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Monday, January 2

Ask Michael: our new video series to answer your most burning questions!

Longing for a short productivity tips to regularly feed your brain? There you go: we're excited to introduce “Ask Michael - the Productivity Guy”!

Ask Michael

“Ask Michael - the Productivity Guy” is a weekly video series with Michael Sliwinski, Nozbe founder and CEO. We gathered dozens of questions from emails, webinars, and personal meetings, then picked the best of them. Now Michael is going to answer them every Monday.

Today we published a first episode on Nozbe YouTube channel, where Michael explains what is the purpose of the new series, and what you can expect in the future. Watch it now!


Please subscribe our channel to be notified about new episodes and leave a comment with your feedback! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Season greetings, inspiration and a special webinar invitation

That magic time, when everything feels a bit slower and calmer, is about to start. On this occasion, I'm happy to wish you all the best on behalf of the whole Nozbe team and invite you to my webinar on New Year's resolutions!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Generate Nozbe reports for you and your team in Nozbe 3.4

Today we’re happy to announce a new version of Nozbe. Nozbe 3.4 contains some really cool stuff that you’ve been asking for.


  • Weekly and monthly reports about your team performance
  • One Drive integration
  • Windows: Quick Add with global keyboard shortcut and more powerful shortcuts in the app
  • Android: Add task to Nozbe via Google Now
  • iOS: Snooze reminders

Watch a short overview of new features in Nozbe 3.3 and 3.4:


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Meet Marc Woodland: how the Winbox team achieves goals with Nozbe

We'd like to introduce you to Marc Woodland – the founder and CEO of Winbox, a specialist email marketing company for small and medium-sized businesses. As a team, Winbox uses a setup of apps to help them on daily basis. Read how Marc manages clients with Nozbe!

Marc Woodland & Winbox

About Marc

Marc is one of those business founders who succeeded by responding to the need of a market they already know and belong to. As a marketing guy, he knew that small companies need a reliable, non-spamming and easy-to-use email sender. And that's where Winbox comes in! For us, the best part of the story is that Nozbe has been one piece of the puzzle and helped the Winbox team to manage their projects.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Get to know the advanced features of Nozbe Business in a brand-new tutorial

One of the frequently asked questions we’ve heard a lot in the last few weeks is how best to make use of the Business version features of Nozbe. To answer this question, we created a short video tutorial about team & project roles and the Nozbe Ratio. In fact, Nozbe PRO users can learn something too! Check it out!

Nozbe Business tutorial

Thursday, November 24, 2016

What We’ve Learned About Weekly Review And TGIF After 8 Weeks

During the Nozbe Reunion in October, we had the opportunity to discuss a new policy in our company, called “Thank God It's Friday” (we mentioned it in our previous post). It's tough to admit, but before we launched it, hardly any of us had been doing a regular review. Michael decided to change that, and now we can reveal our conclusions and tips for everyone who would like to follow the “TGIF” policy.

TGIF & weekly review

Design your Friday

The main lesson for Friday-lovers is to focus on your own schedule. Think of TGIF as a day designed by yourself, not imposed on you by your day-to-day duties, a task list or your boss. You are the only one who decides what to do after the review.

Monday, November 21, 2016

TGIF - Nozbe team's attempt at working less, but better

We have a new policy at Nozbe. We treat Fridays differently. And we call it “Piąteczek” (in Polish), which you could translate to: TGIF as in “Thank God It's Friday”. Here's what it's all about:

Yoda helping us work less but better

Note: This is a short version of the post I originally posted on Medium where I post about remote working as a part of NoOffice publication. I'd appreciate if you followed me there and recommended my posts, thanks!

Note 2: If you prefer a different “audio” version of this article, we discussed this new TGIF policy with my co-host Radek at the #60 eposide of The Podcast. We came back to the topic in the #70 eposide.

Introducing an experimental policy that will give us a more productive, yet shorter workweek with more time for a weekly review and for learning new things… or not.

We're already quite an unorthodox company. We all work remotely from our homes and we don't have a single physical office. We've been working like this for almost a decade and hundreds of thousands of users of our Nozbe app don't seem to mind that at all.

But we're not unorthodox just for the sake of it. We are like that because it works. Because we enjoy a better lifestyle thanks to our “No Office” arrangement.

After all, we're a productivity company. When we experiment, we do it for a reason. To work better. To be better. To grow better. And this new policy is supposed to help us exactly at that.

And it all started with 3 questions that I couldn't get off of my mind:

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nozbe supports charity - donate to help buy computer equipment for orphans!

Hello there, I’m Michael Sliwinski, founder and CEO of Nozbe and a father of 3 kids. Yes, my children are lucky because they have a mom and dad, that’s why with this short video I want to encourage you to send a unique gift this Christmas to the children who are not as fortunate and live in orphanages. Just please head over to ENEDUE.ORG and donate. Thank you!


The long story is that my friend Karol Zielinski, has been running this thing for 3 years now, where he’s been collecting money to buy gifts for the children in orphanages. This year is a little different because he wants to buy computer equipment for these kids and teach them programming skills.

Something that me, running a technology company, can only endorse.

