Szukamy programisty JavaScript - Nozbe rekrutuje

Cześć! Po 13 latach obecności na rynku wypuściliśmy zupełnie nowy produkt, stworzony przy użyciu najbardziej zaawansowanych dostępnych technologii: Nozbe Teams. Nozbe Teams pomaga zespołom efektywnie zarządzać pracą i komunikować się przez zadania. Nasze ambicje są ogromne i przed nami dużo pracy. Powiększamy więc zespół deweloperski. Jeśli umiesz tworzyć zaawansowane aplikacje Reactowe, ta oferta może być dla Ciebie. A jeśli nie jesteś programistą, ale znasz kogoś kto jest — wyślij mu tego posta!

You’re gonna love working at Nozbe — here’s why:

  • We’re an all-remote company. Work from home is not a 2020 fad for us — in the last 13 years, we’ve only ever worked remotely. We have no office. You can work from wherever you live.
  • We have our own way of doing things. We work asynchronously. We avoid meetings, and don’t interrupt each other on Slack all the time. We question everything, make decisions based on feedback from the whole team, change our minds, and it’s ok.
  • You’ll manage your own work. We have no full-time managers at Nozbe. After you’re onboarded, you will have your own area of responsibility, and we’ll trust you to make good decisions there.
  • Twice a year, we meet in person for 4 days in a nice place to get to know each other, hang out, eat, and have fun together. (2020 is an exception!)
  • Mighty Fridays. We don’t work on the product on Fridays. Every Friday is a day for learning!
  • Nozbe is self-funded. We’ve been in business (and profitable) for 13 years with no investors. We don’t care about fast growth, instead, we’re building a great product for the next decade!
  • We offer 8500-11000 PLN/month net (invoice)
  • We pay half the price of your hardware, healthcare, education, conferences, workshops, training, and sports. Every year, you’ll get 4000 PLN to give to charities of your choice.

What we expect from you

  • Great JavaScript skill (we use ES6)
  • Experience with complex React apps
  • Your code is clean, self-documenting, and you can write tests
  • Either good web development skills (CSS, etc.) or experience with mobile development (React Native, iOS, Android)
  • Fluent English (if your English is a little rusty, we’ll chip in 200zł/mo for your English lessons)
  • Excellent communication skills. We do most of our collaboration over text, not in meetings or in person, so to avoid frustration, we expect each other to articulate their problems and solutions clearly in writing
  • You’re a fast learner, and you always want to learn new skills.
  • Planning & organization. You can work from home, and you can organize and plan your work effectively.


Here are some skills that would be a big plus.

Don’t worry, no one can be expected to have all of them — but any of them is helpful. We’re looking for people who have solid basic skills and also one or two skills they uniquely bring to the team.

  • React Native (big plus! also: reanimated, react-native-gesture-handler)
  • Frontend security
  • An eye for design
  • Static typing (we use Flow)
  • Mobile development and/or any native platform (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows)
  • FP
  • RxJS (or other reactive functional programming library)
  • Performance engineering
  • Build systems (webpack, babel, ci; we write our own codemods, babel transforms, etc.)
  • Tests (Jest, Enzyme, Cypress, Detox)
  • Databases (SQLite, IndexedDB)
  • Advanced Web APIs (Service Workers, IDB, Web Animations, etc.)
  • Python (that’s what our backend team uses)
  • Our products and open source (Nozbe Personal, Nozbe Teams, WatermelonDB, ZACS)
  • Fluent Polish language skills ;)

What you’ll do at Nozbe

  • You’ll build and maintain Nozbe Teams at a world-class technical level
  • You’ll shape new features alongside a designer (not just code according to specs)
  • You’ll continuously improve our development experience, tooling, set new coding standards, and maintain a very high bar for code quality.
  • You’ll lead in a technical area of responsibility (according to your skills, or skills you want to develop, and our needs; for example, Leon’s responsible for Android and UX, Konrad’s on top of frontend security, and Radziu works on Infra & Performance)
  • You’ll bring your experience, opinions, product feedback, and your best memes to the team. We want you to help us build a better product and a better company, not just spit out new features.

Are you in?

Send us your CV, in English, to until 2020-07-31. If we like what we see, we’ll work together on a small project (after we agree on a timeframe and wage, of course).