Work and technology from the #NoOffice company perspective. Michael and Rafal talk about building products and a team in 100% remotely environment since 2007. Hosts: Michael Sliwinski (CEO Nozbe) and Rafał Sobolewski (VP Product).

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work and technology from the No Office company perspective

Join our discussion about remote work and work from home!

Every two weeks we discuss one of the aspects of working remotely from home based on our experience of running an all-remote team - which we’ve been doing for the last 13 years. Join our listeners, send in your questions and share your experience with us! Introduce an effective and productive remote lifestyle to your organization. Listen to our latest episodes:

Work from home with your team

Nozbe organizes your distributed team with simplicity of a to-do list with speed and versatility of communication tools like email or chat.
Andre Tzschaschel, CEO of Valuemedia GmbH

Andre recommends Nozbe

Nozbe is our productivity booster. We use it for all team-related and personal our to-do's and things that need to be organized and accomplished. It is our external brain.

Andre Tzschaschel, CEO of Valuemedia GmbH