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Friday, April 14

FAQ blog post series! Part 2 - Leaving your team, exiting projects and what happens to your data

Following the series launch last month, we have picked another frequently asked question to tackle today. The issue has been raised in a past post, but it keeps surfacing in different versions in our FAQ list.

leaving team?

I've been helping our customers since just about the beginning of Nozbe. The direct contact with our users has always been very valuable to me and to the creation of the support team. Throughout the years, some questions resurface time and time again.

This particular one seems to arrive in several versions:

Wednesday, April 12

Did you miss our last webinar?

If so - we have a surprise for you! And if you took part in the live session but would like to watch it again - we’ve got something for you, too!

april webinar recording

Here is the recording of the webinar that Michael ran on April 6. The CEO of Nozbe focused on 10 practical productivity tips inspired by his "10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course.” He presented some great new insights, new examples, and super-practical ways to use Nozbe to get even more done.

Although hundreds of people attended the webinar live, we got plenty of emails from people asking if they could watch a recording of Michael's presentation and the Q&A session where he answered many questions about productivity in general as well as how to use Nozbe. Here is the video:

Watch the April webinar

Past webinars

If you liked this webinar you might also want to watch our previous sessions. Each one is a fantastic source of productivity-related advice. The guidelines we provide are not just useless theory - each webinar is full of practical tips & tricks based on our own experience.

Upcoming webinars

Please stay tuned - we organize webinars regularly! Follow the Nozbe blog, Twitter and Facebook to get notified and be able to sign up for future sessions.

Monday, April 10

Ask Michael S02E01: Using Evernote in a productivity system

After a short break, Michael is pleased to introduce the second season of his YouTube Show! Today he talks about how to use Evernote on a daily basis.

Ask Michael 2 ep. 1 cover

We were so happy to have you here for the first season of “Ask Michael”. We hope it was a great productivity booster for you! As Michael got astonishing feedback, he's very eager to go on answering your questions about productivity and life hacks.

The first topic in this new season is Evernote and real-life examples of linking it with Nozbe. Michael is very experienced in that matter – he's been an Evernote user since 2009. So, without further ado, let's move on to today's episode – watch now!


Don't hesitate to leave a comment below with your feedback and your questions. We're curious about how you find the show :)

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel or podcast feed to be notified about new episodes.

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“Ask Michael - the Productivity Guy” is a weekly series of short videos with Michael. We gathered dozens of questions from users, then we chose the best of them. Now Michael is answering them every Monday.

Thursday, April 6

March episodes of "The Podcast" - which one is your favorite?

Michael and Radek have been hosting "The Podcast" since June 25, 2015. It's been almost 2 years and they still have so many interesting topics to discuss! Each episode is a fantastic source of smart insights and practical tips related to productivity, fitness, diet, new technologies and much more.

The Podcast - March 2017

90: Too risky

Feel free to skip this one, because this week we're breaking all the rules about not getting in trouble on the internet… to talk about politics.

Yes, really.

You want to listen to this episode anyway?

Saturday, April 1

Announcing Nozbe Stories - a next step in productivity innovation

Today is the last day of our semi-annual Nozbe Reunion - where our "No Office" team meets to hang out, socialize, discuss, brainstorm and work together in one physical space. This reunion was very fruitful as we've discovered a next step in productivity evolution: Nozbe Stories.

Nozbe Stories

Nozbe is a very mature product that helps more than 400,000 people all around the world to get things done. More than 10 years in business, we want to keep the product simple, effective and dependable so instead of bloating it with all the features possible, we're searching for the next step of innovation and productivity. What's the one feature that would take our product to the next level? We believe we found it: it's Nozbe Stories! Here's why:

Wednesday, March 29

How Nozbe ambassador uses "bucket projects" and categories

This is a guest post by Chad Garrett - our ambassador, power-user and a tremendous advocate for the GTD. See which Nozbe features he uses and how he deals with "loose tasks".

Chad Garrett

My name is Chad Garrett and I am President of Productivity Grid, LLC and a Nozbe Ambassador. Nozbe is really the perfect productivity tool. I am a huge advocate for David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology and Nozbe fits perfectly into this workflow. So how do I use Nozbe? Let’s start with where I put my tasks.

Bucket Projects

Everything in Nozbe goes into a project (as defined in GTD, anything that takes two or more steps to complete). I currently have around 75 projects. This may seem like a lot, but in reality it isn’t - we are all this busy!

Monday, March 27

Ask Michael #12: Nozbe office?

And here it is – the last episode of the first season of “Ask Michael!” Today Michael answers two questions we get all the time:

Where is Nozbe based? Where is your office?

After the previous episode, you already know that we run Nozbe with Nozbe – and without an office. Why do we only work remotely? Who else follows that approach? And where, actually, can you visit us? Watch the new episode!


What now?

We're wrapping up the first season of “Ask Michael.” Is it the end? Not at all! Michael will happily continue his show — as long as you find it useful.

Speaking of which, please leave a comment with your feedback and any questions you have for Michael and our team. We're looking forward to seeing your thoughts!

You can still find the show on our “Ask Michael” YouTube playlist as well as through the “Ask Michael” podcast. Please subscribe to either the channel or the podcast (or both!) to keep up to date with new content.

