Now Nozbe really loves your Email - Nozbe will help you Get Email Done!

We’ve discussed how Nozbe integrates with Email here, here and here and while all these posts are still valid, we decided to bring more value to Nozbe+Email marriage as we launched the new way Nozbe is understanding human language

Nozbe plays really well with Email now!

OK, so let’s review some of the ways Nozbe plays well with email:

  1. You can send Email to your first project (Inbox) or to any project you like*
  2. You can send ACTIONS to Nozbe via Email
  3. You can send NOTES to Nozbe via Email
  4. New! You can send ACTIONS + NOTES to Nozbe in one Email message
  5. New! You can Forward, CC or BCC Nozbe, too!

Now let’s review all these ways of sending Email to Nozbe in detail:

1. You can send Email to your first project (Inbox) or to any project you like


That’s correct. All you have to do is setup your “Nickname” and “PIN” in Nozbe:

And later all you have to do is email Nozbe at:


It’s important to bear in mind, that you have to use the domain not any other nozbe domain name and also that you change space into an underscore “_” in the project name.

Examples: – to email my first project – to email my “Office Purchases” project.


2. You can send ACTIONS to Nozbe via Email

Just write the actions in your email and they will be parsed accordingly. You can use Nozbe’s amazing and easy-to-learn language

It’s important that there is an asterisk and a space before each task:


3. You can send NOTES to Nozbe via Email

Any email with a text and no actions will be treated as a note and added to the project you specify in the email address:


4. You can send ACTIONS + NOTES to Nozbe in one Email message

This is a new thing and it’s really cool!

Imagine you receive an email and want to add some of its contents as a note to your project and in the same time you want to add a series of actions, you can do it like this:

Important: Everything ABOVE the tasks you specify will be added as a note and everything BELOW the tasks will be ignored. We designed it like this so that you don’t have to worry about Signatures or the whole history of conversation being added as a note. Only the part YOU want will be converted to a note.


5. You can Forward, CC or BCC Nozbe, too!

You have asked and we have listened!

Just put nozbe’s email in CC or BCC and the correspondence will be added to your Nozbe!


Hope you like how Nozbe plays with your Email and hope these new enhancements will make you even more productive!


Posted on Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jacko Popovits
Mar 16, 2012 14:37

Ik would like an add on for outlook like evernote has.

Justin Lugbill
Feb 1, 2012 19:07

It would be nice if we could assign contexts to notes, and forward the context (project notes, etc), with the email

Karl Burkum
Jan 5, 2012 15:48

Copy of a comment I just left on a Facebook post from Nozbe…

Email integration is good, but it is missing a key piece – file attachments. Users should be able to create actions that have files associated with an ACTION (not project) similar to the way an action / task can have a note associated with it.


I receive a voice mail. My voice mail system delivers a transcribed email (text) along with an attached .wav file. I want to send this email to “Nozbe” to create an actionable task / action. I want that .wav file to be attached to / associated with that task / action so I can refer to it when I do that action.

The same would hold true with other file attachment examples (i.e. a report to review, etc.).

Norbert Schnöde
Aug 1, 2011 14:42

I vote for making subject the task, body becomes a comment, as @Paul, @Lindsay, @Vance, @Nathaniel and @Gary have suggested. Please, Michael, make it work that way.

Saleem Asad
Jul 1, 2011 19:26

i’ve got an email that has pics how can I forward all that info to my project via email?

Nathaniel W. Turner
May 5, 2011 23:03

+1 re keeping it simple and making subject the task, as @Paul, @Lindsay, @Vance, and @Gary have suggested. In fact, given the way the rest of the product works, I was shocked that this wasn’t how the email->task feature worked already.

Marvin Karlow
Jan 22, 2011 19:50

I would love to see you guys use the subject to set project/context/... . The way evernote works is really convenient and does not require a different email address every time.

Graham Logan
Dec 27, 2010 10:12

mmmmmm keep sending tests to my but where are they hiding??

