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Nozbe is all you need to coordinate all the day-to-day work in your team. It’s a task-oriented system that will help you and your team achieve your goals with less effort.
The app is highly intuitive and easy to learn, with no training needed - your whole team will start getting stuff done within minutes!
Get your business done

Productivity app designed for all industries

Intuitive and easy-to-master

Intuitive and easy-to-master

  • Don’t waste time on trainings - simply start using it with your team
  • Quickly master the app and deliver results
  • Our cloud-based system synchronizes smoothly and instantly
communication that works

Communication that works

  • Everyone is on the same page thanks to team projects and clear delegations
  • Run a structured discussion within task comments
  • Attach images, documents and files to tasks for reference
  • Easily track progress and check project activity
Fewer meetings and no emails

Fewer meetings and no emails

  • No internal emails, CC’s and BCC’s needed
  • Forward emails to your Nozbe to convert them into actionable tasks
  • Communicate through tasks and stop wasting time on unnecessary meetings and follow-up calls
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How to use Nozbe

Create a project for each of your ideas or plans, and add actionable tasks, so your team knows what needs to be done.
Add comments to provide information and discuss ideas, upload documents and other files.
Easily assign tasks to other team members and focus on the effective task-based communication.
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Designed for all industries

Nozbe is a flexible tool that’s being used by professionals in almost every industry: production, professional services, coaching, law, public administration, just to name a few. No matter which area of business you represent, Nozbe will help you and your team get easily organized and thrive.

Find out how our users from different sectors achieve their business goals
with Nozbe:

You are free to start working better

Our goal is to help your team achieve your goals with ease and less effort. That’s why Nozbe is free for up to 3 people and 3 active projects, with unlimited tasks and comments.

Apart from that, we offer a Premium plan for those who want to get the best of Nozbe.
And as your business grows, you can also upgrade your subscription to Business.
> Learn more about the differences between our plans.
How many users?
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Start working on tasks completely free
up to 3 users
✔︎ 3 active projects with unlimited tasks and comments
✔︎ 1 Free workspace
✔︎ 1-3 users for free
No credit card needed. No time limit.
✔︎ 500MB data storage (10MB/file)
✔︎ Up to 3 project sections and 3 tags
✔︎ 7 days of history in completed tasks
✖️ No access to Premium features


Suits all your business needs
Best value
per month (+taxes)
✔︎ Unlimited projects, tasks and comments
✔︎ 1 workspace + 1 Free space on your account
✔︎ Lower cost per user as team grows
✔︎ 20GB storage/user (200MB/file)
✔︎ Unlimited project sections and tags
✔︎ Unlimited history of tasks and projects
✔︎ Unlimited shared projects with other Nozbe spaces
✔︎ Unlimited project templates
✔︎ Time tracking features
✔︎ More features: limited-access projects and tags, project and user groups and more!


For power users and growing teams
Unlimited power
per month (+taxes)
✔︎ All Premium features
✔︎ Unlimited workspaces - perfect if you have many departments, teams or businesses
✔︎ Unlimited data storage (200MB/file)
✔︎ More Business features coming soon!

Business owners choose Nozbe to get things done

Jason Robertson is health and wellness coach. He uses Nozbe every day in his personal and business life.
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We want your business to thrive, and we’ve got you covered.

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