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“Ask Michael – the Productivity Guy” is a weekly series of short videos with Michael. We gathered dozens of questions from users, then we chose the best of them. Now Michael is answering them every Monday.

Thursday, March 23

Nozbe team reunion - Torun 2017

In 4 days we will all be heading to Torun to meet "for real.” As we usually only see each other via Zoom or FaceTime, we're all pretty excited :-) We will be away from March 27 to April 1.

Nozbe Reunion Torun 2017

Torun - One of Seven Wonders of Poland

This time we're meeting in Torun - the hometown of Radek (Nozbe VP Apple and The Podcast co-host) and Nicolaus Copernicus. Torun is one of Poland’s main tourist attractions. It's famous for Copernicus, having the best gingerbread, and a medieval district that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Wednesday, March 22

Idea dumping - what it’s for, when and how to employ Nozbe

I'm not that creative... and worse yet - I’m blonde. I still happen to have ideas, though. Sometimes :-) When I need to, I force myself to reflect and come up with a nice solution or plan. More often, interesting thoughts just pop into my head in the most unexpected situations... Because I don't want to lose these little treasures, I always capture them. I encourage you to do the same.

The purpose of all this commotion?

Idea dumping is a really handy procedure - whether you do it routinely or spontaneously. Thoughts in your mind, although precious, can be a hindrance to productivity. When they float around in your head, they will surface again and again at inappropriate times, stress you out and, worse still, be lost when they are actually needed.

You might want to run idea-dumping sessions for two reasons:

Monday, March 20

Ask Michael #11: Apps we use to run Nozbe

As a tech company, we're armed with many apps to run our business. Some of you are curious about which apps we use and how. That's where “Ask Michael” comes in!

Ask Michael #11 cover

Since we’re in No Office model, we have no other choice than using the best available services and applications to get our work done, to communicate and to discuss our efforts. But that’s just one side of the coin. In fact, playing with new things and upgrading our toolset is our passion. :)

Thursday, March 16

New FAQ blog post series! Part 1 - Project labels for arranging and grouping your projects

Have you ever searched our app or website for a handy feature or specific answer? For those who have, we're launching a new blog post series! It will be a classic FAQ - posts will contain the answers to the questions our users frequently ask in their support emails.

project labels

I've been working for Nozbe Customer Support for a long time now. And I still enjoy the direct, every-day contact with our clients. All their questions, big or small issues, feedback and requests.

We've noticed that some of the questions repeat quite regularly. And these aren’t just from users who start their productive life with (and thanks to) Nozbe. Each user has their own workflow and habits. This often means that they skip or don't notice some functions that our system offers, even though it would definitely improve their efficiency.

Let's kick off with the first query:

Monday, March 13

Ask Michael #10: Reference Materials in Completed Tasks

Did you know that you can always restore completed projects and tasks? If you don't remove them, we keep them on our servers. So you can bring them back!

Ask Michael #10 cover

You don't appreciate it until you need it. That applies to health and… data backup.

With Nozbe, you can be confident that you can restore all uploaded files and written comments (unless you intentionally delete them).

Today Michael explains:

  • Why do we store all that data?
  • Is it secure?
  • How do we handle files from integrated services?

Watch the latest episode!


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“Ask Michael - the Productivity Guy” is a weekly series of short videos with Michael. We gathered dozens of questions from users, then we chose the best of them. Now Michael is answering them every Monday.

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Friday, March 10

3 inspiring & practical project templates to help you save time and effort

When you are faced with dozens of things to do in a day, optimizing and streamlining become essential. Following routines and creating processes that can be easily implemented and reused is key. That's why Nozbe comes with a super-handy feature: project templates... that can be published and shared with others whenever you want. templates let you show your friends and followers the way you plan, get organized and get things done.

See what project templates Nozbe community members have created lately.

templates for March

Wednesday, March 8

Using Nozbe As A Personal Information Manager

Today, we’ve got a really amazing article written by Gene Rosen, a loyal & active Nozbe user. Here he is!



I stumbled upon Nozbe several years ago while searching – yet again – for the ideal multi-platform task management system. Even then, Nozbe had a clean, crisp, and powerful interface. Today, Nozbe stands alone as the ultimate expression of a well-designed task management system.

Each new version of Nozbe allows me to update and refine my personal productivity workflow. Nozbe, the company, works very closely with their user community to keep the flow of ideas moving and growing.

Tuesday, March 7

Ask Michael #9: Your Data Privacy Explained

Let us introduce another episode of Michael's weekly video series! This time, he talks about the security and privacy of the data that you input and store with Nozbe.

Ask Michael #9 cover

We're not paranoid. We don't believe in Earth-threatening aliens. But if they existed, we would be ready for that.

There are, obviously, much more predictable accidents that could destroy or compromise our databases. And if you have read any news about enormous data leaks and password hacks, you might be reasonably concerned.

Don't worry! When it comes to security, we're total freaks. And we pursue the highest standards.

Check out how we take care of your data:


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“Ask Michael - the Productivity Guy” is a weekly series of short videos with Michael. We gathered dozens of questions from users, then we chose the best of them. Now Michael is answering them every Monday.

Please subscribe to our channel to be notified about new episodes and leave a comment with your feedback! :)

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