You can have more than just 1 team in Nozbe

We want to make Nozbe the most practical collaboration app for you and your team. Our main goal is to make communication much more effective and help everyone stay in sync. We also want you to easily handle various facets of your professional and personal life. Multiple teams in Nozbe will help you here! Read on to find out more.

From now on, every Nozbe user can own and/or belong to more than just one Team.

And a Team is an isolated workspace that you can dedicate to:

  • different aspects of your life,
  • various companies and organizations you work with or own,
  • specific purposes/clients.

Here is a short video that presents this feature in Nozbe. Read this blog post if you want to learn even more.

Why would you need more than one Team?

A Team is a space that you populate with projects and work on them with other Team members. You can create your own Team and be a team owner or accept an invitation and become a team member.

Usually, you want to create a Team for your company, department, or a team. Once you set up a Team, you want to invite everyone you work with to be a part of this Team to share projects, add tasks, and get things done together.

Multiple for serial entrepreneurs

If you are a serial entrepreneur or work in more than one organization, you should have separate Teams for each of them. This way, you will be able to keep things organized and never confuse anything.

How does it work? You have one Nozbe account in which you can switch between your teams with just one click - you have all your projects under one roof, but they are organized in separate workspaces.

Nozbe to keep your work-life balance

It’s a great idea to separate your work-related projects from your personal stuff. It’s easy! Keep your professional projects in one Team and create another one for your family and/or friends.

This way, even when on holidays, you can leave your work behind and still use Nozb to get your private projects going.

Other use cases: Nozbe for freelancers and company departments

Sometimes you might want to create separate Teams for specific departments of your company or organization if they don’t cooperate closely on a daily basis and shouldn’t have access to specific data.

Some of our freelancing users have Teams for their key clients to ensure all the information is safe and well organized.

Agencies working with various companies can also have separate Teams for each of their clients.

Who can create multiple teams?

Let’s repeat it: Everyone can set up a team in Nozbe.

If you are a manager/company owner, you can create a Team for your company or department and invite everyone who you want to collaborate with.

You can have a Free Team with up to 5 active projects and 5 team members. If you wish to have more projects or more hands on deck, you will need to switch to Premium plan and access Premium features.

Note, you can only own one Free Team. Every other you set up will be a Trial Premium Team by default, and you will need to pay for a subscription depending on how many people you want to invite within 7 days.

If you are a member of a Team created by someone else (e.g. your manager), you can still have a Team of your own! You can set it up easily and use it for your private stuff, another organization, company, or group.

Joint projects to the rescue

Remember that if there is a project you want to share with another organization or company, you don’t need to set up an entirely new Team. In most cases, it is much easier to create a project and invite another Team to share it with you. This feature is called Joint Projects, and you can read more about it here.

How to add a team in Nozbe

Creating an extra team in Nozbe is very easy. Just use the plus button situated on the left - beneath the avatar of your current Team, and follow our instructions.

Creating an extra Team in Nozbe

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