Nozbe Teams Press Kit

Nozbe Teams is a universal and practical to-do app for teams. It’s been designed to help small teams communicate effectively in order to complete tasks and projects even quicker.

Nozbe comes with all the features that let users get organized and focused on getting stuff done. Our mission is to teach people task-based communication - the e-mail-free and bias-free method that will help companies succeed.

  • Nozbe Teams has helped to simplify my business!
    - Dorothy Whalen

Key Facts

Nozbe Teams is a product by Nozbe - the company established in 2007 and ever since functioning and growing without an office. We all work remotely.

Nozbe Teams is currently in Open Beta phase which means that not all the features are available yet as we keep improving and testing the app’s functionality.

Our customers are mostly small teams of 5-30, just like ours - we know how to help them do great things. Nozbe Teams is a fruit of a 12-year experience our company gained running a GTD®-based task and project management app… that we wanted to make even better adapted to the teams’ needs.

Unlike other project management apps, Nozbe Teams has been designed mobile-first, so the user have full control over their team’s projects and tasks right from their iPhone or Android device.

Available all over the world - soon to be translated to 10 more languages.

91% of the teams using our app say Nozbe Teams helps them collaborate better.

Nozbe founder and CEO is Michael Sliwinski - entrepreneur, productivity expert and #nooffice and #TaskBasedCommunication evangelist.

Nozbe Team

Key Features Available in Nozbe Teams BETA


Shared projects

Quickly create and share projects with your team to collaborate effectively.


Sections in projects

Group task in projects and organize your work avoiding too complicated structures at the same time.


Task-based communication

Keep all related tasks and discuss key issues in one place to run projects efficiently.


Activity section

Keep track of everything that’s going on in the projects that are important to you.



Group and manage your tasks to get better organized.


Web and mobile apps

for iOS and Android: Access your team projects from anywhere.

Plans & Pricing

Nozbe Teams Free

Up to 5 people with up to 5 active “open” projects.

Nozbe Teams Premium

You choose how many people are on your team, unlimited projects and sections (and many more to come).

Sign up

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By applying, you agree to receive Nozbe Teams-related emails, and you accept our Terms and Conditions. Please note this is a Nozbe Teams BETA version that is still undergoing active development and testing. We cannot provide any warranties as to the suitability or usability of our software at this stage.