Integrate Nozbe with Gmail and Mac's and OSX thanks to a Bookmarklet and AppleScripts

Thanks to suggestions from several users we managed to pull it off and finally offer you “official” Nozbe Bookmarklet and Nozbe Applescripts. These will come in handy especially now, when you’re browsing lots of web sites for Xmas shopping or when you’re processing lots of Email (who isn’t?).

What is a Bookmarklet? What is an Applescript? Why are they all so cool?

Watch this video and see how these small widgets can help you add actions to Nozbe from virtually everywhere:

To access your Bookmarklet and your Applescripts, just go to your “Settings” and you’ll find them there.

What is the Bookmarklet good for?

  • remembering a web site (the [LINK] of the site you’ve added the action from gets saved)
  • remembering something to shop later
  • adding stuff to Nozbe while browsing any page (including Facebook :-)
  • processing Gmail email messages (unique link to each messages is saved with the action from the Bookmarklet – see video)
  • ... and you can use Nozbe’s natural language and action parameters

Impotrant: Your Bookmarklet is yours only. It’s got your API code embedded into it, so unless you want people adding stuff to your Nozbe account, keep it only on your personal browsers. While we realize it might be less secure this way, but thanks to this solution, you don’t need to be logged in to add stuff to Nozbe. The upside? Entire bookmarklet works via SSL secure connection so when you add actions to Nozbe, they are encrypted.

Bookmarklet should work across all the browsers and all the systems. Just drag it to your Bookmarks bar and you’re good to go.

And the Bookmarklet is really pretty:

Applescripts configuration is for more geeky Mac users but I’ve provided a handful PDF that should help you configure those.

What are the AppleScripts good for?

  • Email-to-Action script is great for processing email. The entire contents of the message is being copied to the action comment with a link to the mail message in Apple Mail! (see video) – it’s basically an easier way of doing this
  • Add Action to Nozbe script is great for adding tasks from anywhere on your Mac. New thought? Just use a handy keybaord shortcut, write it and done! Fire-and-forget simple. (watch the video for more examples and walktrhough)

I’d like to especially thank Brian Tait (Bookmarklet idea) and Mark Anning (for sending his Applescripts) and Michael Hyatt for encouragement and testing… as well as other users for testing and contributions. When was the last time I told you guys that you rocked? You really rock and we love preparing goodies like these for you all :-) Enjoy!


Posted on Thursday, December 16, 2010

Apr 21, 2011 06:03

Love the bookmarklet!!

Some requests:
- pressing escape doesn’t close the pop-up – you have to click on it, which is annoying.
- small bug – if you click on the bookmarklet when a previous one hasn’t opened, it will no longer close, even when you click the x
- option to NOT include the link. I’ve been using the bookmarklet to just add tasks when I’ve thought of them – they don’t necessary correlate to a website.

Tip for chrome users: you can add nozbe bookmarklet as a key word. I set the keyword as “n” so to add a task, I type Ctrl+L, “n” and enter. Then I can type my task. This whole process is keyboard only :) (so you can see why I would prefer to close it by hitting Esc)
(Keyword instructions:

Feb 14, 2011 15:36

Dan – cool idea with Dragon dictation trick! I’ll try it myself. Thanks!

Dan Landrum
Feb 6, 2011 13:47

I was able to get the applescript dialog window to front focus by telling the display dialog portion of the script to activate the finder first. I also got rid of the test for “Example:”

Here’s the script:
tell application “Finder” activate set theResult to display dialog “What is your Nozbe Action?” default answer “Example: Do something important #Project @Context %15 min” set theName to text returned of theResult
end tell

The only downside is you must switch back to whatever application you were previously using which I can do without touching the keyboard in Dragon Dictation. Hence, I just say “Create Action” from wherever I am at my computer, speak the new action, say “press OK,“I didn’t tell the computer to open whatever application I want to go back to.

Dan Landrum
Feb 6, 2011 13:12

Tim Said: Anyone know of a quick way to make the Applescript window grab focus when it opens? Having to grab the mouse and click on the newly opened window kind of defeats part of the purpose here…

Is there an answer to this? I’m using Dragon Dictation and all I have to do is say “create action” and the AppleScript window appears, however it isn’t in focus. I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking for a solution to this but can’t find one. Any suggestions Michael?

Jan 2, 2011 19:52 works great for Action but there is no link in the Inbox action????

James Taylor
Dec 28, 2010 23:52

Excellent feature, thanks!

fyi: I noticed a bug on the iPad client: the [Link] is displayed using the full URL, followed by the task. This causes the actual title of task to be hidden from view until you attempt to edit it.

Dec 28, 2010 17:42

Great! It wouldn’t work on a secured page for me, but I understand. The graphic is hosed though, and image properties shows “16px × 16px (scaled to 64px × 64px)” which explains the pixelation.

Tim Glinatsis
Dec 27, 2010 15:47

Anyone know of a quick way to make the Applescript window grab focus when it opens? Having to grab the mouse and click on the newly opened window kind of defeats part of the purpose here…

I’m sure there’s something to tweak in the AppleScript, but I’m no guru there.

Tim Glinatsis
Dec 27, 2010 15:45

@Juan Ros – When you’re “double-clicking to edit” the keyboard shortcut in Preferences, be sure that you’re clicking where the shortcut would be on the far right of the row. Clicking on the row anywhere else doesn’t work…

Strange, but true.