Gary Coryer
Nov 1, 2010 02:14

Typo, should have been
“body becomes a comment”

Gary Coryer
Nov 1, 2010 02:14

Typo, should have been
“body becomes a comment”

Gary Coryer
Nov 1, 2010 02:13

I also vote for an option to make mail sent to nozbe become a task (subject line is the task name, boys becomes a comment. I want to do this all the time, I almost never want an e-mail to become a note.

Kito Mann
Oct 29, 2010 00:34

If you use the EverNote integration, you can always send stuff to EverNote:

Kito Mann
Oct 29, 2010 00:32


Patrick Carr
Oct 19, 2010 16:17

“I thought I would open this thread up again and cast a huge vote for sending attached files into my Nozbe account Inbox via email.”

yes i need this feature badly too. it would make Nozbe the most powerful organizational tool on the planet. need to be able to send files via email to projects…any plans or way to do this?

Vance Walker
Oct 10, 2010 21:22

+1 for @Paul and @Lindsay!

That way we could quickly bcc when we assign/delegate to others, too. The current, convoluted method adds many steps for task delegattion. Like you said, it’s just easier to go open the app and enter it directly.

I’d also like to use this feature from @Field (out ‘n’ about) via my smart phone. Since there is not a decent mobile app yet, sending a quick text or email would make sense. Unfortunately, I would currently have to get all the syntax right, via Droid email. Soooo… a scrap of paper or a voice note holds the task until I get back to the desktop app.

Lindsay Dodd
Oct 7, 2010 19:44

@Paul has it completely right – email subject lines should become tasks, not notes. To keep productivity high, I should be able to forward a message from my email inbox directly to my Nozbe inbox as a task. I need to do this 10 times per day. As it stands, creating a separate email to send a task to Nozbe is no more efficient than hitting the website. Please change this! Please!

Ben Kopf
Oct 6, 2010 19:01

I thought I would open this thread up again and cast a huge vote for sending attached files into my Nozbe account Inbox via email. I’m using MailMe Voice for the iPhone which quickly sends a recorded wav file to an email address. Sending the wav directly into my Nozbe inbox as a new task/file attachment would solve the lack of a recording feature in Nozbe for me – it’s perfect for driving! It saves a step where I have to review my emails for wavs and then enter them in Nozbe and acts as a powerful GTD collection tool.
Thanks for any consideration of this idea Michael!

Phil Pusateri
Sep 17, 2010 21:08

tried the notes + tasks trick… didn’t work. Task shoed up, note didn’t. Actually it says there is a note, but it won’t display it (just does the ‘thinking’ circle thing)

Sep 7, 2010 08:08

I’d like to be able to have emails be tasks as defaults and to have to actively make something a note rather than the way it is now. If I remember something while I’m out and about I want a simple way to send it to my ‘bucket’ (in this case my Nozbe inbox). Most similar products would have the email subject be the task name (and possibly also parse other info from it). Notes for that task (I realise Nozbe doesn’t have that option) would be in the body of the email.

Sep 7, 2010 08:05

Make sure you’re all using the domain

Debra Fish
Sep 3, 2010 15:25

Addendum to previous comment: Just discovered it works from my personal email account, but not from my work (M’soft Exchange) account. Any suggestions?

Debra Fish
Sep 2, 2010 15:46

I have sent several emails to my nozbe Inbox, but none of them are showing up…anywhere…I’ve looked in the notes section of every project and they are not there. I’m not getting any notice that the emails haven’t gone through. Any suggestions? I am new to using this feature, so I’m sure my problem has to do with user error, but I am beating my head against a wall to figure it out.

Lucretia Holcomb
Jul 11, 2010 17:45

I so want this work…Has anyone had better luck with a different tool. I am thinking of jumping ship to Remember The Milk.

Rod Ball
Jul 7, 2010 16:49

It would be nice if it would grab attachments on the e-mail and add them as well. If you have a document you need to review, it would make it easier if we could include it with the task/project.

