Thanks for making Nozbe better and giving us your feedback!

We’re always busy improving Nozbe and working hard on making it great, but I never on this blog emphasized enough how much you – our users – are giving us quality feedback.

We keep on receiving great emails from you every day that help us make Nozbe better. Thank you!

It’s just so great to have such an active Nozbe community where I can almost “rely” on my users that if we do something wrong, or differently than it should have been, I’ll surely receive an email from you.

You show you care and it’s the best reward I can get from my users! Thanks!

In this post I’d like to quote some of the great feedback we’ve recently received and thank to the contributors:

1. Mateo Carli

Matteo is a security expert (check out his blog linked above) and he pointed out a while ago we’ve had some XSS (Cross Site Scripting) vulnerabilities in Nozbe – nothing major that would get the data out, but something that could affect the way Nozbe performs and that could lead to a security hole in the future.

He pointed out exactly what the problem was and we’ve managed to quickly fix this.

Matteo – thanks for your help and for making Nozbe even more secure!

2. Countless Email suggestions (sent to our email: questions AT nozbe DOT com)

We’re receiving many suggestions, bug reports and feature requests via email and we’d like to thank everyone who sent them in!

Above all we’d like to thank:

  • Andy Barnes
  • Bart Epstein
  • Paul Dworianyn
  • Russ Broomell
  • John-Paul Bogers
  • Juan Viera
  • Surcy Peoples
  • and many more our users who keep on sending us emails with great feedback…

3. We’ve got a very active forum where you can talk to other Nozbe users and where our support staff is also active.

... and we’ve got great users very active in the forums and I’d like to thank among others:

  • Chris Shaul
  • Frank Martin
  • Reid Williams
  • Esther Gokhuke
  • and other great forum users – thanks everyone!

4. We’ve got our blog! that you’re presumably reading right now, and we’ve got great users commenting here and sending their feedback directly to us.

We encourage you to comment more and let us know what you think – we’ll try to make sure the posts will be more frequent (2 times per week) and we hope you’ll also comment and let us know what you think.

Special thanks to these guys:

  • Brian Tait
  • Paul Campbell
  • Juan Ros
  • Mickey Mellen
  • Dale McConkey
  • and many others for your comments and direct feedback.

If I missed someone, I’m sorry, didn’t mean to, and appreciate your feedback all the same!

Thanks everyone for being so active and creating a great Nozbe community and hope to all that we can get things done… together!

To finish this up, we’ve got great announcement for you for next week and I’m sure you’ll love it, it’s a special feature many of you will really love… keep an eye on us and let’s stay in touch! Thanks everyone!


Posted on Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nov 20, 2009 18:29

It’s in the testing phase (it’s complete, we’re testing it) and will be launched very soon, I’ll keep you posted.

Brian Tait
Nov 14, 2009 20:39

Michael – I have returned to the blog frequently this week awaiting the announcement that you had for us this week about a “special feature many of you will love.”

Looking forward to this announcement – is it coming?

- Brian

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