Unlimited Projects and Contexts on all new Nozbe paying plans

We live in exciting times. Thanks to Evernote integration and the new, improved iPhone app which is coming next week to the Appstore, Nozbe is becoming a de-facto standard for web-based productivity among freelancers, teams and small agile companies.

We want to give you more:

Introducing new Unlimited Nozbe Plans!

We’ve listened to your feedback and we’ve asked many of you, our great and productive users about how we can help you get even more done and you explicitly said you didn’t want limits on how many projects or contexts you can create.

We decided to change our Nozbe plans to make sure you’re even happier than before. Now you get a lot more for your buck:

  • indefinite number of projects – you can have as many as you like
  • tons of contexts – adjust your productivity system to your needs
  • gigabytes of storage – so you can attach lots of files to your projects

No limits on projects or contexts on new paying plans! It’s that easy.

Just upgrade or switch to one of the newest unlimited plans
and enjoy limitless productivity with the new Nozbe!

Some highlights of the new unlimited plans:

  • If you’re a single user, there is only one Personal plan which gives you unlimited projects and a whopping 1 GB of storage to help you get a lot done
  • If you’re a group of 2, choosing Family plan gives you additional benefits of discussion board, custom branding and easier project sharing for the same price of two personal accounts
  • Family Plan is now cheaper than before, with up to 5 users on the plan, unlimited projects and a whopping 3 GB storage
  • New Team Plan features up to 20 users – perfect for small companies who want to be productive.
  • New Business plan is your ultimate all-you-can-get-done plan with up to 100 users and lots of storage for all the projects you’re going to work collaboratively on.

Hope you like the new, improved and unlimited Nozbe plans. We’ve narrowed them from 6 to 4, we’ve made them simple and you get a lot more bang for the buck...

... and we’ve prepared everything for the next week’s Appstore launch of our new Nozbe iPhone app.


Posted on Friday, May 7, 2010

Ron Taylor
May 14, 2010 20:24

Thanks, Michael! I will.

May 14, 2010 13:23

Ron, just let me know and we can work this out just like Nejc said, I love my long time customers and want to make you even happier :-)

This deal is for both long timers and new customers – just email us at questions AT nozbe DOT com and we’ll work something out to keep you happy :-)

Nejc Dulmin
May 12, 2010 06:48

Ron, Michael has to change strategies to stay on top of his game. I am sure, that if you approach Michael with your concern, you guys will find some sort of agreement.

Ron Taylor
May 11, 2010 14:30

So, a better deal for new subscribers than for long time customers, like me, who upgraded before the unlimited plan?

May 10, 2010 10:24

Thanks guys/gals for the heads up. We wanted to really simplify the Nozbe plans and make them really clear and really unlimited.

We’re really happy about the new Family plan which is cheaper than before and most of all, for the price of two personal accounts you can have up to 5 people. We really want to help you collaborate together (in the spirit of the new, really collaborative iPhone app)

Thanks and if you have questions, let us know!

Ellen Sweeney
May 10, 2010 09:11

Thanks very much.

May 8, 2010 17:56

Hi Ellen,

Go to your account, click on “Account” in the upper right hand corner. In the new window you’ll see a grid and “Your Plan” marking your current plan. At the bottom of that column you’ll see a button labeled “Upgrade.” That should do it?

May 8, 2010 17:49

This is terrific! A good thing, getting better. Great step up!

Ellen Sweeney
May 8, 2010 00:01

I can’t figure out how to upgrade. I went to my account and there is no way to click on the upgrade button. Thanks for any info.

Chris Maddocks
May 7, 2010 18:30

This is great! I’m evaluating Nozbe and Evernote right now and I like what I see — this removes one of my concerns.

The price point for Personal still might be a bit high, but I’ll give the free version a chance before I decide for myself.

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