Nozbe 2.0 Beta available after the GTD Summit in San Francisco

The GTD Summit is over and yesterday during the Summit we’ve launched the new version of Nozbe – Nozbe 2.0 beta.

It’s a beta version and right now it’s only optimized for Firefox but we wanted to finally get it out for you to see and feel it.

I’m counting on your feedback, either by contacting us or by posting on Nozbe forums

Here’s the video we did during the GTD Summit:

Frank from also posted a video about Nozbe 2.0 and the Dutch version of Nozbe:

Interview with Michael and Frank for

Enjoy Nozbe 2.0 and please let me know what you think! Post your comments!

Posted on Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jim Oliver
Apr 17, 2009 21:33

You show how 2.0 beta allows you to click and drag (to move) an action/task from one project to another.

Does it allow you to copy and paste from one project to another?

I create teleseminars for different niches. Each telesiminar has the same core tasks/actions. It would be great if I could create a Blank Template project and just copy and paste actions/tasks from the blank template into a new teleseminar project.

Is that going to be possible in 2.0 beta?

Mar 18, 2009 02:21

Paul, we hear you and we’re working on the improvements to the beta site, our development is full with great work to be shown off soon on this.

Thanks for your kind feedback and comments, please post more on the forums, we’re reading it all and trying to improve the site as much as we can.

We have the app designed for the features of multiple contexts and comments to be added very soon, but we decided not to show them yet in order to first get the UI right and get the new Nozbe right.

Again, thanks for the comments and keep them coming.

Greetings from Ojai, California where I was invited by the David Allen Company.

Paul Campbell
Mar 17, 2009 14:26

I’ve now spent over 24 hours with the Beta 2.0.

I’m a fan of the re-design and some of the ease-of-use improvements there. The 3-column design is a particular favourite, as you really can see everything in-one-spot now with less scrolling.

Paul Campbell
Mar 17, 2009 14:25

I’ve now spent over 24 hours with the Beta 2.0.

I’m a fan of the re-design and some of the ease-of-use improvements there. The 3-column design is a particular favourite, as you really can see everything in-one-spot now with less scrolling.

I have a sense that my team will love the new background image option, to make them feel more emotionally engaged with their GTD efforts using Nozbe (provided they choose a motivating or calming image of course!)

Now that things have settled down, I can see that the interface is generally MUCH faster and incredibly slick. (BUT using a Vista machine with FF is triggering rapid-repeat alerts of “unresponsive script” with the Review page, and that certainly slows things down there!)

I have to say I’m disappointed by the dramatic increase in steps and scrolling to simply edit a note. The “double-click anywhere” approach is gone and that’s a shame.

I’m also a bit confused about why so many 1.0 features are not here (e.g. sharing projects add/edit, add to top/bottom of list “switcher”, view a calendar by 1 month / 3 month horizon, simple view of actions with project name and who responsible, hyperlinked context icons beside each action item, etc.) I suppose I was expecting Beta 2.0 to be “everything and more”, with nothing of 1.0 missing.

Default sorting (and Nozbe remembering any re-sorting by the user) is broken in 2.0 and that’s really holding back my ability to test this out more for you guys. It’s a big de-motivation to not be able to quickly navigate among project and actions.

While I REALLY want to power-test the fantastic new Review function, I’ve been thrown by quite a few of my actions being collected under the wrong Project in the “Review” view (despite underlying data being ok). Will have to leave it now so I can get on with my work. But will be back once this is fixed!

Some long-hinted improvements to functionality are not here yet and this was disappointing. The two biggies for me are (1) multiple contexts for an action and (2) more “Web 2.0” style team interactivity – to add comments to actions. I really hoped these would be here at beta launch.

Overall – yes, still excited by the upgrade. This is a superb start to improving Nozbe, and well done to Michael and his hard-working, creative team. But I really need to feel now that the new version is “around the corner”, or I may have to vote with my feet in order to roll GTD out across my programme team. It’s a large team and I’d worry about launching with 1.0 then migrating to 2.0. We’ll see…

Don Williams
Mar 17, 2009 06:06

Congratulations Michael and the Team it is Awesome
Will You be adding the “colour” facility for project files ?

Omar Cafini
Mar 16, 2009 23:34

good luck Micheal!

Mar 16, 2009 15:27

Love the review page – finally a way to see all my actions grouped by project! Needs to work with project group filter though, and a way to expand/contract the all actions vs new actions.

Roberto Castro
Mar 16, 2009 04:27

excelent! so far look awesome, good work!

Eduardo Oliveros
Mar 15, 2009 18:45

First impression: impressive work!!

You have managed to make the interface clearer and more easy to use (move tasks around, change fields has a more elegant design), the speed is great. Congratulations!!

Mar 15, 2009 16:28

Much like Sterling…initial impression: AWESOME! I had the same issue with multiple steps to get tasks in, and you’ve clearly addressed that. I still need to play quite a bit, but loving it! Thanks Michael & team for your hard work!!

Sterling Valentine
Mar 15, 2009 04:34

On a whim, I just spent 5 or 6 hours last week demoing every other possible online project/task management system I could find. I created test accounts with at least 15 of them and test drove them all.

I kept coming back to Nozbe over and over again because it rocks at one key thing over all other possible solutions: SPEED.

When I need to “brain dump” tasks, I need to do it fast, I need to do it NOW, I need to add multiple tasks at once by just typing [not type, click, click, click], and I need the ability to do that from the top of the page, not hunting around for the link.

Nozbe was already my choice for getting tasks and projects out of my head and into a sharable, prioritizable workspace… the new features are only going to make it rock even harder.

Long live GTD. Long live Nozbe.

Gotta go… I want to go play with the new features. Great job, guys! Finally, task management is fun… who would have thought?

Keep up the great work, everybody. :-)

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