Friday Tip: Invite your team members to some of your projects and communicate through tasks!

Nozbe Everyone’s day equals 24 hours, that’s an undeniable fact, very often we are so crazy busy that we can’t even find enough time to rest (sounds familiar?). In one of my interviews Jason Womack puts it this way: “I remembered it really started going downhill when I started training myself to sleep 4 hours a night. I knew something had to change because it wasn’t sustainable." Don’t try to train yourself in sleeping less.

Friday tip: Are your tasks big and scary? Slice them to pieces and get them done one by one!

Nozbe Note: We’ve decided to run a new series called Friday Tip on our blog and every Friday we’ll be posting a piece of advice that will help you get more done. Today let’s talk about projects. Something Michael, Nozbe CEO, is talking about in his 10 steps to Ultimate Productivity Course. What is a project? To put it simply, a project requires more than one step to be completed. Projects can vary from e.