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Since 2007 we’ve been working from our homes, continuously improving the Nozbe productivity system trusted by more than 700,000 people.

Nozbe founder and CEO is Michael Sliwinski - entrepreneur, productivity expert and #nooffice and #TaskBasedCommunication evangelist.
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Nozbe - best productivity app

Nozbe is a universal and practical to-do app.
With Nozbe, you’ll be able to share projects, delegate tasks, communicate in comments, and achieve your goals. No matter where you are and what device you’re using.

Key Facts

Nozbe is a product by Nozbe, a company established in 2007 that has been functioning and growing ever since, completely without an office. Nozbe is the culmination of everything we’ve learned, delivering you a world-leading productivity tool all these years.

Our customers are mostly small- and medium-sized teams, just like ours – so we know how to help them do great things. Nozbe is suitable also for teams of one. We want to support everyone in your work - no matter if you need to manage your business or private projects.

Unlike other project management apps, Nozbe has been designed as a mobile-first app, so the users have full control over their team’s projects and tasks right from their iPhone or Android device.

91% of the teams using our app say Nozbe helps them collaborate better.

We offer our customers not only apps for all the popular platforms but also friendly support and educational materials to help them achieve success.

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Our values

SMART Business Owners

Business Owners who use Nozbe want to get things done in a simple way, have fewer meetings and achieve their ambitions while embracing remote work and valuing time of everyone on their team.

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Nozbe Personal

Since 2007 we’ve constantly been working on improving the Nozbe productivity system appreciated by over 700,000 busy people and effective teams worldwide.

Nozbe Personal was our main product between 2007-2021. Since 2022, we have concentrated our efforts on developing the new Nozbe (formerly known as Nozbe Teams), which will let us create the best productivity app for many years to come!

While we won’t focus on adding new features to Nozbe Personal, it is still the trusted system of tens of thousands of people and teams, and our goal is to keep it that way.