P.S. Please rate us!

If you love Nozbe we kindly ask you to leave us review in App Store, Mac App Store or Google Play Store :)

written by Rafal (VP Product) with help from Stan (VP Android) and Radek (VP Apple Technologies)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Get behind-the-scenes look into Nozbe redesign and our team work through “The Podcast”

November is my favorite month of all. On one hand it’s almost the year’s end, so we’re already planing the next one... but on the other, we’re finishing everything we’ve been working on this past year: Nozbe redesign and new Nozbe templates... and at the end of this month we’ll celebrate it all with Thanksgiving :-)

If you listened to The Podcast, you’d already know about some of it...

The Podcast

Here’s what happened: Back in June me and our VP of Apple technologies, Radek, decided to start recording a podcast together. At first we were just “two dudes talking about technologies” but slowly we started talking more about productivity, our company, our team, how we work...

and the latest episodes you will find very interesting:

And in the very last episodes (20, 21 and 22...) we’re also diving deeper into Nozbe redesign, new logo, and in the episode 23 we’ll be discussing the newest Nozbe templates so...

Make sure to subscribe to “The Podcast”

I really can’t wait to share more details with you... November is the busiest month for my Nozbe team. So it is great that we love what we do and we love serving our amazing users like you.

Thanks for being a part of our Nozbe community!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Keep tasks in Nozbe and notes in Evernote (with Evernote Reminders sync)

I met Phil Libin (Evernote's then-CEO) and Andrew Sinkov (Evernote's VP Marketing) back in 2009 on the GTD Summit Conference in San Francisco and we quickly realized our products were a great match for a partnership. I really liked the idea of storing my notes in Evernote and tasks in Nozbe, so finding a way for both apps to work together made so much sense… and a boost for my productivity! This is how Evernote + Nozbe integration was born in 2010. But a lot has happened since then. Last year we launched Nozbe 2.0 with revisited integration and Evernote reminders sync and it was praised by our users. Now with the latest Nozbe we tweaked it even more and created a separate video to show this to you:

Nozbe and Evernote

Here's our newest short video showing Nozbe and Evernote in action:


In short, here’s what you can do if you want to attach a note to Evernote:

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Meet the Nozbe Team - people who make the productivity magic happen

Last week we were on the Nozbe Reunion where we spent a great week together. We had some fun and enjoyed each other's company which is very important for a team that most of the year spends time working remotely from our homes. In case you were wondering, Nozbe is not just me so in this post you'll get to know some of the people who help me get you more organized:

Nozbe team

So to get to know us better watch this short Periscope video session that we recorded on the last day of our reunion. Get to know the people behind your favorite productivity app:


This was an amazing week and you'll see the results of it soon in the Nozbe apps! Stay tuned and in the comments feel free to ask questions to our team!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nozbe? Because we want you to Be Naturally OrganiZed!

One of the questions I keep getting is why I named my productivity product “Nozbe”? It doesn’t mean anything in English… so why this name? Maybe it means something in some other language? Well, not really… so in this post let me share the story behind the Nozbe name with you…

Nozbe Name

Nozbe = To BE Naturally OrganiZed

When I was in college, back in 2000, me and my friend Wiktor were dreaming of running an Internet company some day and changing the world. We were brainstorming product ideas and names. And we had this idea for a productivity tool, but we wanted an original name for it. The product was about getting people organized. First off we came up with the phrase “To be organized” and started brainstorming… then we added some adjectives like “naturally”, “exceptionally”, etc….

We started with BE - we wanted this to be a part of our name. So we went with BEO, BEOD… but we didn’t get anywhere. As we were aiming at the american market, we wrote “organized” with Z and not with S (in British English you’d write “organised”).

So we went further: BEOZ, OZBE… and finally NOZBE.

5 letters, means nothing… and has a cool Z in the middle.

This is what convinced us to stay with NOZBE name. It was short, memorable, fairly easy to pronounce (not as easy as I hoped though) and had this cool Z in the middle. And back in 2000s with dot-com wave, cool names were the best.

I registered, launched it, shut it down… and I created a new Nozbe in 2007

That was the history - we eventually went with the name and launched a product back in 2001 - an email reminder. It was a complete flop, so we shut it down but I liked the name so much I asked Wiktor if I could keep it and keep paying for the .com domain. He agreed and I kept it.

And then in 2005 when I started creating what now is Nozbe, I was thinking about a name for my new project… and it wasn’t until late 2006 when I finally decided to really ship my own productivity app when I remembered I had that perfectly-fitting name waiting for me. So when I launched my productivity web app in February of 2007 I named it Nozbe. And the rest, as they say, is history.

So there’s the mystery behind the Nozbe name.

