Task-based communication

Don’t keep tasks to yourself -
share them with your team!

Get tasks done, together!

People are used to having their own personal productivity systems. They keep tasks to themselves and work on them alone.
Instead of working productively, they get overwhelmed with endless to-dos.
But we know how to change that – with task-based communication.
what is task-based communication

What is

The core idea of Nozbe is task-based communication.

It is based on a simple structure:

Projects -> Tasks -> Comments -> DONE

You exchange information, feedback and opinions within tasks. You ask questions and get solutions right in tasks. You manage responsibilities within tasks. And then these tasks get done.

It’s all structured, easy to follow and very actionable.
Your whole team will instantly get it!

Benefits of task-based communication


All communication in one place

All your to-dos are listed in one app: Nozbe. No need to browse through emails and chats to find your assignments!

All discussions, feedback and necessary reference materials are stored in one place: task comments.

Both active and completed tasks can be quickly looked up by any team member.
simple and easy to use app

Simple and easy to use

All of your teammates will instantly get
the hang of task-based communication and master the app within one day.

Nozbe’s interactive onboarding will show your team how to communicate via tasks effectively and help you learn how to use the app to get more done.
stay focused get stuff done

Stay focused on getting stuff done

Keeping you free from complex structures that distract you from doing actual work, our task-based approach boosts your team’s productivity and efficiency.

Instead of spending time organizing to-dos in endless sub-projects and sub-tasks, your team naturally focuses on getting their tasks done.

    Step 1.

    Set up your team for free and create projects for each major thing you need to get done.

    Anyone on your team can create a project that’s accessible to the rest of you by default.
    People can choose which projects they want to follow closely and receive updates about them in Activity.
    set up your team free

    Step 2.

    In each project, add tasks and assign people to these tasks.

    Everyone on your team can easily add tasks, take them over, delegate them to others, set due dates and eventually get them done.
    add tasks and assign people

    Step 3.

    Add comments and attachments to clarify what needs to be done.

    When your task needs more background information, iron out the details in the comments.
    Each team member can join the discussion and send their feedback.
    Checklists, files and mentions make work as easy as interacting on social media.
    add comments and attachments

Make task communication flow!

Our app is all about improving communication and making teamwork more productive.

If you want to assign a task to someone, give your opinion or ask them for feedback, there’s no easier way but through tasks that are grouped in projects.

But it’s not just tasks and projects. Nozbe is packed with powerful features designed to make your team communication blissful and help you achieve all your goals in no time.
Andre Tzschaschel, CEO of Valuemedia GmbH

Andre recommends Nozbe

Nozbe is our productivity booster. We use it for all team-related and personal our to-do's and things that need to be organized and accomplished. It is our external brain.

Andre Tzschaschel, CEO of Valuemedia GmbH

    Powerful comments

    Fill your tasks with all the necessary info.

    Apart from being a place to write down all your thoughts and ideas about a task, comments in Nozbe are packed with useful features that make them even more actionable.

    Attachments – upload files, documents and pictures to have all reference materials in one place.
    Checklists – create lists of actionable steps that are needed to get your tasks done.
    @Mentions – use them to mention your team members when you need their feedback.
    Task links – link a related task in a comment to create a shortcut and point out their correlation.
    Reactions – give a quick reaction to a comment that you love, like or dislike.
    comments necessary info
    smart tasks parameters

    Smart task parameters

    Schedule, delegate, tag and be reminded.

    Make tasks work for you even more effectively by setting additional task parameters.

    Set Due dates and recurrences for time-sensitive and repeating tasks.
    Add extra reminders to never miss a thing.
    Use Tags to categorize your tasks by places or tools required to get them done.

    Task me

    Create a task for anyone on your team, from anywhere!

    When you need feedback from someone and you don’t want to do that in a shared project, create a single task for them using “Task me.”

    Just open your team member’s profile or click on their avatar, then hit “Task me” and write down your task! Only you and that team member will have access to it.
    create a task for anyone from team

Get the most
out of your projects

    Project sections

    Organize tasks within your projects!

    Sometimes tasks in a project serve different purposes, especially when a project is vast and complicated.
    So to keep your workload in order, use project sections and put your tasks under various sections to get a better view of your project.
    organize tasks project sections
    invite to projects

    Invite-only projects

    Restrict access to your projects

    By default, projects in Nozbe are open and available to see by anyone in your team. We know, however, that some projects should remain secret (like organizing a surprise birthday party for your colleague).
    Because of that, you can create a project for selected team members in Nozbe Premium.

    Joint projects

    Share projects between different teams!

    When working with other companies, you can set up a joint project in Nozbe Premium. Just like a joint venture, they will be able to work with you through their Nozbe app.
    joint projects

Never miss a task

We invented the patent-pending 4 Quadrants of Team Productivity™ to make the flow of tasks as great as possible: Priority, Incoming, Activity, and Single tasks. This intuitive design will help all of your teammates focus on work and stay on top of things.


What’s important?

Choose which tasks to focus on

Mark them with a star

See all Priorities in one place

Get them done!

Where am I needed?

Receive tasks from others

Respond to comments

Act on reminders

Never miss a task’s due date

Achieve balance between teamwork and focused work!

What’s going on?

Follow the activity in projects you care about

Give feedback to your teammates

Stay on top of things!
single tasks

What needs
shaping up?

Jot down tasks that come to your mind here

Move them to appropriate projects later…

…or get them done at once

Remember even the smallest details!

Simple, not basic

While other online collaboration tools try to wow you with lots of advanced features that hardly anyone on your team will use, we focus on helping your team get your tasks done – the simple way.

Nozbe is easy-to-use and easy-to-master, while being a powerful and efficient communication tool for teams of all industries and all sizes.

You won’t find sub-projects, sub-tasks and complicated structures here. They are not user-friendly.
We believe that there’s no benefit in spending hours on organizing stuff, creating nested lists and searching for to-dos that got lost somewhere in the middle.

Instead, Nozbe lets your team focus on doing stuff.

Our app offers you a simple structure of projects, tasks and comments.

We’ve tested our method on thousands of users, and people come back to Nozbe because of the simplicity of having just projects, tasks and comments.

It is as easy to use as a modern chat app, yet more effective and structured, because the discussion is built around something that needs to be done.