Refer a team or a friend to Nozbe and earn 25%

Recurring commission – get paid
or use credits earned to extend your Nozbe Premium plan.

If Nozbe works for you, it’ll work for them!

Nozbe’s success as one of the leading productivity tools comes mainly from word-of-mouth. Our passionate community of customers recommends Nozbe to others because it works for them.


Exciting benefits


one referral link

It’s really simple. To recommend Nozbe Teams and Nozbe Personal, you only need… one link. Share it with your friends and social media followers!


25% commission

You will get a generous commission.
For the first two years – 25% for all purchases made by the customer on all plans.


bonus for yearly referrals

Your friends will be satisfied too!
If they come from you and sign up for a year, they will get one extra month of Nozbe Personal or a 10% bonus on Nozbe Teams that can be cashed as additional time.

Join today!
Set up in 3 steps

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 … Done!
Sign up for Nozbe Personal
– Quickly set up your affiliate ID in Settings > Affiliate Program
Sign up for Nozbe Teams
– Set up the same affiliate ID in Settings > Refer a team to Nozbe
Bonuslog in to Nozbe Teams and add your testimonial to the Nozbe pages, so people know they’re coming from you Now share your link
and start earning commissions.

See how it works


  • 1. What rewards can I earn?

    For each new customer that purchases Nozbe Teams or Nozbe Personal, you get 25% commission from every payment they make throughout their first two years of using Nozbe. It doesn’t matter if they choose a monthly or yearly subscription.
  • 2. When and how will I receive my payout?

    The minimum balance required for a payout is $100 — counted separately for Nozbe Teams and Nozbe Personal.

    In Nozbe Personal, you will receive it automatically once the $100 commission is reached. In Nozbe Teams, please contact our Customer Support for assistance.

    You can receive payouts only by PayPal, so make sure to set up a free PayPal account.

    Please note that in Nozbe Teams your credit can also be used to extend your Nozbe Teams account. Just go to Settings > “Refer a team to Nozbe” and choose “Extend your premium plan” option.

    Commissions from new orders are suspended for 30 days until our refund guarantee expires.

  • 3. How can I check my commission balance?

    In Nozbe Teams, go to Settings > “Refer a team to Nozbe” and check your balance in “Your Credits” section.

    In Nozbe Personal, simply go to the “Affiliate” section in the sidebar to view the detailed statistics.

  • 4. What do my friends and customers need to do to get their rewards?

    All customers that use your referral link to sign up and choose the yearly Nozbe Teams Premium subscription will get a 10% bonus that can be cashed as additional time.

    All customers that use your referral link to sign up and purchase the yearly Nozbe Personal plan, will get one extra month.

  • 5. Additional questions?

    We’ve got more answers about the referral program on our websites:

    Nozbe Teams

    Nozbe Personal

    You may also contact our Customer Support for assistance.