single user
per month
Billed annually
( month-to-month)

up to 5 users
per month
Billed annually
( month-to-month)

up to 20 users
per month
Billed annually
( month-to-month)

All plans include unlimited projects. We also offer a completely free plan with up to 5 projects.

"Impressed: The more I use Nozbe, the more I am impressed. It’s not perfect—and it’s not the least expensive—but it is better than anything else I have found on the market." - Michael Hyatt

Frequently asked questions

Do you really give a long 2-month (60-day) money-back guarantee?

Yes we do. We don't want to charge you for our service unless you're totally happy with it. We have a track record of more than 95% customers satisfaction so we're pretty confident you'll love how Nozbe helps you get things done, but we don't want to charge you unless you're crazy-happy and productive.

Do you accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal?

Yes, yes, yes and yes. We also accept wire transfers if that's your thing. Contact us if you wish to do so. We're doing our best to be as flexible as possible with the payment methods.

Payment Options

What happens if I change my mind and upgrade to a higher plan?

That's great! Feel free to do so anytime and we'll automatically calculate your new price based on what you paid and used before, so you'll never overpay. We'll make the upgrade as smooth as possible for you.

Do you seriously give unlimited everything?

Yes we do. We've found out that our users are great and never abuse our service so we're paying back with unlimited contexts, projects and storage. We allow max 20MB per file and we do apply a fair-use policy and monitor storage usage but we trust our users and we know you'd never abuse this service.

I'm from Europe, will I be charged the Value Added Tax?

The prices in EUR and GBP already include the VAT (Value Added Tax) of our country of incorporation. We are obliged to pay this tax on your behalf by the law. If you're from outside of the European Union (USA, Japan, Canada… etc) you will NOT pay VAT and your prices in USD or YEN reflect that.

"Priority item in my budget: I love Nozbe! I made it a priority item in my budget, and am starting to convince my wife to join me in using it. It certainly helps me know what to get done daily, and what can be put off." - Jeff Randleman