Svetlana Filimonova
Dec 22, 2010 18:26

Oh damn! I should not post previous one from my iphone , it’s not editable. Sorry for mistakes :)

Svetlana Filimonova
Dec 22, 2010 18:23

Hi Viktor. I know only not awful multiplatform gtd application – ThinkingRock. But honestly due to the way its written it looks like an alien on any os. I think that really cool thing is that nozbe has an open API which allows community to develop desktop apps on any platform. If the nozbe team tries to maintain web + mobile + desktop all by themselfs they just be filled with bugs in a few month and collapse. Dont get me wrong im not against mac app but if its mac only with Things and Omnifocus around its really hard to choose Nozbe.

Viktor Fekete
Dec 22, 2010 16:35

Hi Maxim, You don’t have to agree with a Mac app. It would just make Nozbe even more “multi platform”, as there is a nice and smooth working iPhone app that allows users to use Nozbe offline to GTD, and there is an iPad app with the same functionality. Why shouldn’t be there an app for Mac – or a program for windows – that would allow the same finctionality. (There is a widget, but it’s only use if you’re on-line.) They could also work as a kind of back up while syncing with the on-line Nozbe account. And most of us are no windows developers to like working with scripts instead of high standard apps/programs… No offense! ;)

Rob de Jong
Dec 22, 2010 15:06

Nice functionality, thanks! Would it be possible to enhance it by adding a Chrome extension like the one Evernote uses? I personally do not like the bookmark toolbar.

Dec 22, 2010 05:56

Update: I removed Chrome 9 (beta) and installed Chrome 8 (stable) and things appear to be working correctly with Gmail links now.

Dec 22, 2010 05:00

I Love the new bookmarklet feature, but just realised after adding a stack of email tasks that it’s not working correctly for me.

Using Gmail on Chrome 9 beta (that might be my problem) the bookmarklet saves a truncated link each time eg:

This link ends up at my Google Apps gmail homepage.

Dec 20, 2010 21:32

Great feature. I knew I need sth to clear my email inbox but i didn’t now how to find some stuff later. Now it’s so easy. Thanks a lot

Juan Ros
Dec 20, 2010 08:31

Great stuff! One question for Mac experts – I can’t get the Keyboard Shortcuts added to the Applescripts. Any idea why that would be? Thanks again, Nozbe, for great improvements!

Sumit Monga
Dec 19, 2010 21:54

Great work guys. This makes my life so much easier and work more productive. I have one request, can you guys focus on Windows, Linux and Android users( Which would be me and so many others) a little more as well. Most of the new features I am seeing lately have been focusing on Mac and other apple products only.

Svetlana Filimonova
Dec 18, 2010 22:53

Completely disagree with previous post on Desktop app for Mac. The power of nozbe is multi platform and agility now as soon as they introduce any desktop client both aspects will suffer. And remember there not only Mac users here, I prefer mac at home over windows but my work is really tightly coupled to windows and I’m ok with that. Moreover, I prefer Nozbe over Omnifocus mostly for the reason it does give me independence from platform.
@Michael Is there any plans to implement “applescript” like solution on windows? Maybe I can help with that being a windows developer myself.

Viktor Fekete
Dec 17, 2010 16:18

It looks nice and I really appreciate that you try to make Nozbe more and more convenient for us, but instead of this kind of patching as a Mac user I would prefer to have a system-integrated Mac app from you (like Things or OmniFocus). Together with the on-line feature it would be unbeatable! :)

Erik Bijlsma
Dec 17, 2010 13:24

Sorry, “bookmarklet” doesn’t work with my IE8

Dec 17, 2010 12:38

no worries, saved link and got the script, sorry :-)

Dec 17, 2010 11:54

PS. good work, love the apple scripts Thanks

Dec 17, 2010 11:53

Now I know how to do this, but cannot remember now. My Browser FF 3.6, is showing the contents of the link instead of running it ?? What do I have to do to fix this ?



Dec 17, 2010 10:38

Great again, good work guys !

Lars Reineke
Dec 17, 2010 09:13

Very nice. Is it possible to copy the current selection directly to the input field? Would save some typing for the most of us, I guess.

Dec 16, 2010 22:39

One more thing I forgot to mention in the post. The Bookmarklet was largely based on the great Instacalc Bookmarklet (you can see the similarities) as the guys behind Instacalc helped me understand what can and what cannot be done in a Bookmarklet :-)

Dec 16, 2010 22:36

Thanks guys for the heads up again. I told you we were working hard :-)

I really love these two features – I enjoy the Bookmarklet and I never knew the Applescripts on a Mac can be that powerful.

Brian, glad to see you back! The Bookmarklet was your idea after all and I enjoyed exchanging emails with you about it and I’m just sorry it took us so long to implement it, but I’m glad we finally did.

Brian Tait
Dec 16, 2010 21:54

Michael – I had to move on from Nozbe for a while, as I was missing the functionality that would easily enable me to add tasks from anywhere. With the Bookmarklet and apple scripts in place, I am returning to Nozbe! BTW – thanks for the recognition!

Joost Vuijk
Dec 16, 2010 20:46

How can I make this work for my iPad?

Dec 16, 2010 17:09

great feature.. got you another point. thanks

Dan Landrum
Dec 16, 2010 15:49

Wow, wow, wow. This is exactly what I was seeking. Thanks Michael and Mark. These are tremendous workflow aids.

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