Magda has been working remotely in Nozbe since 2013. She is constantly searching to improve her skills and knowledge on creating healthy working environment and boost productivity and team collaboration. At Nozbe, Magda handle content marketing and promotion, as well as organizational matters, translations, and support for French-speaking users. With years of experience she’s become an expert in asynchronous, task-based communication in a team and organizing company retreats - virtual and on-site ones. She co-hosts the ‘Nie Ma Biura’ podcast.

In her private life, she’s been a vegetarian since 2000 and a feminist who likes to ask questions, play soccer, eat sweets, hike in the mountains, meadows and woods… and complain a little. Magda has a great family and friends with whom she travels around the world and runs an inclusive barbershop in Warsaw, Poland.

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