App of the week - Nozbe To Do for iPad

Apart from the amazing Nozbe updates, we’ve got a lot of new third-party apps coming with Nozbe integration or simply working with Nozbe beautifully. It’s time to highlight them on our blog.

First up: Nozbe To Do for iPad by Macoscope

As you might know, our iPad app is actually not our app – when we were considering building an iPad app we didn’t have the expertise to actually build one and we turned to our friends, authors of the iPublisher platform that powers our Productive! Magazine iPad app if they could do an iPad app. They could and they did but we wanted to be clear that they did and it was so good, that we let them be the official iPad app for Nozbe.

The app was $14.99 on the App Store – and with this purchase you have locally unlimited projects just like on our personal plan. If you choose to sync with, you still have to sign up for the Nozbe plan but you can use the app independently just like other to-do apps on the iPad.

For a limited time it’s $9.99 on the App Store

If you’re an iPad user and you’re looking for a productivity tool on the iPad, make sure to check it out. Thanks Robert, Daniel, Zbigniew, Wojtek and other Macoscope guys for making it happen!

Posted on Sunday, March 4, 2012

Michael Grubbs
May 1, 2012 22:18

Will this app ever return to 9.99?

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