Wow, the Thanksgiving weekend behind us and we’re getting ready for Christmas time… and all this time we’ve been hearing so many kind words from our best customers ever… and in this short post I’d like to share some of the comments you’ve been sending our way.

The thing is, even almost 7 years into this, nothing makes us more motivated throughout the day than hearing our users are happy and get their things done with Nozbe!

This is how Nozbe helps regain our users work and life balance. Here are just a few quotes:

If you struggle getting things done and constantly feel like you’re busy, the answer may be to manage your time more effectively. Here’s an App I discovered a few months back that has made me ten times more productive. It’s called Nozbe. - Andy

I have so much going on and Nozbe is helping me get it all done. - Travis

I’ve become even more productive since I started using Nozbe and Evernote. - Brad

Nozbe is the perfect companion to high productivity individuals and anyone looking to implement GTD. It is a must have for leaders and a leadership tool I use daily. - Jason

Thanks so much guys! If you’d like to make our day and motivate us even more to bring you an even better Nozbe app, make sure to rate us on the iPhone/iPad App Store or the Mac App Store or send us a friendly tweet on Twitter. Thanks!

OK, check out a few more:

Thank You for continuously being helpful and for making such a great #app! #LOVE #Nozbe!!! :-D - Ginger

Thanks. Your app is still the best of the bunch. - Adam

I finally found what works for me and will be supporting your product. Please continue the development. Thanks - Lex

Just a quick note to say I really love Nozbe , it is helping me to stay organised and to really get things done! - Justin

Thank you guys! We are flattered! :-)

Don’t forget about your monthly dose of motivation - the 15th issue of the Productive! Magazine is out there with lots of great articles. Check out the interview with Mårten Mickos, the former CEO of MySQL AB, the biggest teleworking company in the world. He is our guru and inspiration in terms of virtual team management.

The Productive! Magazine is totally free and available

  • at – if you use a PC or Android/Windows mobile device, or
  • the Appstore– if you have an iPhone or iPad.

Enjoy the read and stay tuned for more Nozbe news - thanks to your positive energy we’re working like crazy right now :-)