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If you have any questions regarding Nozbe or suggestions you’d like to share with us, feel free to contact us at Our support team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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If you’d like to find out more about our apps and the features they offer, you can find the full information on our comprehensive Help Page.

How we work

    What happens with your email

    What happens with your email?

    Your email is assigned to one of our Customer Support team members.
    Depending on your message’s topic, we process it using an appropriate workflow or a project in Nozbe.

    If you share your feedback with us…

    …we add it to a special project dedicated to this purpose. To keep it clear, we create a set of new tasks every month and divide the feedback into different categories.
    share your feedback with us
    send us a feature request

    If you send us a feature request…

    …usually we want to hear more about how this function would be useful for you. We want to know what your idea is, how should it work and what issues it should solve.

    All feature requests are then added to an appropriate project in Nozbe, where each team member can discuss it further.

    Please note that we don’t implement every request that is sent to us. Before it’s added to Nozbe, we decide whether it fits with the app and is useful to the majority of our users, and we make sure it doesn’t cause conflicts with any other features.

    If everything goes well, we design the feature according to the requests, develop its first version and test it within our team. Then, we make sure to get rid of any potential bugs and finally publish it in an update for public.

    When the function is implemented, we have the list of people who requested it right there, in one task. This way, we make sure to always contact our customers and inform them of the update.

    If we need to ask our tech team for help…

    …we forward the email directly from our inbox to Nozbe and add the user ID, device type and a short description of the issue in the task name. Then we delegate this task to the right person. As soon as we receive a reply from the tech team, we let you know what the next steps are.
    ask our tech team for help
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What else?

Meetings with our Clients

Nozbe’s CEO – Michael Sliwinski, also frequently runs one-on-one online meetings with our business clients from all over the world. He loves to chat about their experience with Nozbe and know more about their companies and the way they work. Of course, we also have a project for that!

If you are a Nozbe customer, you can also reach out to schedule a call with Michael. For more information, please contact our Customer Support

Customer Support
Quality Assurance

Every two weeks, one of us prepares a Customer Support summary. We check all emails received during the last two weeks and choose the ones that we would like to discuss further with our supervisor, a member of the dev team and our CEO. Thanks to these meetings, we have come up with many improvement ideas regarding our communication process, the development of our apps and our workflows.

We do care about your opinions.

Whether it’s a feature request, your feedback about the app or your workflow - we want to hear from you. Get in touch with us, and one of our support team members will reply to you within a few hours!