iNozbe Update - Getting Things Done with Apple iPhone just got easier!

Today your favorite Getting Things Done tool – Nozbe’s iPhone version – iNozbe - has been updated to let you navigate faster, easier, add dates and times to your actions and even more!

If you’re using iNozbe on your Apple iPhone on a daily basis – you’ll instantly feel the benefits (make sure to "refresh" your iNozbe web site once you’ve logged in), and here’s what happened:

1. Due dates and repeating events in iNozbe

You can now add dates to your actions and view your actions’ dates in your lists.

 iPhone and iNozbe GTD - due dates

2. "Next actions" is the first element once you’ve logged in

Together with the community we’ve decided that "Next Actions" should be moved up in the hierarchy just like in real web-based Nozbe.

 iPhone and iNozbe GTD - account

3. Many speed improvements and fixes

With the new iPhone update and Safari update we had to optimize iNozbe for performance and fix some annoying bugs + we’ve optimized JavaScript and the rest of the code – it’s all fixed now and works like a charm and faster than ever!

Note: Make sure to "refresh" your iNozbe web site to take advantage of the new enhancements!

Log in to your iNozbe account using your Nickname/PIN or Email/Password combinations and let us know what you think!

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Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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