And we did, we already paid a substantial donation and I’m hoping you’d help out with a small contribution yourself. 10 bucks? Maybe hundred? Please help Karol raise as much as possible so that he could buy lots of computer equipment for these kids!

I vouch for this cause because I know Karol personally and I know that all of the money he raises we’ll be spent on the stuff for the kids.

Again, just go to ENEDUE.ORG and please donate. Thanks!

written by Michael Sliwinski

Monday, October 17, 2016

Greetings from Gdansk! - Nozbe Reunion Fall 2016

Our next Nozbe Reunion is just about to start. We're meeting in Gdansk, Poland – the city of freedom and Solidarity. We are going to discuss how Nozbe should look like in the near and further future and how we can improve your productivity even more in the years to come. Please keep following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


Please note that our customer support might be a little slower this week as our support staff is with us discussing your feature requests and plans for the future, so please have a little more patience with us this week, thank you - it's for your own good :-)


Nozbe Team

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Why Google Calendar Integration Is Worth Trying & How To Start

Nozbe and Google Calendar are like best friends: they share information, work together for the greater good and don't bother each other. And, by the way, they both work for you! Learn how to make use of integration with Google Calendar. And a calendar in general.

Google Calendar

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Nozbe 3.3 - update for iOS 10

This time it’s all about iOS. Almost 50% of our users are already using iOS 10 and Nozbe 3.3 is dedicated to them. So take a look at what the Nozbe team has prepared for you :)

Nozbe 3.3

Android and Windows fans don’t worry! Features for your platforms are being developed and we will ship them in future Nozbe releases.

Better “Add to Nozbe” on iOS

Two years ago, when iOS 8 came out, we added a new way to add stuff to Nozbe: the Share Extension. With it, you could easily add things to Nozbe from almost any app. See a cool link you want to read later? Just add it to your inbox. Take a screenshot, a photograph, a note that’s relevant to your project? Tap the share menu, and select Nozbe.

Over time, we improved it by adding support to more apps and files, and today we’re making it even better!

Share extension

You can now add things anywhere in Nozbe, not just to your Inbox. With a few taps, you can mark it as “project: Marketing, due: tomorrow, responsible: John.”

Some of you might know this has already been possible with our hashtag syntax — but even if you knew about it, it was still cumbersome to type those attributes by hand.

With Nozbe 3.3 we’re adding an “Add attribute…” button that lists all possible parameters you can add to the task. And if you want to do it by hand, the list filters down as you type, so you can do it faster than before.

More tweaks and details

Widget and Watch

Here are some more small improvements we’ve made for you:

  • We’ve tweaked the widget for iOS 10, so you can expand or shrink it, depending on your preferences, and there’s a bigger shortcut to start adding tasks to Inbox.
  • Push notifications have been tweaked to be more concise. Also, a tip for iOS 10 users: 3D Touch or pull down on a notification to see more of it and available actions.
  • watchOS 3: you can now use the Nozbe Complication with the X-Large watch face.
  • Mac: you can navigate back and forth in Nozbe more quickly with ⌘[ and ⌘]

Download Nozbe 3.3 for your platform now!

  • Android - Download in Google Play
  • iOS - Download in the App Store
  • Mac - Download in the Mac App Store
  • Windows - Download from our site
  • Linux - Download from our site
  • or use our Webapp

As always full Release Notes are available on our Test Blog.

written by: Rafal

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Take Michael Hyatt's Personal Productivity Assessment

As Nozbe users we like checking off boxes (and killing to-do lists) and we know you do, too. That's why today we have something special for you. Our good friend (and Nozbe user!) Michael Hyatt just came out with a cool way to measure your productivity.

Productivity Assessment

It’s a free test you can take online, in just a few minutes, and you’ll get a personalized productivity score. That’s right, you’ll get a concrete number and an explanation of your efficiency level. You’re already pretty savvy for using Nozbe. Take Michael’s free assessment to reach the next level!

You’ll discover…

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Nozbe Values

This post is a little different. It's about the company principles that we believe in and strive for.


During one of my weekly reviews, I was struck by how I'd made some recent decisions. These were all about company issues like the internal discussion about our #NoOffice approach, meeting with team mates in May, and some business-related topics. I felt like I hadn't been consistent.

I wasn't sure if I had been right and, actually, why I'd made the decisions I had.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to manage your day-to-day energy (with Nozbe)

Some people rely on their calendars completely: they work on reducing blank holes in their schedule, minimizing time spent in meetings and tasks and optimizing processes. But what if this isn't enough to fully improve our workdays?

Managing energy in Nozbe

Thursday, August 18, 2016

5 web tools to keep you productive — on any desktop

You have work to do, deadlines are looming. Then: a crash, theft, damage... We’ve all experienced this (or, at least, we know people who have). If you're #iPadOnly and have a secondary device, lucky you. But if you’re not, you are forced to use a public or friend's device.

productivity tools

Or, a more prosaic scenario: in some companies people work on restricted computers, and employees cannot install software from outside a whitelist.

Fortunately, the modern web is replete with full-featured tools ready to assist you through your browser, regardless of operating system. This means that any time you're connected to the internet, you’re already armed with powerful productivity weapons! Here are my favorite tools. Some of them are always open in my browser, even on my own laptop.

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