Nozbe for real estate professionals

A versatile tool to organize your company!

Real estate professionals from across the globe have started using Nozbe as their ultimate task and project management system. You and your team can use Nozbe to easily and efficiently manage properties and clients, keep an eye on deadlines and access documents.

Keep Your Real Estate Team Organized

Nozbe is an easy yet effective solution for your firm. While implementing other real estate management apps may be costly and time-consuming, the clear and intuitive interface of Nozbe helps you and your employees easily master the app and quickly integrate it into your daily workflow. Make the internal communication process more cost efficient and less complex.

Wherever You Need to Go, Your Data Goes with You

Manage your real estate business anywhere, at any time, on any device - even offline! No matter if you are at a meeting with a vendor, buyer or tenant, thanks to Nozbe, you can have immediate access to your list of properties and quickly check all the details and information you may need. If you are out of your office and need to go through a house viewing, home inspection or any other checklist, all you need to do is to take your phone with you.

Make the Buying, Selling and Rental Process More Effective

Managing different real estate sales processes, including these which involve numerous stages, can be easier than you expected. If you and your employees always need the same set of steps to organize all necessary documents and information, project templates will be the fastest way to deal with it and to make sure you won’t forget about anything. It can save a lot of time and have a significant impact on the team`s performance.

Make Sure Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

Real estate professionals need to ensure that all necessary steps are completed on time. In Nozbe, you can set a due date for all of your and your team members’ tasks and enable reminders. One of the most appreciated features by real estate firms are repeating tasks. Thanks to this versatile function, you can set up tasks to repeat on a regular basis - for example, to keep track of tenant payments. Further, you can also view the Nozbe calendar if you want to check your and your team members’ schedules.

Your Business Security Is Our Top Priority

Our biggest priority is the security and safety of our customers, as well as the stability of our infrastructure. When you log into Nozbe, all established connections are secure and encrypted using SSL banking-level security. This solution, as well as the triple-backup technology (all drives are encrypted, too), gives real estate firms peace of mind when considering the information they keep in the system. Learn more about how we are protecting your data and how we implemented the GDPR.

All Your Digital Documents at Hand

Your reference materials should always be within hand’s reach when you are working on something important. In Nozbe, you can add attachments to your tasks and projects. You can upload them anytime and store them securely in the cloud. All your contracts, property photos and other documents are organized and easily accessible at all times, which helps you and your team complete assignments much quicker.

Flexible Way to Manage Properties, Clients and More!

Nozbe helps you manage your business in a flexible way. You can create different projects to organize the information about your properties, clients, tenants, etc. In each of them, add tasks to enter the details - for example, the description and related photos or documents. And that’s not all! Need to take care of administrative duties? Prepare a home inspection? Or maybe manage employees’ leave schedules? Creating projects allows you to organize almost everything you want, both in your firm, as well as in your private life.

Quick Access to The Information You Need

The more information you put in your trusted system, the more overwhelming it may seem. However, not in Nozbe! The app offers multiple solutions to help you find what you need. Use the search function to look for a specific client or data. If you have a long list of tasks within a project, you can enable sorting or use the filter function to view only tasks with a specific date, category, etc. These two functions can also be used in the Nozbe calendar or in the You + Team section when viewing tasks delegated to your employees.

Use cases

Lease Management – Flexibility and Ease of Use

I run a real estate leasing management company. My projects in Nozbe are grouped thematically, which is what allows our team members to work together and complete shared tasks efficiently. For example, we have a project called “Administration,” where we take care of general administrative matters; there is a project to manage all matters regarding tenants and another one for managing properties.

As well, we have also created projects that help us manage internal communication, like “Human Resources,” “Leave Management” or “Management” for communication with managers. We even have a project called “Off Topic,” where we can discuss some other things, like corporate events and so on.

Because Nozbe is a very flexible tool, I can use it to manage almost everything. That is why we created a separate project for our phone support. If it is needed, they can create a task, add a comment to describe the issue and then delegate it to another team member. I like to work this way, as well. When someone calls me and I need to take care of some things, I just create a new task to keep it all in one place.

Taking My Office with Me

As a real estate agent, I need to provide guidance to our buyers and sellers. It means that I usually spend more time in the field or on the road with my clients than in the office. One of the biggest advantages of using Nozbe is mobility. No matter on which device I use it, it always works the same way and has the same set of amazing functions.

A part of my job is viewing the property. For example, I often need to do the final home-inspection walk-through. All I need to do is take out my smartphone, open a Nozbe project related to the property and choose a task with the right checklist. If there are any issues, I add a comment to this task or create a new task within this project and delegate it to a person responsible with just one click. Everything in one place. That is why Nozbe helps us communicate with our team members better. We don’t need emails or phone calls anymore!

Nozbe makes my work more efficient, as I always have the right information available when I need it. For example, I attach all documents and photos directly to a project or a task. I can easily maintain and update the list of properties, as well as handle buying and selling a property. And that’s not all. Mobility has one more advantage. When I am on the road and don’t have access to my computer, it is important for me to have a trusted notification system. Nozbe reminds me of the tasks I need to complete and if I have a task that repeats at regular intervals, I simply set up a due date and assign the appropriate repeating pattern.

How I Manage Client Projects

I often use project labels and templates in my daily work. Whether you are selling Mr. G’s house or looking to purchase a warehouse for Mrs. B, each client has their own set of work: you need to check the documentation of the properties, you need your client to provide you with detailed information on what they are selling or looking for, etc. You may be thinking, “So what do you suggest I do?” Well, this is my suggestion.

I would start with deciding on either titling your project by the name of a client (but that is only beneficial if you will be working on it alone) or using labels. If, for any reason, you wish for the client to have access to the project or to have some other parties involved, I would then recommend labeling instead.

So, I would have projects A, B, C available, with a label for Mr. Smith (if that is my client). In project A, I would create a list of things that I need the client to supply me with and share it with them. For instance:

  • Requirements as to the property (in case of purchase) or copies of documents such as an extract from the land and mortgage register (in case of sale).
  • Documentation on mortgage and a description of the current state, along with photos (or description of expected state) and so on.
Project B, on the other hand, would be my private project for collecting offers regarding given client, later to be passed to project A, for instance.

Project C could be a great place to work with someone who does not need to be involved directly with Mr. Smith, but whose involvement you need to get all the documents verified.

Each of those projects can also be saved as a template for later use with another client. Also, extensive application of check-lists might be of aid, if you would rather have fewer projects.

This is just one proposal. Nozbe is a flexible tool, and there are many different possibilities.

The design really does look absolutely lovely, and the functionality is really smooth and intuitive, and very well suited to making batch changes, which is a wonderful change. I already found Nozbe to be very usable and super easy to integrate into my day-to-day.
— Kathryn
I use Nozbe on the desktop (mac) and on Android (phone and tablet) and I love how all versions feel basically the same. This makes switching between devices really easy.
— Róbert
Thanks again for Nozbe, It's really changing the way I do things, but most importantly, the way I see things to be done, now I feel the day is a game, where I can check as many tasks as possible, without getting all worked up. Also, Nozbe has helped me realise I do many more things than I thought I did, since I can see all my tasks, when completed, together. Feels great.
— Amaya
I have been a Nozbe user for a very long time and use it multiple times a day, every day. Thank you for creating it. It has literally changed my life by allowing me to manage my time more efficiently.
— Carrick Speirs

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