Your Essential Guide To Team Productivity

If you are about to start using Nozbe not only as your personal project management tool but also as a team collaboration booster, read on.

How we work with translators in Nozbe

Nozbe supports many languages. We offer not only the app, but also on-boarding, educational materials, blog posts, email campaigns and newsletters in multiple languages. To get these materials all sorted and delivered on time, we set up a simple system for collaborating with contractors based all over the world.

Why Your Team Isn’t Getting Things Done (And How to Change It)

Ah, productivity. It can be the bane of our existence. Whether your team works remotely or in-house, when your team isn’t on the ball, productivity suffers, morale drops, and revenue goes down.

Worst of all, stuff piles up so that everyone becomes more frustrated and even less motivated. Working on your own productivity is one thing. But how the heck do you make a whole team more productive so that stuff gets done?

How to effectively work with your team in Nozbe - Part 16 of our FAQ series

Welcome back to our FAQ series in which we tackle the most popular questions our users send us in their e-mails. In this blogpost, we’ll take a closer look at the collaboration features in Nozbe.

7 Tips for Improving and Tracking Your Remote Team’s Productivity

Working with remote teams is becoming more and more common. Organizations can save a great deal of money on taxes and labor costs by hiring staff in different states or countries. But working remotely comes with a number of challenges. Coordinating groups operating in different time zones can be challenging, and communication is also a challenge. Follow these seven tips for improving and tracking your remote team’s productivity.

7 ways to be a better colleague

We have all had difficult colleagues. You know, those peers that cause you to roll your eyes and complain when they are not around. Difficult colleagues make work harder and create even more headaches for the person who has to manage her/him.

Part 5 of our monthly FAQ blog post series - Joining a team

Welcome back to our FAQ series in which we answer popular questions that our users ask us in their emails. This month we’re discussing joining a team.

Visionary meets Strategic – how to use your strengths at work

An interview with Dominik Juszczyk, Gallup-Certified Strengths coach, who helps teams increase their productivity and efficiency.

During our last Nozbe reunion you conducted a workshop for our team. It was all about our talents :-) The workshop was based on our results from the StrengthsFinder test created by the Gallup Strengths Center that we took beforehand. What are “talents” anyway?

Hearing the word “talent,” we usually think of someone who can sing, dance or do something different, unique. We think of them in terms of the popular “Got Talent” TV show. Working according to the talents and strengths-based development method, we use a different definition. A talent may be an ability to make quick decisions, adopt a cautious approach to a problem, analyze other people’s emotions, or talk to strangers. Each of these traits is a talent. The Gallup Organization’s official definition of a talent is an innate and recurring pattern of reaction, feeling and action.

What We’ve Learned About Weekly Review And TGIF After 8 Weeks

During the Nozbe Reunion in October, we had the opportunity to discuss a new policy in our company, called “Thank God It’s Friday” (we mentioned it in our previous post). It’s tough to admit, but before we launched it, hardly any of us had been doing a regular review. Michael decided to change that, and now we can reveal our conclusions and tips for everyone who would like to follow the “TGIF” policy.

Design your Friday

The main lesson for Friday-lovers is to focus on your own schedule. Think of TGIF as a day designed by yourself, not imposed on you by your day-to-day duties, a task list or your boss. You are the only one who decides what to do after the review.

Presenting our #NozbeOffice!

Last week, we published the #NozbeOffice gallery made of photos taken by you - Nozbe users. This awesome collection would be incomplete without our offices. Well, we mean #NoOffices :) As you know, at Nozbe we don’t have one common workplace. Instead of that, we work from our homes or wherever we feel like working.

Today we’re presenting you our desks. We are different people with different needs, but together - thanks to Nozbe - we are powerful!