New way of editing actions in Nozbe - faster and easier - soon coming to more places...

We’ve been working hard on new interface improvements in Nozbe this last month and we’ve come up with a totally new way of editing action.

We call these new elements: “bubbles”.

Bubbles look small, but they’re something big
Although the changes may look small to you, they are pretty big as these interface elements will be rolled out to all the other aspects of Nozbe… not only actions and then notes and files, but also to Evernote, labels, projects, contexts and calendar.

These interface enhancements will make using Nozbe even easier and more intuitive and will hopefully unify all elements of the Nozbe look.

To show you what I mean, just watch this short video:

To summarize:

  • you can now quickly point-and-click on each aspect of action to change it
  • quick search within a “bubble” helps you locate your projects and contexts
  • multi-selection of contexts helps you define more contexts at once
  • you can create contexts and projects from within the “bubbles”.
  • “bubbles” are faster, easier to use for both new Nozbe users as well as the veterans with zillions of projects… and they look nice :-)

Enjoy and watch out for more updates this week… this is a very busy time for us and tomorrow I’ll show you even more! :-)


Posted on Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dec 21, 2010 12:38

can’t wait to see bubbles in add action.

Dec 18, 2010 04:09

Sorry, I wish I could edit my post. I have one more piece of feedback:
For contexts and projects, when I type to narrow down the list, what would be REALLY cool is once I have typed enough so that there is ONE choice, then hitting enter would select it. As it is now, we have to select this lone option with the mouse – which is not efficient from a UX standpoint.

Dec 18, 2010 03:54

This is a much-welcome addition. I have some feedback (Michael knows, I’m all about feedback).
Also, +1 to John N.‘s suggestion.
The way I used to enter dates, it would be things like “today”, “tomorrow” or “next week” or “this week” for things that I needed to do by context, but didn’t really have a set appointment for them. Now I have to click twice to get to the point of writing the date. My suggestions:
1 – Have that field available without needing to click “Type date and time”.
2 – Add some buttons that would enter dates automatically e.g. “Today” “Tomorrow”, “This week” and “Next week” should suffice.
For my money and it’s my opinion, but you guys are the best GTD on the planet right now. I’ve tried them all. I can’t wait for the improvements to come, you keep making it better.

Dec 17, 2010 20:30

Michael, Great improvements. I would like to add my vote for the key ‘shortcuts’ for the new ‘bubbles’ as well. Thanks for all the work you do on Nozbe!

Dec 16, 2010 11:26

Thanks for the heads up guys! We have rolled out the bubbles only in “edit action” field only to make sure you get these goodies sooner rather than later and that we have gathered initial feedback.

Glad you like them. I’m really loving them and we now want to roll out bubbles in all possible places in Nozbe. In “add action” form, in “edit note, file, evernote” and also in “filters” in next actions and in many more places. Bubbles will make the interface a lot easier to use and most of all – consistent. So I’m really glad you like these :-)

Over the past days we’ve been improving the bubbles and we’ll add a few more improvements this week… and start rolling out bubbles everywhere else. Thanks guys! I’ve never been so excited about… bubbles :-)

Chad Garrett
Dec 15, 2010 23:35

Fantastic! Keep up the great work… don’t forget about your iPad and iPhone apps…

Marcus Platt
Dec 15, 2010 10:49

Agree with John N above, hopefully this will roll out new actions also soon!
Consistent improvements and features was a huge influence in settling on Nozbe, keep it up guys!

John N. Teeter
Dec 15, 2010 01:31

A question here about this new feature with the bubbles. If I am creating a new action, not editing an already defined action, why can’t you make the bubbles and all this change available with the new action creation? It would seem you have limited this wonderful new functionality to editing already created actions, when it would also really come in handy for creating new actions as well. As it is, I have to create an action, without defining any of the options / parameters of the action, then edit the action once created. Can you apply these bubbles to the create action as well?

John N. Teeter
Dec 15, 2010 00:59

Thanks for this improvement. It is one of the bread and butter areas of operation of Nozbe and it makes it easier. Now if only you can get to sorting and filtering actions in the Next Action view. That will really help to cut down on time spent using the system for real daily control of my work.

Dan Landrum
Dec 14, 2010 19:21

Great job. This is a tremendous improvement that no only makes it faster/easier to use, it adds a nice bit of sophistication to the the interface.

Dec 14, 2010 18:25

The new features are realy well implemented. The ability to ad a new projet on the fly is a great improvement. The new interface is very reactive and this point is essential to stay productive. A realy nice upgrade. Keep going ;-)

Eduardo Oliveros
Dec 14, 2010 14:46

congrats! I like the update very much

Michael Koehler
Dec 14, 2010 14:39

A great addition. I cannot wait until this is everywhere. But, did the keyboard shortcuts to edit context, and project, get lost in this update? I’d love to see them come back.

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