Nozbe - because we want you to be Naturally OrganiZed :-)

Pronunciation of Nozbe is more less like this: 👃🐝

(written by Michael Sliwinski, Nozbe founder)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Nozbe Reunion Fall 2015 - making your productivity app even more awesome

This week of September 21-25 we're on our semi-annual Nozbe team reunion where we all meet together in one place to work together, brainstorm ideas and basically make Nozbe more awesome. Unlike a "traditional" company we're all working remotely from our homes so these two times per year are the only moments that we all see each other. And we're 24-person strong team now. We're very excited. Here's what it also means to you, our Nozbe users:

nozbe Team

Support questions may be delayed...

First the bad news. As we want also our support team involved in the process, they will not have enough time to respond to your emails as fast as we normally do. We usually reply in just a few hours but this week only, you might even have to wait a few days for a response.

It's only this week and if there's anything urgent, we'll react quickly because our entire team is here.

Nozbe will be even better

Now the good news. We're not only here to bond as a team. We're here to make Nozbe better. To discuss feature requests you sent our way. To brainstorm ideas. To take your favorite productivity tool to a whole new level.

We've got great things in the pipeline

We're working on some amazing things here for you. And now that we're all at one location we're even more motivated to make it happen. And if there's any idea you'd want us to consider, post them in the comments below.

Thanks for your understanding and support. Thanks to you we get to have these meetings which help us make Nozbe great for all! Cheers!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

[Last Chance!] Our free video productivity training series - only available until midnight!

Last week we introduced you to our new video training series:

"Create Your Perfect Digital Productivity System"

In this 3-part video series I show you step-by-step how to build your productivity system:

(1) You start with "mind dump" to your inbox later you choose your priority tasks. Then (2) you start organizing everything into projects and getting these tasks done in categories. Finally you learn how to collaborate (3) with other people by sharing projects and delegating tasks.

If you want to learn all this, you have your last chance today.

I'm taking this course down at midnight California time - we received lots of feedback and need to see if/how we'll use this course in the future.

You'll get bonus points if you post your comment on the training page and let me know if this course was helpful to you. Thanks!

- Michael Sliwinski - Nozbe founder and CEO

Friday, September 11, 2015

Psst! Here's my productivity secret: see how I get things done with my assistant

As you know, every Nozbe PRO account is actually "2 in 1", meaning, you get 2 accounts for the price of 1. Yes, you can use Nozbe on your own, but you can also go to the "Team" section and put the email address of your partner and create an additional account for them, completely free.

Do you want to know how I work with my assistant?

I can't do everything alone. I need my Nozbe team. Above all, I really need my assistant to help me get things done. Are you in a similar situation?

If so, I recorded this short screencast for you:

In this video you'll learn how we share projects, delegate tasks, convert emails to tasks... and never miss deadlines. And more!

"Nozbe has really increased the communication for our team and helps us know where we are at on things without needing to talk all the time. I also appreciate how I can use it to keep my email from being overloaded." - Wade

Thursday, September 10, 2015

[New Video] How to get started with a digital productivity system?

Recently we've received many emails from people about Nozbe and productivity. Most of them can be boiled down to this:

So I have a Nozbe app. Now what? Where do I start?

I decided to answer these questions and help design your first ideal week with a system like Nozbe. Together with my team I've prepared a new and short video series called:

"Create Your Perfect Digital Productivity System"

This is a series of 3 videos where I walk you step by step through your first days in Nozbe - each video includes a screencast where you can see Mary from our trainig team walk you through each exercise:

Video 1 - Inbox and Priority list - when you go to our training page and log in with your Nozbe account, you'll get the first video. In this first part, you'll learn to start small - with your Nozbe Inbox. You'll learn NOT to store things in your head but "dump them" in a digital Inbox. That's all. You need to get the basics right.

Video 2 - Projects and Categories - in the second video we'll get more advanced. After you've learned how to clear your mind, you can start organizing things into projects and categories. This is where you'll take your productivity to a whole new level!

Video 3 - Collaboration + more productivity tricks - this time you'll see how I work with my assistant. How we share projects, work on deadlines and get things done together. So you'll be able to do it as well!

Each video is less than 10-minute-long, contains a practical screencast with a practical exercise.

Start watching video 1 right away and let me know what you think!

(Sidenote: You need to log in with your Nozbe account to see this video series, or if you don't have an active Nozbe account anymore, you'll be able to easily sign up on this page for a 30-day Nozbe trial. This is required so that you can fully participate and do the practical exercises from the videos. The video series is completely free. What you learn stays with you!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 - our re-designed affiliate/referral program - earn 20%, give 10% discount!

