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  • checklist-done Up to 1 team
  • checklist-done Up to 5 projects and 5 people
  • checklist-done Access up to 7 days of tasks history
  • checklist-done Unlimited tasks and comments
  • checklist-done Apps for Android, iPad and iPhone
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  • checklist-done Unlimited projects
  • checklist-done Unlimited storage
  • checklist-done Unlimited access to tasks history
  • checklist-done Sharing projects with other teams for free
  • checklist-done Project and Member groups
  • checklist-done Managing project access
  • checklist-done Project sections
  • checklist-done Creating templates
  • checklist-done Separate subscriptions for each of your teams
  • checklist-done Adjusting the user limit without additional costs
  • checklist-done And more!
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Listen to Michael, our CEO and founder, explain why we believe these prices will empower small teams to do great things. It’s not only about the numbers or revenue. It’s about making our software affordable (or free!) and making the cost for our customers as predictable and transparent as possible.
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Get started with Nozbe Premium today.
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  • 1. Can I use Nozbe for free?

    Yes. In Nozbe, you can have one free team for up to:

    • 5 active projects (accessible to everyone on the team)
    • 5 people
    • 3 sections in a project
    • 1 project template
    • 500 MB in attachments per team
    • 1 team admin
    • Up to 7 days of tasks history

    That’s right. All of that and no time limit. Free. Always. Forever.

    We offer your team so much for free! And apart from the powerful web app, we have amazing apps for both iPhone and Android.
    It’s all free, so don’t hesitate and sign your team up today!

    Please note that if you already have one free team and want to create another one, it will be automatically changed to a free Premium trial plan valid for seven days. After the trial expires, you can purchase a Premium plan or decide to remove one of your teams.

  • 2. Why should I upgrade to Nozbe Premium?

    As a Premium user, you don’t have to worry about any limitations. You can enjoy all the features:

    • Let your team grow and get everyone on board.
    • Get all of your projects done. Unlimited is much more than 5!
    • Work in smaller groups by creating invite-only projects.
    • Keep stuff organized! Create unlimited project sections.
    • Assign team admins to help you keep everything running smoothly.
    • Securely store all important documents and files (up to 100MB/file).
  • 3. How can I upgrade to Nozbe Premium?

    To upgrade to Nozbe Premium:

    • Log in to your account.
    • Tap on Settings > Go Premium.
    • Choose your plan and billing cycle (yearly or monthly).
    • Click on the Buy now button.

    Please note that each team in Nozbe is a separate subscription

    Before you ask, we have a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee (see below!), so if you still decide Nozbe is not for your team, you’ll get your money back. Pinky promise!

  • 4. Does each team in Nozbe require a separate subscription?

    Yes. Each team in Nozbe requires a separate subscription.

    For example, if you would like to have two Premium teams on your account, you will need to upgrade each of them separately. You will also receive two invoices.

    Note that the number of users you can invite to your team depends on the plan you choose, so the limit may be different for each of your teams.

    Please also remember that in Nozbe:

    1. You can be the owner of 1 free team.

    2. If you already have 1 free team and would like to create another one, it will be automatically changed to a free trial valid for 7 days. You can own only 1 team on the Premium Trial plan on your account.

    3. You can have as many Premium teams as you need. Each team is a separate subscription.

  • 5. What payment methods do you accept?

    Our online payment system accepts almost everything. Most credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express and many others), PayPal and Apple Pay, of course. We can even accept Sofort Banking, WebMoney, UnionPay and Trustly. And wire transfers if your billing address is in Poland.

    You can also use the Apple App Store in-app purchase system or Google Play in-app payments to pay for your Nozbe plan.

    Our online payment partner is, and they handle all payments and invoicing. Please note that we don’t charge additional fees, but your bank may (although we’d really like them not to do that).

  • 6. What if I will need to add more people to my team in the future?

    Start small but grow big! The significant advantage of a Nozbe account is its flexibility. You pay for the number of team members that you need. The team owner can adjust it anytime.

    The new plan will be applied immediately and without any additional payment. Our system will recalculate the unused funds from your previous subscription and change the expiration date of your new plan.

    The only caveat is that we can offer this kind of flexibility through our online payment system but cannot do it with Apple App Store or Google Play payments.

  • 7. What is your refund policy?

    We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders made via our online payment system.

    To get a refund, just cancel your Nozbe account within 30 days from the payment date and then contact our Customer Support.

    We do not refund any bank fees.

    If you paid via App Store or Google Play, please contact them to receive a refund.

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