Nozbe updates - why 2012 will be exciting for Nozbe users?

The past month we haven’t been communicating much as we’re nearing a few big launches. Now it’s time to show you what we’ve been up to the past few months and how we see 2012 for Nozbe users.

Our plans for upcoming weeks

1. Nozbe Desktop for Mac and Windows

Over the next two weeks we’ll be showcasing you the new exciting features of the Nozbe Desktop for Mac and Windows – to prepare for the big launch. The launch date has been scheduled for mid-March and we’ll announce exact date in the coming weeks.

Note to bloggers: if you’d like to participate in our big launch and get access to our release candidate version of our desktop app before anyone else in exchange of a write-up on your blog at the date of the launch, make sure to contact us!

2. iNozbe – Nozbe web for the mobile phones

New HTML5 interface of Nozbe web for the mobile phones (that also works offline!) is finally coming to town (look at the screenshots above!)

3. Nozbe for Android

New 2.1 version of Android is almost finished. With new faster engine, UI fixes and design improvements, it’s coming in the beginning of March. You’ll love the new Android app.

But there is more!

We’ve got other goodies in the pipeline, especially more great features that will be coming to Nozbe web like rich comments, smart contexts and project templates. These features are almost done but require more testing over the course of March…. but they are coming and they will help you get things done!

2012 will be big for our Nozbe users

We’ve grown, our team has grown and we just celebrated 5 years of running Nozbe… and we want to keep on celebrating this year with many great features, improved syncing between devices and bringing the ultimate productivity Nozbe experience to you and people you work with. Thanks for your support!

- Michael and the Team

Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2012

george vavaroutsos
Mar 22, 2012 16:39

Michael, Could you communicate to us an update on the status of the new Nozbe Desktop and new Nozbe Mobile apps? It seems to be taking a lot longer than you mentioned. A lot of us on this forum are paying for Nozbe service, and would like to know when we can expect to use a more functional desktop version, and an android mobile app that wont crash. I understand that there can be delays in these processes, and we certainly appreciate the efforts of you and your employees to improve Nozbe.


Paul Kaye
Mar 22, 2012 08:14

Well, the middle of March has come and gone…

Mar 17, 2012 16:18

Is there any news on a Windows Phone 7 app? Don’t forget that we don’t have offline in our browsers

Lisa Gipson
Mar 15, 2012 00:51

I agree — Chad!!

Lisa Gipson
Mar 15, 2012 00:51

How do you print / email in Mac desktop version? Also, will the update drag and drop features like online version?

Chad Garrett
Mar 14, 2012 13:16

“Over the next two weeks we’ll be showcasing you the new exciting features of the Nozbe Desktop for Mac and Windows” 1) Have not seen anything and 2) It’s Mid March. We are quite eager :-)

Vance Walker
Mar 4, 2012 13:21

I hope the Android app is way less sluggish or laggy (?) when you press a button. Currently, because the button doesn’t even change in appearance, I don’t know if it’s thinking about what I asked it to do or if it didn’t feel me touch the screen. It’s a very unacceptable delay on my Droid X.

Also, while I don’t need “calendar” screen often on my X, it would be nice if it didn’t crash the app every time I tried it.

If these aren’t able to be fixed in this round, I’m glad you’re still improving the mobile web app.

Mar 4, 2012 13:03

Widget will be probably around April, but it’s coming. Thanks guys for the heads up! You’ll also love our HTML5 mobile web app, it’s really great :-)

Feb 29, 2012 15:49

I’m finding I need a widget to stay focused. Perhaps it’ll be in the next android app?

Feb 29, 2012 10:16

Me, too! That’s the ONLY thing that is keeping me from being able to completely adopt Nozbe all throughout my life… that Android app won’t stay logged in!

Feb 28, 2012 23:06

Awesome, really hoping the Android app is solid!

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