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Join marketers from all over the world and use Nozbe to effortlessly manage your strategic and creative processes so that you can stay focused on creating effective content and unforgettable campaigns.
Nozbe for marketing

8 reasons why marketers
choose Nozbe

Task-Based Communication

Implement Task-Based Communication

Task-based communication ensures you never miss a thing. Ditch email and chat for internal communication, and create a clear information flow. Discuss ideas, add files in task comments, and provide feedback related to a specific assignment all within a dedicated project.
streamline strategic work

Streamline Your Strategic Work

Structure your projects by adding sections
to plan your campaigns and define stages or milestones. Assign tasks to your teammates, explain details in the comments, and keep your workflow neat.
manage client relationships

Manage Client Relationships And Accounts Efficiently

Happy clients generate a profitable business. Record their feedback, track communication and deliver work on time with a dedicated project for every client.
automate processes save time

Ensure Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

Make sure all necessary steps are completed on time. Set task dates, enable reminders, and use the repeating tasks feature
to automate processes and save time.
digital documents

Have All Your Digital Documents at Hand

Find what you need in the blink of an eye and access it any time. Add artwork, spreadsheets and other documents to your tasks and store them securely in the cloud.
implement with flexibility and ease

Implement the System with Flexibility and Ease

No learning curve here: the clear interface
of Nozbe will help your team easily master the app and integrate it into your work and communication flow.
manage business anywhere on any device

Take Your Office with You

Manage your business anywhere, at any time, on any device! Thanks to Nozbe, you will have immediate access to necessary information from wherever you are. No matter on which device you use the app, it works the same way and has the same set of amazing features.
track and review work

Track and Review Your Work

With just one click, you can view all your priority tasks or check out new activity in the projects and find out what your teammates are working on. It’s never been easier to review and track progress!
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5 steps to start


Create a project for each of your campaigns
or other marketing plans, and structure it by adding sections. Add actionable tasks, so your team knows what needs to be done.


Keep all necessary information in one place. Add comments to exchange and discuss ideas, provide feedback, and upload files.


Set a date for any task and enable reminders
to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Create recurring tasks for actions that need to be completed on a regular basis.


Easily assign tasks to other team members
and focus on the effective task-based communication. In the ‘Team members’ view, you can always find out what the others are working on.


With just one click view all your incoming tasks
or check out new activity in the projects you follow. Complete tasks and move projects forward.
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Free to start, affordable
for large and small marketing teams

How many users?
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Start working on tasks completely free
up to 3 users
✔︎ 3 active projects with unlimited tasks and comments
✔︎ 1 Free workspace
✔︎ 1-3 users for free
No credit card needed. No time limit.
✔︎ 500MB data storage (10MB/file)
✔︎ Up to 3 project sections and 3 tags
✔︎ 7 days of history in completed tasks
✖️ No access to Premium features


Suits all your business needs
Best value
per month (+taxes)
✔︎ Unlimited projects, tasks and comments
✔︎ 1 workspace + 1 Free space on your account
✔︎ Lower cost per user as team grows
✔︎ 20GB storage/user (200MB/file)
✔︎ Unlimited project sections and tags
✔︎ Unlimited history of tasks and projects
✔︎ Unlimited shared projects with other Nozbe spaces
✔︎ Unlimited project templates
✔︎ Time tracking features
✔︎ More features: limited-access projects and tags, project and user groups and more!


For power users and growing teams
Unlimited power
per month (+taxes)
✔︎ All Premium features
✔︎ Unlimited workspaces - perfect if you have many departments, teams or businesses
✔︎ Unlimited data storage (200MB/file)
✔︎ More Business features coming soon!

Set up your marketing team for the digital age

Nozbe organizes your distributed team with simplicity of a to-do list with speed and versatility of communication tools like email or chat.
marketing team digital age