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SMART* Business Owners and their teams have been choosing Nozbe since 2007 to get it all done.

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* SMART Business Owner…

…like yourself wants to get things done in a SIMPLE way, have fewer MEETINGS and achieve your AMBITIONS while embracing REMOTE work and valuing TIME of everyone on your team!

    more time for actual work

    SIMPLICITY in business and life

    SMART Business Owners use simple to use but powerful tools like Nozbe.

    Nozbe app is as easy to use as sending emails or messages… but much more organized and clear. The whole team will get up to speed quickly and finally won’t be overwhelmed.

    When all business aspects are organized into projects, tasks, and comments in Nozbe, all assignments are clear, there is less time spent talking about work and more time doing the actual work and delivering better results. That’s the power of simplicity!

    MEETINGS: fewer and more efficient

    SMART Business Owners want less time spent on meetings and more focused on doing deep work.

    With actual work done asynchronously in projects and tasks, they don’t need to run so many unnecessary status meetings.

    And when they need to host a meeting, it won’t take as much time and will be more effective – because the main discussion is done in Nozbe. Every detail is already written down in comments to tasks.

    put an end to chaotic emails
    make it easy to share tasks

    AMBITION: your small team does great things

    SMART Business Owners genuinely believe in their team. They know that they can work better and more efficiently than their bigger competitors.

    One of our Nozbe customers said: 「It makes sense to use this app because my people do not forget things and we are closing more sales in our business by keeping track of all the tasks. This app is making us real money!

    Longer stretches of uninterrupted time to do the actual work means a much higher ROI (Return On Investment) on everyone’s time.

    When teams work in projects and tasks in Nozbe, they need fewer follow-up calls, meetings or emails. There is more trust in the process and the team.

    REMOTE and hybrid work is here

    SMART Business Owners want to be able to run their business entirely from a smartphone.

    Nozbe is their office in the cloud, with all the information sychronized across all devices. Nozbe is as powerful on the desktop with browser interface or apps for Mac and Windows, as it is on Android smartphones as well as iPads and iPhones.

    After all, work is not a place to go but it’s a thing to do. SMART Business Owners embrace remote and hybrid work, allowing their team to have the flexibility of working from anywhere.

    better meetings
    better meetings

    TIME for work and leisure

    SMART Business Owners want a better work-life balance for themselves as well as people they work with. They know it affects the effectiveness and long-term success of their team.

    They want to stay focused and avoid distractions both at work and in private life, so they organize everything in projects and tasks.

    In Nozbe, they can manage their separate professional and private workspaces. This way they get everythying done efficiently both at work and in life. All with one app.

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Remote Teamwork the Ultimate Guide

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Explore more Nozbe features

Multiple workspaces

Multiple workspaces

Create a space for your company, department, team, or to separate work & personal life. Start with one Free space, upgrade to Premium or set up multiple spaces on the Business plan.
Projects shared with others

Projects shared with others

Work on your projects with other teams, organizations or subcontractors. Instead of trying to coordinate stuff via email, you can leverage the same power of projects, tasks and comments to work with others!
Convert emails to tasks

Convert emails to tasks

Set up your individual Nozbe email address and forward emails and attachments to Nozbe to convert them to tasks. This way no actionable email gets lost or forgotten.
Project Templates

Project templates

If you’re repeating the same set of tasks over and over, convert them to a template. This way you’ll have a proven checklist when onboarding a new client or team member, preparing a monthly report or fullfiling a customer’s order.
Reminders & Notifications

Reminders & notifications

Set due dates and multiple reminders for your tasks. Receive push and email notifications to ensure that all necessary steps are completed on time.
Smartphone app

Smartphone app

Get our dedicated apps for the Mac, Windows, Android, iPad and iPhone. Nozbe apps even work offline! It is the perfect tool for hybrid or remote teams and those who work on the go.
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Are we liked? Listen to our customers!

Truly cross-platform functionality

Truly cross-platform!

Most productivity apps out there claim they are cross-platform, the user experience is often non-coherent or even nerve-racking, particularly on mobile devices.

This is not the case with Nozbe. It’s truly cross-platform. Importantly, Nozbe works offline too, which is another major advantage over the competition.
- Csaba Vadadi-Fulop
Nozbe in a Graphic Design Team

Nozbe in a Graphic Design Team

As we grew, we got to the point where I just couldn’t remember everything anymore. I started looking around for some sort of project management software that can help me have it set up.

I just wanted a system where I could know that I had everything in there. I wasn’t going to forget anything. I wasn’t going to drop any balls for clients or miss deadlines. And Nozbe really helped me do that.
- Sarah Harkleroad
reliable, trustworthy, enjoyable to use

Reliable and enjoyable to use

I trust the data security. I know the company is totally committed to improving the product.

We did dabble in a couple of competitors, and they were just too much, too complicated. Too many features.

What our team needed was something simple, reliable, trustworthy, something that was fun and attractive and enjoyable to use.
- Mike St. Pierre

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Start working on tasks completely free
up to 3 users
✔︎ 3 active projects with unlimited tasks and comments
✔︎ 1 Free workspace
✔︎ 1-3 users for free
No credit card needed. No time limit.
✔︎ 500MB data storage (10MB/file)
✔︎ Up to 3 project sections and 3 tags
✔︎ 7 days of history in completed tasks
✖️ No access to Premium features


Suits all your business needs
Best value
per month (+taxes)
✔︎ Unlimited projects, tasks and comments
✔︎ 1 workspace + 1 Free space on your account
✔︎ Lower cost per user as team grows
✔︎ 20GB storage/user (200MB/file)
✔︎ Unlimited project sections and tags
✔︎ Unlimited history of tasks and projects
✔︎ Unlimited shared projects with other Nozbe spaces
✔︎ Unlimited project templates
✔︎ Time tracking features
✔︎ More features: limited-access projects and tags, project and user groups and more!


For power users and growing teams
Unlimited power
per month (+taxes)
✔︎ All Premium features
✔︎ Unlimited workspaces - perfect if you have many departments, teams or businesses
✔︎ Unlimited data storage (200MB/file)
✔︎ More Business features coming soon!
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