Patrick Sledz
Jun 18, 2010 14:26

@dominic : please take a look at this post: at the bottom (Adding a note to an action )

Christian Dähn
May 18, 2010 08:21

wouldn’t it be nice to add a (b)cc email as comment to a specific task? is there a feature planned to support this?

Dominic Reyes
May 15, 2010 18:57

‘Context’ should read ‘content’ in above post ( pesky iPhone auto complete DOH! )

Dominic Reyes
May 15, 2010 18:56

Probably a dumb question, but how do I send the context of an email I receive to one of my ACTIONS rather than as a project note?

I may have an action like: reply to mikes email invite to the zoo’ it’s not a project as it’s only a single step, but u would like to gave mikes email in the comments for that ACTION. Is this possible via email?

Apr 14, 2010 03:47

When will you have the ability to forward files from e-mails and have them show up in “files section”? I really need that feature as i get e-mailed a ton of files so downloading them from gmail, then uploading them is a real pain. Anyway, love your app. keep up the great work.

Michael Blackburn
Mar 30, 2010 16:39

@Patrick Do you mean it is going into Notes in the inbox project? And what you want is for your email to show up as tasks in the inbox? I believe you want to include them as a “bulleted list” using asterisks. If you don’t have that, it will assume it’s just a note or reference material.

Patrick Lockerman
Mar 1, 2010 14:30

I just want to forward an email to the inbox but it keeps going to notes instead.

Sep 28, 2009 03:54

Hi Michael, I am brand new to Nozbe and love the feature that I can forward my e-mails to my ‘inbox’ but somehow I am missing a step. Could you please direct me to the page where I can find the directions. I am using Google apps.
Thank you

Sep 23, 2009 21:46

I would like it to create a new project if I put a new project name in the email address. That way I could do my daily processing of e-mail very easily.

Also, I notice that if there is a line between any of the tasks, it only recognizes up to the line, and not after.

Paul Jansen
Jul 21, 2009 00:14

Is there any way to send a comment with a task?

David Woodman
Jun 9, 2009 18:18

I am new to this, but I cannot get the email function to work! Ican send the next actions list to my email no problem. I cannot send emails to nozbe. I know it’s not difficult but am I missing something here

Jun 2, 2009 19:23

I am using (x’s indicate my pin)

It is not working.

Justus vd Merwe
May 31, 2009 22:51

Is it possible to send files to nozbe via email?

Matthew Weber
May 17, 2009 22:15

Hey Michael, having a problem here: I’m using a KOODO mobile phone to try and email myself. I tested the email feature using my GMAIL account- no problem. The thing is, my koodo phone has an annoying HTML/image signature in the emails it sends, so Nozbe tends to not like them. (notes and tasks dont go through… nada!)- Koodo tags on its advertising crap onto the end of the text message that i send through my phone- Is there anyway you can program in a switch like or so we can tell nozbe to ignore the rest of the email we send to circumvent this?

Esther Gokhale
Apr 11, 2009 15:16

Is it possible to send files to nozbe via email?

Apr 3, 2009 23:38

Urlich, if you’re replying to Colin, I’m sorry but you’re mistaken.

You can’t access somone’s account with Nickname and PIN. You have to know the password.

You can log in to Nozbe with Email OR Nickname AND a Password. PIN is only being used for Email.

Colin, yes, it’s wiser to use BCC than CC anyway, that’s true.

Apr 3, 2009 16:29

@ Colin: Michael can access your account. Always. Everything. From any location. All information.

Colin Fletcher
Apr 2, 2009 23:55

You may want to recommend that Mike put ‘’ into the BCC field rather than the CC field in the above example so that doesn’t have access to his nickname, pin and project name.

Andreas Müller
Apr 2, 2009 06:22

Very good work, thanks michael!! But, what is with files in email, should it be saved in nozbe files??

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