Mozilla Ubiquity Commands for Nozbe - type your way to get more done!

Mozilla Project – the makers of the great Firefox browser have created a project called:

Ubiquity which basically is a command line interface to your browser. They’ve talked about it on their blog and recently Ryan Carson praised it a lot

Anyway, there is this guy, called Sviatoslav Sviridov – one of our Nozbe users who decided to take our Nozbe API for a spin and created Ubiquity commands for Nozbe!

It works like a real magic, just see for yourself!

How to use Nozbe in Ubiquity? Here are the resources he gave me:

Wiki on Nozbe and Ubiquity

Commands for Nozbe and Ubiquity

And he also created two great screencasts so that you can see the magic in action (click on the image to see the screencast):

Creating Projects :

Managing Tasks :

Sviatoslav Sviridov thanks for doing this for us! Let’s see how Ubiquity works for Nozbe!

If you’re also working on something using Nozbe API or would like a more extensive API to create an app for Nozbe, make sure to let us know and contact us!

Now, please post in the comments how you like Ubuiquity and Nozbe?


Posted on Sunday, April 19, 2009

Apr 20, 2009 19:24

whens nozbe 2.0 truly going to be up to speed

dan shea
Apr 19, 2009 20:27

Seems confusing. Hard to follow the screens video. Why use it? Old Nozbe and Beta Nozbe seem simpler.

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