We wrote about our affiliate program on the Nozbe blog before and we have some fantastic people promoting Nozbe, including one of my personal productivity and success gurus, Michael Hyatt. Nozbe has grown to more than 300,000 users thanks to people referring Nozbe to other people. So we decied to take our program to a whole new level and created a separate web site for it,, where we explain it through a very cool promo video:

Basically the idea is simple:

  • When you refer people to Nozbe using your link:
  • ... and they sign up and later decide to buy, they get a 10% discount from us... and you receive 20% of their purchase price.
  • ... which means, if they buy a yearly membership, they get 3rd month free... and you earn some money on the side.
  • ... and later we can either use this money to extend or upgrade your Nozbe PRO plan... or pay you out as cash.

More details on our new site

P.S. And please let us know in the comments how you like our new video? Did it resonate with you? Did it make its point?

Again, thanks for being fantastic Nozbe users and for referring people to Nozbe! We love you all!

- Michael, CEO and founder

Friday, August 28, 2015

Nozbe use: The logic and secrets between sharing team and projects

Sharing projects and teams is one of the most confusing matters to our users.

team - project


For safety please allow me to start with definitions. For some users this is not a secret as it can be read about on Nozbe Help Page. The matter, in fact, is so simple that it seems confusing to many and is related to Nozbe's history.

Inviting someone to your Nozbe team DOES NOT mean inviting them to your projects. Statement seems logical enough, right? Well, it is like inviting a friend to a party. You invite him over, yet that does not mean automatically he will or should get involved in all conversations and activities going on at it.

So what's the deal?

Once you invite someone to join your team... what happens?

  1. You see them on your "team members list"

  2. You pay for their access to the service BUT 3. you neither give them access to all your projects, nor you get access to all of their projects.

Once you share a project... what happens?

You grant them access to all data within that project but nothing else.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A sneak peek into iOS 9

A few months ago, we’ve decided to double down our efforts on Apple platforms. Many of us at Nozbe are happy users of Macs and iOS devices, and so we wanted to bring more features, improvements and refinements to our apps there.

You might have noticed the results over the last few versions. We released one of the first apps for Apple Watch, then redesigned it just two months later. And in the lastest version, Mac users got a Today widget (just like the one we have on iOS).

But we’re just getting started. We have a ton of improvements in the pipeline. Here’s just a few examples of what we’re working on for the iOS 9 release in September:

Multi-tasking on iPad

If you’re on an iPad, you’ll love this one. In iOS 9, you can swipe your finger from the right edge of the screen to see your tasks in Nozbe. You don’t have to leave the app you’re using, go to home screen or double-tap the home button. Just swipe from the right and you can slide Nozbe over other apps. This is useful when you just want a quick glance at your priority tasks, or when you want to quickly add a task to your inbox.

It gets even better if you’re using iPad Air 2. After sliding Nozbe over, you can drag the separator to enable split view. This way, you can use Nozbe side-by-side with another app. For example, you can compose an email while looking at your notes in Nozbe.

Monday, August 17, 2015

How to learn a foreign language with Nozbe

Did you know that Nozbe can help you build a new habit? Let's take learning a foreign language as an example. Who wouldn't like to speak an extra one, huh? Say... French...

learning languages with Nozbe

Before you start

Scientific researches have found certain mechanisms that rule the process of creating a habit. Based on that, we can formulate a couple of tips that will help you take off.

  1. Set a big goal - have your vision of what you want to achieve and why. Talk to yourself for a while and make sure that learning a new language is something you really want and need.

  2. Make it so easy you can’t say no.Leo Babauta - start approaching your big goal with tiny steps. Try setting the tasks easy enough so that you can get it done without motivation (that is kind of moody and differs depending on a day, weather and other circumstances.)

  3. Building sticky habits is a lot easier if you make use of the routines you already have rather than try to fight or modify them. It's good to build your plan around triggers that will let you know that it’s time to work on your habit, e.g.: after I get up and have a glass of water I learn French.

  4. When you fail, get back on track as quickly as possible. Don't worry! Missing your habit once or twice, no matter at what stage it occurs, has no serious impact on your long-term progress. Instead of trying to be perfect, be good and compassionate to yourself. You're doing a great job!

OK. Once you know the rules, let's get to work :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to workaround lack of chain tasks - Nozbe tip

Chain tasks workaround

Chain tasks... what are they?

Quite often we come across a very particular set of tasks. I like to call them chain tasks, as they act as if they were a silver chain, one following the other.

To put it in simple terms, chain tasks are a group of consecutive tasks that need to be done in certain order and most often task B, C, D can't be done without having A completed.

Chain tasks

What can be done with them in Nozbe?

It is true that Nozbe does not have a direct/to-the-point option for them. Having been asked about them frequently, and having tried my best to work around that lack, I came up with and idea, that although not ideal, seems to work well.