Important Nozbe to Email update - new domain and security upgrade

Important update (31 Mar ’09): The most up-to-date artcile about Email to Nozbe is available here

Our Email to Nozbe feature has a lot of happy users. It’s so easy to add content to Nozbe – your favorite getting things done web application – you can just send your actions and notes to your Nozbe’s inbox or to any project in Nozbe.

However, it wasn’t working for everybody and a small security problem emerged when we first implemented this feature so we decided to make two significant changes:

1 – New domain name for the Email feature: NOZBE.US

As you know, to send email to your Nozbe account, you’d use your Nickname, PIN, Project name(optionally) and you’d use the domain: – this domain still works but as many have had problems with this setup we decided to use a new dedicated domain for this purpose:

Now to sen email to your Inbox you’d just send it to:

So if your Nickname is Steve and PIN is 1234, you’d write to:

... and remember you can send stuff to any of your projects by sending email to:

To read more about emailing tasks and notes to Nozbe, just read this blog post and review these tips and tricks.

2 – You can now log in to Nozbe using Nickname and Password (but not the PIN)

As people are using the Email to Nozbe feature, their Nicknames and PINs can be exposed to others, especially when you CC: to your Nozbe account.

Before the update, you could log in to your Nozbe account using Nickname and PIN instead of Email/Password cobination but we decided to change this.

Now, to log in to your Nozbe account you’ll need to use your Email address or Nickname and Password.

It’s for your data security and we believe it’s for the better.

Hope you like the new changes and enjoy your Nozbe experience and keep sending those emails to your Nozbe account!

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Posted on Friday, January 4, 2008

Apr 1, 2009 10:16

I’ve updated the article, the new Email to Nozbe Guide is available here

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