App of the Week: gSyncIt syncs Nozbe and MS Outlook!

Just a few days ago we brought you the Nozbe Desktop for Mac and PC and today I’d like to show you more desktop-oriented action thanks to a third-party tool by Fieldston Software that syncs Nozbe tasks and notes with Microsoft Outlook!

gSyncit – the missing link between Nozbe and MS Outlook!

David Levinson, the guy behind the app made something I’ve been waiting for so long (and many users have been asking for it) – he broke the silos between Outlook and web apps by syncing with many great apps that we also sync with, i.e. Drobox and Evernote… and now Nozbe!

The app is only $19.99 which is a small price to pay for a convenience of working with your favorite GTD tool together in your Mail/Calendaring part of the Microsoft Office suite.

I highly encourage you take gSyncit for a spin and let us know in the comments how your new “productivity flow” works with both Outlook and Nozbe.

Thanks David for an amazing product: gSyncit v.3

Note: “App of the week” is a regular column will be trying to keep here on the Nozbe blog about cool third-party apps that work with Nozbe using our Sync-API

Posted on Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jacques Laufer
May 22, 2012 05:45

I had high hopes of finally syncing my Outlook and Nozbe tasks. Unfortunately, this was bad news for me. I paid for the subscription, but gsyncit just corrupted my Nozbe database completely. What a chore to restore!

Paul Kaye
Apr 8, 2012 17:52

This sounds like EXACTLY what I was looking for, but has anyone got any experience with how it works with Nozbe?
I have Nozbe synching with a Google calendar specifically set up for Nozbe tasks. I want to be able to sync that same info (either via the Google calendar or another way) with a TEAM Outlook calendar to which I am subscribed. So far I have only found applications which will sync with my DEFAULT Outlook calendar and/or my DEFAULT Google calendar.

David Cornish
Apr 5, 2012 14:45

Fantastic – well done! gsyncit is a great product – I’ve been using it to sync Outlook with Google for a while and it works extremely well.

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