Natalia Mialik


Natalia is the e-mail marketing specialist and customer support officer at Nozbe. She speaks Polish, English and French, and she’s responsible for building a good relationship with the French-speaking part of our Nozbe community. She also does some translating and proofreading and occasionally writes for our blog.

She is a foodie and loves trying and making up her own recipes. Travelling is a big passion of hers, as she’s always eager to learn about new cultures and get inspiration from her travels. She will usually spend her free time cooking with or for her family and friends.

Natalia is vegetarian and tries to be environmentally conscious. She fell in love with yoga over a year ago and trains regularly.

Where to find Natalia

  • Goodies blog — Natalia’s vegetarian food blog full of healthy comfort food. She posts every Tuesday and Thursday to give you both simple classics, as well as new, exotic and fun recipes.
  • Instagram — Natalia shares the food she makes, the food she eats and all the things she finds delicious.