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New Important update (31 Mar ’09): The most up-to-date artcile about Email to Nozbe is available here

Important update: Due to some problems with certain email services we’ve introduced a new default email domain address (and I’ve updated this article): for sending emails to Nozbe. The old domain of still works though.

- Michael Sliwinski (04.01.2008)


Two days ago I announced that Nozbe – your favorite Getting Things Done tool is now fully integrated with your Email account – you can both:

  • Send our actions and notes FROM Nozbe TO any email address
  • Send actions/tasks and notes from your Email application to your Nozbe account.

Nozbe users instantly started to use this new feature and we got amazing feedback and are happy to see how everyone wants to improve their productivity by integrating email with Nozbe.

However, we’ve noticed that not everyone was successful with this so I decided to write five essential things you should keep in mind while sending your actions/tasks/notes to Nozbe.

Tip 1 – use the correct Nozbe email address – NOZBE.US

Many of you tried to send emails to but it’s not how it works – you should send to NOZBE.US – otherwise you will receive an undeliverable message error.
So again, your personal email address will look like this:

Tip 2 – remember about the dots between your Nickname and PIN (and project)

If you send your email like this: “NicknamePIN” or “Nickname_PIN” – this wil not work.

You should use the dots:  Nickname.PIN
and when you want to add your project name: Nickname.PIN.Project_name

So again, your email address is:

Tip 3 – when adding tasks/actions – remember to list them with an asterisk (*) and put the word “task” in the subject line

When listing your actions in an email, each of these tasks should start with an asterisk and a space like:

  • clean the room
  • do something else

Otherwise it won’t work. Also remember that your subject line must contain the word “task”. Here’s a screenshot of a properly written email to Nozbe:

Tip 4 – Be patient – sometimes it takes several minutes for your notes/tasks to appear in your Nozbe account.

It’s not our fault. Your email goes through different servers when being sent to your Nozbe account so sometimes they can stall the message for some time. Take a moment, if your email has been properly written – its contents will be added to your Nozbe account.

Tip 5 – forward email to your Nozbe as your reference material – it’s the coolest thing!

Got a message that is crucial for your project? Just hit “forward” and forward it entirely to your Nozbe account. It’s really a great time-saver. I’m using this feature all the time and now I just don’t have to switch to my browser to open Nozbe, I just email it and will process it later!

Here’s how I foward user testimonials to my Nozbe notes:

The Email to Nozbe feature is a great thing. I’m enjoying it a lot and I’m happy others are sharing my enthusiasm – use it and you’ll be happy and productive.

Of course, if you still have problems with this feature, don’t forget to visit our friendly Nozbe forum or leave me a comment below this post. Thanks and enjoy!

Posted on Thursday, November 8, 2007

Suzanne Wismer
Sep 5, 2010 16:43

I’m new to Nozbe. When forwarding an email to a project in Nozbe it is added as a task instead of a note. Can you tell me what to do to make forwarded emails a ‘note’ within a project? Thx!

May 14, 2010 23:09

Here’s the link to Patrick’s great blog post:

Using Email and Nozbe : One page to master it all

Patrick Sledz
May 14, 2010 15:19

Just wanted to say that I created one page to master the nozbe language and how to use it in email. “OfficeAndBusiness Blog”:

Apr 1, 2009 10:16

I’ve updated the article, the new Email to Nozbe Guide is available here

Tomas Michaud
Feb 10, 2009 21:16

I could also use the feature to send an email as a dated task and keep the info in the email. I would use this feature often.

Dec 29, 2008 20:25

I just realized this doesn’t work unless the nozbe email address is in the “To” field – not Cc or Bcc. I was hoping to use the feature to Bcc this address when I email someone about a project. Maybe this is a feature request, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong first…

Tim O'Donnell
Nov 16, 2008 00:34

It may be sacrelige to say this, but it would be great if html emails parsed nicely in to Nozbe notes – that way I can throw stuff across that I have captured in Evernote…

Francisco Avila
Sep 14, 2008 18:11

I noticed today that plain text or rtf email add a Note with the text of email. But html emails only add a Note with a title, loosing the email content.

Jul 27, 2008 14:14

I love Dave’s suggestion, and there is a real need to have notes for each task.

Jul 18, 2008 13:15

We’re working currently on being able to add notes to tasks so that you can also email them as well. Thanks for your suggestions!

Dave Amphlett
Jul 17, 2008 18:28

if the problem is with the size of the email, how about the subject becomes a task and the body gets saved as a note?

Jul 16, 2008 21:43

yes – I’ve come across the same thing. I get an email that says, please send a check to XYZ for the work they did. I would like to forward the email to nozbe as a task “send check” and have the body of the email be a note. that way I have the addresss right there.

Brent Bourne
Jul 7, 2008 20:55

It would be very useful if I could forward an email to Nozbe in a way that created a task in Nozbe, with the contents of the email as notes related to the task or notes within the task. There are many tasks where I want to keep the contents of the email with the task in order to remind me of the details. Thanks

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