Control is good

… But trust is so much better!

Boost your team’s productivity by creating an environment of trust, whether you work in an office or remotely.

See how you and your team can achieve greatness with Nozbe by trusting each other.
control is good trust is better

Should I trust my employees?

Or should I control them?

At Nozbe, we want to tackle the myth that ‘trust is good, but control is better.’ We believe in the very opposite.

As a remote company, we’ve never wanted to control each other with to-dos or time spent on tasks. We’ve quickly noticed that people’s actions and the work they do speak for themselves, so we can let go of controlling them.
There was no point in trying to ‘control’ them – as long as someone delivers on their duties, they should be able to work freely without Big Brother invigilating.

We’ve also quickly noticed that once we let people work freely, their productivity increases.
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Why trust is better

The benefits of trusting people and ditching constant control

assess by the results delivered

Assessing people’s work by
the results they deliver

It’s easy to fake being busy. People who want to convince you that they’re overloaded with work know how to do that.

When you create an environment of trust in a team, you stop assessing your teammates’ work by how occupied they look and you start seeing and evaluating the actual results of their efforts.
less resources on constant control

Less resources spent
on constant control

Constant control requires a ton resources: hiring micro-managers, paying for surveillance software and hardware, spending work time on writing reports…

By trusting your teammates, you make them want to show you their results. And you see these results in every-day communication. No spies or secret service gear needed.
happier, motivated, more relaxed team

A happier, motivated, and more relaxed team

Constant workplace surveillance boosts stress levels, making an employee focus on constantly showing that they are working instead of actually doing their jobs.

When you begin to trust people with their work, you’ll quickly notice how less stressed and more motivated your team is. Because a relaxed employee is an efficient employee!
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working in tasks promotes trust

Working in tasks
promotes trust

See how task-based communication can benefit your team

In order to run an efficient business, you should not only create a friendly work environment by trusting your teammates. You should also give them the tools that will allow them to show you the results of their work.

This is where the task-based communication comes in handy. It is based on an easy-to-use-and-follow structure that your team will instantly get the hang of:

Projects -> Tasks -> Comments -> DONE

All of your team’s work happens in one place: tasks are grouped into projects in a trusted productivity system. All communication on a task is achieved via powerful task comments, with clear due dates and responsibilities. And then these tasks get done!

Learn more about the task-based communication →

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Build an environment of trust with Nozbe

The only productivity app built with a friendly work environment in mind

    Focus on deep work

    while promoting feedback culture

    Nozbe allows people to focus on the most important part of their duties – deep work.

    All tasks that require a person’s attention automatically show up in their Incoming. Everyone knows what they are responsible for thanks to clear delegations. They can easily select the tasks they want to work on by marking them as their Priority.

    At the same time, our app encourages teams to provide feedback in comments. Your teammates can easily ask for others’ feedback to move their work forward and improve the general outcome.

    focus on deep work
    clear status of tasks

    The clear status of tasks

    All the updates on assignments in one place

    When you start working on a task, use the comments to add detailed info, post updates, or exchange feedback with others.

    With all that information in one place, you won’t need to check-in so often on people. No need to interrupt them anymore – just check the task! And if things aren’t moving forward, @mention the person responsible in a comment.

    You can also use the Team view to see what’s on everyone’s plate, who’s responsible for what, and whether there are any delays.

    Data transparency

    Open and private projects

    All projects in Nozbe are open by default. These open projects allow your team to have access to all the information whenever they need it. Your teammates can choose which of these projects they want to follow closely and receive updates on.

    Nozbe also allows you to set up private projects – in case you need to control access to some information – or maybe organize a surprise birthday party for your coworker. 🎂

    data transparency
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what is task-based communication

For teams working on-site and remotely

A modern tool for businesses working synchronously and asynchronously

As a 100% remote company, we wanted to build a tool that will benefit not only the traditional businesses but also those teams that are working without an office.

Whether your business or organization works out of one room or in different offices, cities, or countries, Nozbe helps your team to achieve greatness by improving the one thing all of these work environments have in common – the need for great workplace communication.

Nozbe is available as a web app, Chrome PWA, as well as an app for Android and iOS. Thanks to Nozbe, your team can get their tasks done from any place on Earth.