Asynchronous communication is key!

Email is for handshakes
but NOT for working together in a team.

Say goodbye to e-mail

Why email is bad
for your business

Are you still using email for your company’s internal communication?
If so, then it’s most likely decreasing your team’s productivity.

When Ray Tomlinson created email, it revolutionized the way we communicate. We were finally able to stop relying on phones and snail mail. We were free to get in touch with people from all over the world with just a few clicks.

But that happened in 1971 – over 50 years ago.
Since then, we’ve discovered that email, especially when used for business collaboration, has its flaws. The major ones include:

multiple queries

Multiple queries
in one email

People try to be ‘productive’, so they send you multiple questions on different subjects… in one email. Making it even more difficult to process.
reply all

CCs, BCCs, Reply All…

Just to make sure you don’t offend anyone important or leave someone out, you include almost every team member in your email…
buzz and noise

The buzz and noise
of unwanted mail

…and you also get copies of everyone’s emails, too. Even when the described matter doesn’t concern you at all.
Inbox infinity

Inbox infinity

Without proper everyday maintenance, your inbox will infinitely grow with tons of open and unprocessed emails, causing you to forget about stuff that needs to get done and creating delays.
mixed and lost

Important stuff gets
mixed and lost

Even the most important emails can get lost in your Junk, in other folders, or in a never-ending pile of newsletters and ads.
email are not secure at all

Not secure at all

Emails travel through the web and are stored on servers unencrypted and in plain text. Basically, anyone can get ahold of your confidential business correspondence.
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So, let’s say it out loud:

Email is not good for your business. It’s a blast from the past.

The good news is we’ve got a solution

that will help you finally ditch email…

…and boost your team’s productivity.

An app designed especially for efficient collaboration.


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Andre Tzschaschel, CEO of Valuemedia GmbH

Andre recommends Nozbe

Nozbe is our productivity booster. We use it for all team-related and personal our to-do's and things that need to be organized and accomplished. It is our external brain.

Andre Tzschaschel, CEO of Valuemedia GmbH

Don’t send emails:
just update tasks!

Asynchronous communication – the key to productive teamwork

At Nozbe, we believe in asynchronous work. This means that the majority of our everyday to-dos gets done asynchronously within tasks and projects in Nozbe. No emails. No calls.
Just calm, deep work.

    Step 1.

    Set up your account for free and create projects for each major component you or your team need to get done.

    set up your team

    Step 2.

    In each project, add tasks and assign people to these tasks.

    add tasks assign people

    Step 3.

    Add comments or attachments to tasks to clarify what needs to be done.

    add comments and attachments
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Benefits of asynchronous communication
in Nozbe

Thanks to asynchronous communication, your team can focus on getting work done.

actionable tasks

Make tasks actionable

A major project is less intimidating when split into small, actionable tasks. Any necessary info can be added as a task comment, including images, checklists and reference materials. When a task is done, simply mark it as complete.
clear responsibilities

Set clear responsibilities

Delegate a task to your teammate with just a few clicks. The task will show up in their Incoming, so they won’t overlook it.
Everyone in your team will know who is responsible for each task and when it’s due, as well as see the work’s progress in comments.
productive discussions

Lead productive discussions

Instead of endless, off-topic email chains and chaotic chats, run structured discussions in tasks by commenting on them.
If you need someone’s help with a task you’re working on, let them know by @mentioning them in a comment!
control center

Take full control of your workspace

It’s up to you which projects you want to follow closely. All updates on these projects are shown in your Activity view,
but only you choose which tasks are your Priorities.
access important stuff

Easily access the important stuff

With all tasks neatly organized in projects, your team has all the information they may need within reach. Any project or task can quickly be looked up, even after it’s been archived.
store your data safely

Store your data safely

We take the safety and confidentiality of your data seriously. Thanks to full SSL banking-level encryption and multiple live backups, you can rest assured that your tasks
are safe and sound.
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With discussions led in task comments, tasks neatly organized in projects and clear responsibilities, you’ll quickly notice how much more productive and efficient your team can be.

Use email just for handshakes

When communicating internally with your team, you should use email exclusively for handshakes, not collaboration.

Why handshakes?

A handshake is the beginning of your teamwork. It’s the initial point.
When you start building your team in Nozbe, you send invitations to your colleagues using their email addresses. They accept the invitation and create their accounts.
And that’s a handshake.

Then, you start collaborating with them using tasks and comments.
And you never have to send emails to each other again. It’s that easy.
email just for handshakes
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make emails actionable

Make your emails actionable

If you receive too many emails, you may be struggling with determining your priority duties and getting them done in time.
Thanks to Nozbe, however, you can turn your mail into actionable, easy to manage tasks!

It’s easy as 1-2-3:

① Go to your account settings and generate your unique Nozbe email address

Forward an email that you want to make actionable to that address. All attachments from that email will also be forwarded to Nozbe!

Use #hashtags to add all the necessary parameters - project, due date, responsibility, etc.

Read more about emailing tasks →
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Joint projects

A revolution in online collaboration!

Until now, you’ve probably communicated with other teams and businesses via email. And you most likely know how messy such email chains can get with time.

With Nozbe, collaboration between different teams is easy.
Simply invite the other team to a project via email. That’s the last email you’ll ever have to send them – the handshake.
All they need to do is accept the invitation and create a free team account.
And then you can start collaborating with them in a joint project.

Read more about joint projects →
joint projects
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