Why should you choose Nozbe

Because it’s not just a to-do app.
It’s a complete productivity system, focused on you getting stuff done with your team or alone.

Simple, task-based, and mobile-first.
Built for teams of all shapes and sizes working in all industries.
Suitable also for teams of one - no matter if you need to manage your one-person business or private projects.

The to-do app.
The communication tool.
The fastest way to DONE.

Tasks are not a feature. They are the main component.

Many modern project management apps have tasks as an additional feature, as an afterthought.

After over a decade in business, we’ve recognized that tasks are the most important part of organization and project management,
so we’ve centered our app around them.
    simple and powerful organize work

    So simple, yet so powerful

    Nozbe helps you organize every aspect of your day-to-day work, while remaining easy to use and master. Designed for teams of all industries, shapes, and sizes.

    Create your team for free, invite your team members, and start working in projects.

    We’ve optimized our features so that your whole team will learn quickly by doing and won’t be overwhelmed.

    No more onboarding trainings.

    Focus, and stay in the know

    Nozbe helps you concentrate on calm, deep work every day, at any given time – all thanks to our revolutionary task-based communication.

    Simply create projects and populate them with tasks. Set due dates and keep track of all the necessary info and files in comments. Once you’re done with a task, check it off.

    Clear responsibilities and discussions led in comments help you easily keep track of your team’s activity.

    No more follow-up calls, meetings, and emails.
    focus and concentrate on deep work
    mobile apps

    Be present, everywhere

    Designed with the latest tech solutions and cloud architecture, Nozbe synchronizes instantly and works like a charm on any device. It also works offline.

    Nozbe is available as a web app and as mobile apps for iOS and Android.

    We’ve created it with a mobile-first approach, making it a perfect tool for remote teams and those who work on-the-go, as well as for businesses that want to stay versatile without making sacrifices.

    No more half measures.
Andre Tzschaschel, CEO of Valuemedia GmbH

Andre recommends Nozbe

Nozbe is our productivity booster. We use it for all team-related and personal our to-do's and things that need to be organized and accomplished. It is our external brain.

Andre Tzschaschel, CEO of Valuemedia GmbH

Projects → Tasks → Comments → DONE!

With Nozbe, you’ll be able to organize your and your team’s work in a simple structure of projects, tasks, and comments around these tasks.

    Step 1.

    Set up your account for free and create projects for each major component you or your team need to get done.

    set up your team free

    Step 2.

    In each project, add tasks and assign people to these tasks.

    add tasks assign people

    Step 3.

    Add comments or attachments to tasks to clarify what needs to be done.

    add comments and attachments

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3… 4!

Nozbe is the fastest way to ‘done’.

We invented the 4 quadrants to make the flow of tasks as great as possible: Priority, Incoming, Activity, and Single tasks. This intuitive design will help you and all of your teammates focus on work and stay on top of things.


What’s important?

Choose which tasks to focus on

Mark them with a star

See all Priorities in one place

Get them done!

Where am I needed?

Receive tasks from others

Respond to comments

Act on reminders

Never miss a task’s due date

Achieve balance between teamwork and focused work!

What’s going on?

Follow the activity in projects you care about

Give feedback to your teammates

Stay on top of things!
single tasks

What needs
shaping up?

Jot down tasks that come to your mind here

Move them to appropriate projects later…

…or get them done at once

Remember even the smallest details!

Similar to modern communicators… but better.

Chats tend to get messy. To-dos get lost in endless discussions. Your teammates are afraid to close the chat window for a few minutes in fear that they will miss something important.

Eventually, the work doesn’t get done.

So forget email, Slack, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Signal. They’re great for chatting – but not for getting work done.

Nozbe is all about ‘doing’ first and ‘chatting around doing’ second. It’s more effective because it’s built around tasks that need to get done. It’s equally fast and easy to use, but it’s much more structured and organized.
fast and reliable on mobile

Fast and reliable – both on desktop and mobile

Most project management apps are very intimidating, overcomplicated, and have plain mobile clients with a restricted set of features.

Nozbe is truly mobile-first. The mobile app has the same set of features as the web app, and it works just as quickly and reliably.

We want you to hit the ground running quickly, no matter where you are or what device you are using!

It’s free!

Nozbe is free for up to 1 team, 5 people and 5 active projects.
No time limitation, and no credit card required. Just use it and get stuff done together.

And once you get a hang of it, switch to Premium for unlimited projects, sections, storage space, and as many team members as you need.
The pricing is affordable and tailored to your needs.


  • checklist-done Up to 1 team
  • checklist-done Up to 5 projects and 5 people
  • checklist-done Unlimited tasks and comments
  • checklist-done Apps for Android, iPad and iPhone
Nozbe Teams devices
No credit card needed.
No time limit.


  • checklist-done Unlimited projects
  • checklist-done Unlimited storage
  • checklist-done Sharing projects with other teams
  • checklist-done Project and Member groups
  • checklist-done Managing project access
  • checklist-done Project sections
  • checklist-done Creating templates
  • checklist-done Flexible price as your team grows
  • checklist-done And more!
R 1
R 2
R 3
R 5
R 7
R 10
R 15
R 20
R 30
R 50
R 75
R 100
Yearly cost for one team: (taxes not included)

Our mission

We’re all about tasks, and we’re perfecting them
with each new update of Nozbe.

We foster collaboration by encouraging team members
to share task lists with each other.

We help teams of all shapes and sizes become more productive
– naturally and effortlessly.

We do that by teaching them how to delegate, organize tasks in projects, communicate in comments, and – finally – trust each other.

We make the app with you and for you.
Nozbe team